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Poster collage of photos

Creating a collage bill poster on-line is very easy. You no long need a particular app on your computer. On, there is a huge image of respective hundred photograph collage templates. But before you create a photograph collage post horse on-line, you first have to select the photos you want to use and upload these. Depending on your internet connection, this may take several minutes. Once the photos for your photograph collage poster have been upload, these will be mechanically placed in the selected template. This saves a lot of meter. specially when your collage poster contains many photos. once you have arranged the photos the way you want them, the leave is a unique, personalised wall decoration. After all, the post horse collage of your own photograph is a little, individual piece of art. To create your photograph collage bill poster, first you need the photograph. These can be used for many different photograph collage posters. And then you need to select the template that appeals to you most. We offer photograph collages for between two and 100 photos, all of which are impressive in their invention and originality. The design and text collages are peculiarly popular when it comes to poster collages. Tip: Ordering your collage print as a poster is the cheapest large format option.

Poster collage photos

Thanks to our collage bill poster manufacturer, making your own post horse collage is incredibly easy. And we offer printing services for your post horse collage excessively. If you want to have your photograph collage poster printed in large format, you just have to order it online. After all, very few people have the hypothesis at home plate to print out a photograph collage post horse in an allow size. Few have the technical requirements and the post horse newspaper necessary to be able to print out post horse collages.

Tip: The photograph collage post horse is available is “ glossary ” or “ flatness ” variants.

Collage poster

When creating your photograph collage post horse, the option of paper is particularly significant. The details in your photograph will alone be intelligibly visible if they are printed in the highest resolution. This is particularly the case when your collage poster has many photos and is printed in a compendious size. This is where engineering reaches its limits. so our recommendation for your photograph collage post horse : The more photos in your photograph collage post horse, the bigger the bill poster should be printed .This is the only way to guarantee that all the details in your collage poster are clearly visible. You can also save a lot of money if you decide to have your collage poster printed in a compact format. In total, we offer more than 10 different collage poster sizes and more than 300 collage templates. So, all in all, over three thousand different poster collage variants. This means there’s something there for everyone. This is the only manner to guarantee that all the details in your collage post horse are clearly visible. You can besides save a batch of money if you decide to have your collage bill poster printed in a compact format. In total, we offer more than 10 different collage poster sizes and more than 300 collage templates. so, all in all, over three thousand different post horse collage variants. This means there ’ s something there for everyone.

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Jean Review in Swansea product : collage Verified purchase The timbre is superb, far better than alike ones I have seen. precious memories captured forever in a singular way that is classy and top- drawer.

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Further information

produkt collage poster family

Poster information

  • Fuji Color© Premium poster paper
  • HDR© Colour System EPSON© UltraChrome©
  • Up to 200 years’ fade resistance

wrb collage poster family

Information in detail

  • Printed with Luminax technology on Fuji© photo paper for brilliant colour reproduction
  • Available in semi-matte (paper weight 270 g/m²) and gloss (paper weight 240 g/m²) versions
  • Direct printing on professional photo paper with the very latest EPSON© UltraChrome© 11-colour technology
  • Guaranteed fade-resistant for up to 200 years in indirect light
  • Poster printing available in numerous sizes, including XXL formats of up to 2 metres
Size RRP Price Choose size
ten 30 x 20 cm £17.90 £17.90 select
adam 30 x 30 cm £19.90 £19.90 select
adam 40 x 20 cm £19.90 £19.90 select
x 40 x 30 cm £19.90 £19.90 select
x 40 x 40 cm £21.90 £21.90 select
s 50 x 50 cm £24.90 £24.90 select
ten 60 x 20 cm £19.90 £19.90 select
x 60 x 30 cm £19.90 £19.90 select
second 60 x 40 cm £21.90 £21.90 select
sulfur 60 x 45 cm £23.90 £23.90 select
s 80 x 20 cm £19.90 £19.90 select
mho 80 x 40 cm £27.90 £27.90 select
m 80 x 60 cm £36.90


molarity 80 x 80 cm £52.90 £52.90 select
second 90 x 30 cm £26.90 £26.90 select
megabyte 90 x 60 cm £40.90 £40.90 select
megabyte 100 x 25 cm £26.90 £26.90 select
megabyte 100 x 50 cm £40.90 £40.90 select
thousand 100 x 75 cm £53.90 £53.90 select
liter 100 x 100 cm £68.90 £68.90 select
thousand 105 x 70 cm £50.90 £50.90 select
thousand 120 x 30 cm £32.90 £32.90 select
thousand 120 x 40 cm £35.90 £35.90 select
megabyte 120 x 60 cm £51.90 £51.90 select
fifty 120 x 80 cm £74.90 £74.90 select
liter 120 x 90 cm £77.90 £77.90 select
m 125 x 25 cm £29.90 £29.90 select
l 140 x 35 cm £42.90 £42.90 select
fifty 150 x 30 cm £38.90 £38.90 select
lambert 150 x 50 cm £55.90 £55.90 select
fifty 160 x 40 cm £54.90 £54.90 select
liter 175 x 35 cm £52.90 £52.90 select
forty 180 x 60 cm £69.90 £69.90 select
forty 200 x 40 cm £60.90 £60.90 select
forty 200 x 50 cm £71.90 £71.90 select

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Create a photo collage poster – Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your photos and template for the photo collage poster. Upload these into the online software.
  2. Rearrange the photos in the template until you are happy with their position. (Pictures can all be edited online).
  3. Then you can have your collage poster printed. Simply select the size you want and place the order. Delivery takes around 2-3 days.

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