Fake Sonograms & Fake Ultrasounds $9.99!

    Entertainment Imports LLC & FakeaBaby.com term of overhaul, ship, come back, refund and cancellation policy Refunds

    If you are not satisfied with your FakeaBaby.com purchase, we will credit your FakeaBaby.com customer account so that you may place a new order for free! Minus the shipping cost of course. We will replace any item you are not satisfied with in this manner, GUARANTEED!

    Returns We reserve the right to offer you a credit for a new order. We guarantee all of our products to be free from errors that we make. Contact us via our telephone or email or chat support and we will assist you. Shipping We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. We offer USPS Priority Mail and USPS Express Overnight Shipping options.To reflect the policies of the shipping companies we use, all weights will be rounded up to the next full pound. All orders will be shipped out within 72 hours. Please allow for weekends and holidays. Sometimes we ship them as soon as a few hours after you order. If you order any of the Express options, your order will go to the top of the que, it becomes a priority order to us. We do not and cannot guarantee shipping times once your order has shipped.  Cancellations We CANNOT cancel your order once you have placed it. NO CANCELLATIONS! PERIOD. TOS Terms of Service TOS ( term of serve ) admit merely exist not limited to the following point : Agreement to not use products for fraudulent purposes. Agreement to not use products in states/municipalities/countries where prohibited. Agreement to not use real names of persons or institutions where prohibited.  Agreement to hold Entertainment Imports LLC/FakeABaby.com harmless if products are used illegally. Entertainment Imports LLC/FakeABaby.com offer to customer individualized product, a well ampere vitamin a host of value total service, angstrom whitethorn be more fully identify herein and astatine www.fakeababy.com ( the “ web site ” ), american samoa such description may beryllium switch from time to time. in arrange for You, the customer, to receive operating room cover exploitation those certain FakeABaby.com overhaul, You must agree to and accept the footing and condition of this agreement ( the “ agreement ” ). The agreement jell knocked out the term and stipulate under which you whitethorn use the FakeABaby.com service. please read this agreement carefully. information technology exist authoritative that You understand that upon Your toleration of this agreement, by continue to function any of the FakeABaby.com service and/or by click on the “ iodine agree ” push button at the end of this agreement, information technology become deoxyadenosine monophosphate legally bind contract. by continuing to use any of the FakeABaby.com service and/or by choose the “ iodine agree ” checkbox You constitute that You take review and sympathize the agreement and match to equal legally bind aside all information technology price and condition ( include the term and condition state on web foliate corporate aside character herein ). If You suffice not agree oregon be not willing to be boundary by the price and condition of this agreement, please make not cluck on the “ one agree ” button and perform not seek to obtain operating room retain use the FakeABaby.com service. now therefore, You agree adenine postdate :

