6 Free Image Editors With Magic Wand

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here are  6 free image editors with Magic Wand. With these software you can select same colored / similar color pixels on an image. Some of these software besides provide early options to refine the survival of Magic Wand, like, allowance, contiguous choice, make guileless choice, etc. If you need to select complicated character of an double that has pixels which are similarly colored, Magic Wand tool will be godsend for you .
Magic wand tool is a very decent instrument that helps to select a part of an image based on color and tone. With Magic Wand you can easily select single or multiple areas inside your photograph that have lapp or like color and tonic values .
generally Magic Wand joyride is found in paid software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop, etc. but immediately Magic Wand is available in many unblock software a well. And this list has some detached software with good Magic Wand feature of speech .
image editor with magic wand
A perfect Magic Wand comes with two options: Tolerance and Contiguous. By changing the tolerance value, you can specify how alike should be the pixel colors of the survival. For exercise, if your picture has an apple, but the coloring material of the apple has some gradient, then you will need to adjust tolerance to select the dispatch apple .
On the early bridge player, the Contiguous choice ( when enabled ) lets you select only group of pixels that are precisely future to each other and have like color and tonic values based on your choice. If you want to select like pixels from all over the trope, then just turn the Contiguous choice away .
If you are a novice, then at this point you should have a harsh idea about what is magic Wand joyride and what it does. now, let ’ s see what are free image editors that have magic wand tool in their toolbox and how can you use it .

Free Image Editor with Magic Wand: Artweaver

Artweaver is free persona editor program with magic wand. It has some basic prototype and graphics manipulation tools such as crop, rotate, oeuvre with layers, color corrections and many more. You can see its detailed revue here .
You can use Magic Wand of this software with tolerance and Contiguous options to have better survival of pixels based on color and tone. additionally you can besides choose to use it with other options, such as Anti Aliasing and Use all layers .
To make a survival using magic trick scepter, precisely select it from the toolbox and click an area on the image. After that you will see the sphere with similar / lapp color will be selected. You can change the Tolerance to have better selection of area and you can besides enable the Contiguous choice if you like .
Artweaver- magic wand tool
See the above screenshot in which I tried to select the Flowers using magic wand. You can imagine how difficult would it be to select this type of shape without Magic Wand cock .
overall, the Magic Wand in Artweaver works very nicely, in the lapp manner as you would have seen in Photoshop. On the selected area you can do respective operations such as you can replace color, edit and copy the area you selected using magic trick baton, and much more .
I found Artweaver to be a becoming free image editor with Magic Wand and you can besides try this freeware by downloading it from the above connection.

Free Graphics and Image Editor With Magic Wand: GIMP

GIMP is a very democratic dislodge psd editor program, and it is considered as one of the best exempt alternate to Photoshop. The reason for that is it provides a set of tools that Photoshop does, so it comes as no surprise that it includes Magic Wand besides in its arsenal of tools. The Magic Wand creature in GIMP is known as Fuzzy Select instrument .
Fuzzy Select Tool of GIMP comes with respective options such as threshold, anti-aliasing, contiguous and transparent layer selection .
To use Magic Wand in GIMP, plainly open your double and then select Fuzzy Select Tool from Toolbox. then click on any contribution of the effigy. You will see that the Fuzzy Select Tool will select the entire area that is like to what you have clicked. You can select multiple parts of the image by holding down Shift key while you select areas of the image. After making the selections, you can do anything with the selected area using other tools available in GIMP .
See the below screenshot in which I have selected only craved contribution of the apple logo .
gimp- magic wand
The Fuzzy Tool ’ mho process can be enhanced by using it with other options enabled. You can increase the doorway or enable diaphanous area excerpt to have a better survival of pixels on your double .

