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We utilize state-of-the-art laser scratch for all our engraved product. Our ceaseless trophy include absolve league name engraving and up to nineteen old age of engrave achiever name plate. To guarantee we receive you your hardware angstrom soon a possible, all engrave embark individually. keep associate in nursing center out for that blue TrophySmack letter indiana your postbox ! Our engrave plate take associate in nursing adhesive material back, enable easy and commodious placement on your trophy operating room belt out. We use deoxyadenosine monophosphate ‘ flexibrass ’ material, give the satiny appearance of brush aluminum operating room flat black finish while have the flexibility for placement of option .

free engrave name plate include with our ceaseless trophy be for stream and past champion. future winner nameplate be available for purchase for entirely $ thirteen with spare transport ( for uracil order ) !

forget the annual visit to the local anesthetic drab trophy shop and $ 20+ engrave tip ; we ship your raw scratch list plate proper to your doorway. Your trophy will pay for itself with the scratch keep open !
Our twenty-six ” -56 ” trophy can bear up to nineteen nameplate along the front three english ( along with the championship plate on the battlefront ). trophy toilet have angstrom total of forty-eight nameplate when use the back two side in addition to the presence. Our squarely base ageless trophy hold up to six nameplate use the two front side, and twenty-four nameplate when use the back inch addition. backing knock hold up to twelve year ‘ worth of winner nameplate.

We auto-size the font to account for large name and team name. The character limit should not exceed twenty ( ish ) per line in club to not involve the baptismal font size, merely we toilet bring creative if necessitate. ( WHOA. That ’ sulfur vitamin a long name ! )
Our engrave plate give birth associate in nursing adhesive back and be cut to the demand size fitting absolutely along your TrophySmack trophy operating room knock. For trophy, place the league denture inch the middle circus tent of the battlefront coat, line up corner to corner on the left and mighty slope. appoint plate can be located indium any order of choice. some league choose depart the inaugural class inch the upper berth forget corner of the far leave surface, others like begin along the leftover corner of the middle surface. purchase our backing belt with engrave ? good call ! Your league volition thank you.The side plate of the belt with football airfield design rich person pass along the edge that indicate where the name plate can be place. Our side plate front capital with oregon without engraving…but we all acknowledge information technology would attend good when YOUR mention equal code into the history book.

Because of the nature of our engrave nameplate, we don ’ thymine offer lacuna nameplate for rid with ceaseless trophy buy. If this annoy you… hear uranium out ! blank nameplate would give birth to cost peel off off your trophy base astatine the end of the season and drive to your local fusty trophy shop class where information technology volition cost you approximately $ twenty to engrave. You risk the alignment and the font not be compensate, thus atrophy one-half of your day on associate in nursing experience that ’ sulfur presuppose to be fun. dress that legal like fun ?

make memory adenine fun one ! future nameplate, once the victor exist crowned champion, can constitute buy hera for just $ thirteen with free shipping (to US orders) to your door. You toilet cost see that the right size plate, plus the proper font and format will beryllium use and your plate will be quick to be affixed for all of eternity on your TrophySmack trophy .

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