A portable Image Editor With Magic Wand: LazPaint

LazPaint is a portable image editor with Magic Wand. It comes with basic a well as advance fit of prototype editing tools such as revolve, clip, crop, color effects, and many others. The Magic Wand provided by it is very simple and only comes with tolerance option. Though it ’ second still better than PhoXo as the selection made by it is very accurate .
You can see the following screenshot in which I tried to copy a pencil and spread it in the like effigy doubly .
LazPaint-magic wand
overall, LazPaint is a very nice software to edit images and its Magic Wand tool works amazingly. You can try this freeware for general editing determination, and I am indisputable it won ’ thymine disappoint you .

PixBuilder Studio: Free Image Editor With Magic Wand

PixBuilder Studio is another release visualize editor with Magic Wand. It ’ s an boost image editor that has interface alike to old interpretation of Photoshop. It provides all the popular effigy editing tools such as time, crop, rotate, resize and color correction, layer wise edit, and many others .
It has Magic Wand tool in its toolbox that you can well find and use to select different parts of the prototype based on color and tonal values. To use Magic Wand in PixBuilder Studio, just choose in from the instrument box and pawl on any part on your double. You will see that the area of the image alike to what you clicked on will be selected .
See the below screenshot in which I have tried to remove all the color tiles from the image using magic trick wand joyride .
PixBuilder- Magic wand
Though Magic Wand tool in this software doesn ’ metric ton have Contiguous choice, but still it worked identical precisely for me. I like the fact that  it supports tolerance. besides, it amply supports working with layers. I found editing environment of PixBuilder Studio quite interesting. It supports most of the picture edit options and besides supports most of the popular image formats .

A Popular Free Image editor with Magic wand Tool: Paint.net

Paint.net is another free software with Magic Wand tool. It ’ s a lightweight software packed with basic and advance trope edit tools, and is one of the most democratic release picture editors. Paint.net provides clip, crop, revolve, resize, color correction, effects and many more other persona editing tools. It ’ s an extensile software that supports diverse plugins to enhance it ’ south functionality .
In the toolbox of Paint.net, there is Magic Wand creature, that you can use to select areas of similar color in an double. It ’ mho Magic Wand joyride has allowance, conterminous, and sampling options to enhance choice of pixels based on selected pixel ’ s color and tone .
See the below screenshot .
Paint.net-magic wand
I find magic trick Wand tool of Paint.Net identical impressive. To be honest, I might be a act biased towards it, as I started doing advance image editing in Paint.net merely ( I always found Photoshop excessively complicated for my taste ). And I love the fact how I can select any sphere of the visualize by good tweaking the tolerance degree. And Antialiased choice mode ensures that the selection is not pixelated and is smoothed .
If you have never tried Paint.net before, I powerfully suggest you to try it once, and not barely its fantastic Magic Wand Tool, but besides for the tons of other image editing options it provides in its simple to use interface .

A Lightweight Image Editor With Magic Wand: PhoXo

PhoXo is another free software with Magic Wand. It ’ second lightweight software with basic and some promote edit tools. You can use this freeware to make color based excerpt using its Magic Wand tool. Though its Magic Wand tool has tolerance and contiguous options, but however, it ’ second not vitamin a accurate as I was expecting it to be .
See the below screenshot in which I tried to remove the background of the double. however, the backdrop is removed but it has some diaphanous gaps at the limit of the image. It ’ s because it doesn ’ t have anti-aliasing option with Magic Wand .
Phoxo- Magic wand

PhoXo offers other set of nice feature ampere well such as clip art and frame lib to add to your photos. overall, being belittled in size ( only 4MB download ), it ’ s a dainty prototype editor with Magic Wand. You can use its Magic Wand to make relatively simple selections. For more complicated selections, you are better of using one of the effigy editors mentioned above .

Closing Words

If you are looking for free image editor program with Magic Wand, then this list will come handy for you. From all the above software I have mentioned, I actually like Artweaver and PixBuilder Studio most, and of course, Paint.Net remains my all time favored .
Download and give them a try. And if you know some other barren software with Magic Wand, do let me know in comments below .

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