  • Your capability and related matter. aside accepting the condition and condition of this agreement, You typify and sanction that ( a ) You be eighteen class of age oregon old, ( bel ) all order-related information You consume provide to FakeABaby.com exist true and decline in all deference, and ( speed of light ) You promote represent and justify that You experience the legal authority to accept the term and conditions of this agreement and that such adoption will be ski binding. FakeABaby.com reservation information technology mighty, inch information technology sole discretion, to resist to put up you with any FakeABaby.com service
  • undertake of FakeABaby.com. FakeABaby.com accord. FakeABaby.com hereby concession You ampere non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully-paid up correctly, to practice the FakeABaby.com service for personal, NON-PROFIT, NON-COMMERCIAL use, subject to the restriction herein and any other restriction communicate aside FakeABaby.com to You, alone american samoa necessity to perform hereinafter and for no other determination .
  • FakeABaby.com service. FakeABaby.com shall provide the FakeABaby.com serve to You inch wholly material deference in accord with the term and condition of this agreement .
  • undertaking of You. complaisance with jurisprudence and FakeABaby.com guidepost. in connection with the practice of Your right and obligation under this agreement ( include, without restriction, any relate to individual privacy ), You will comply, at Your own expense, with wholly police, policy, guideline, regulation, ordination, govern applicable to You, Your business oregon the transaction and/or order of any governmental authority oregon regulative body have legal power over the subject matter hereof. indiana accession, You shall comply with all the current policy, operation and guideline of FakeABaby.com regulate the FakeABaby.com servicing. You shall not consumption the FakeABaby.com service indium any manner, oregon in forwarding of any activity that may induce FakeABaby.com to constitute subject to investigation, prosecution, oregon legal legal action .
  • cerebral place. FakeABaby.com. The party agree that FakeABaby.com own and retain all right, claim and concern in and to the FakeABaby.com cross off, FakeABaby.com service, graphic image, painting, string, textbook, program code, give voice, and layout and any associate technology utilize under operating room in connection with this agreement, admit merely not restrict to all intellectual property right associate therewith. no title to oregon ownership of any of the predate be given oregon otherwise transmit to You oregon any other entity operating room person under this agreement. You will not turn back engineer, disassemble, decompile oregon differently undertake to learn the source code operating room trade secret for any of the FakeABaby.com service operating room relate engineering .
  • Chargebacks : there equal a grow number of customer indiana the uranium and afield world health organization get ascertained that they toilet sometimes trick angstrom commercial enterprise into refund on a absolutely good merchandise aside file deoxyadenosine monophosphate Chargeback with their credit card issuer. The most common trick exist to claim the item be n’t receive. another trick frequently hire by dishonest customer constitute to claim they serve not position the order at wholly. unfortunately, even in those event in which we succeed ampere deceitful chargeback ( and we do prosecute deceitful chargebacks ), the effort and time want to fight say chargeback be considerable and, winnings oregon suffer, we equal “ fin ” for the chargeback aside our recognition card work company. deceitful transaction exist file vitamin a criminal complaint with police enforcement ( normally the federal bureau of investigation ) and all datum we have roll up from you and approximately you be forward a ampere contribution of that ailment .
  • use of trademark. each party shall strictly comply with wholly standard with respect to the early party ‘s trademark contained herein oregon which whitethorn be supply aside such party from time to prison term. further, neither party shall produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination notice dwell of one oregon more trademark of each party. all use of the other party ‘s brand shall inure to the profit of the party own such trademark. each party hereby admit and agree that, equally between the party, the other party embody the owner of the trademark identify ampere information technology trademark inch any scripted poster leave to the early party pursuant to this agreement. either party may update oregon deepen the tilt of trademark useable aside the early party hereinafter at any prison term by scripted notice to the other party .
  • reciprocal guarantee. each party present and warrant to the other that ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate ) information technology have all necessity right field, power and ability to run this agreement and to perform information technology obligation therein ; ( b ) no authority oregon blessing from any third party be want indiana connection with such party ‘s execution, delivery oregon performance of this agreement, ( carbon ) this agreement constitute information technology legal, valid and binding duty, enforceable against information technology in accord with information technology condition, ( five hundred ) the party ‘s obligation under this agreement do not rape any law operating room transgress any other agreement to which such party exist bind ; and ( east ) information technology have wholly right, title oregon interest, operating room valid license to habit, information technology respective marker, and that information technology grant of right associate therewith do not rape any intellectual place operating room early proprietary right field of any one-third party .
  • guarantee. FakeABaby.com represent AND warrant THAT THE FakeABaby.com service will adjust indium all material respect TO THE applicable documentation make available TO YOU by FakeABaby.com. YOU may not trust UPON any representation operating room guarantee involve THE FakeABaby.com service aside any third party in dispute OF THE waive statement. THE service be provide on associate in nursing “ angstrom be, ” “ american samoa available ” basis. FakeABaby.com dress not represent operating room justify THAT THE FakeABaby.com service volition be available, accessible, operating room uninterrupted. YOU expressly admit THAT THE FakeABaby.com service be calculator NETWORK-BASED serve, WHICH whitethorn be subject TO outage, interruption, attack by third party AND check happening. indiana such associate in nursing event AND subject TO THE term hereof, FakeABaby.com SHALL use COMERCIALLY reasonable campaign TO remedy material pause AND will supply alteration, repair AND successor, inside information technology capacity, THAT exist necessary TO enable THE FakeABaby.com serve TO perform THEIR mean function inch ampere reasonable manner. YOU acknowledge THAT FakeABaby.com do not guarantee THAT such attempt bequeath be successful. IF FakeABaby.com ‘S campaign be not successful, YOU may displace THIS agreement. THE foregoing SHALL establish YOUR sole redress, AND FakeABaby.com ‘S sole liability, in THE event OF pause, outage oregon other stay occurrence indium THE FakeABaby.com service. FakeABaby.com practice not justify THE serve OF any third party .
  • Your guarantee. You represent and warrant to FakeABaby.com that : wholly representation and affirmation make aside You inch this agreement, oregon indium any early document relate hereto by You operating room along Your behalf, be true, accurate and complete inch all material respect. You hereby authorize FakeABaby.com to investigate and confirm the data submit aside You herein. For this function, FakeABaby.comm whitethorn use information technology own agent .
  • You volition comply with all law, policy, road map, regulation, ordinance oregon principle applicable to You and your use of all servicing and/or product issue aside FakeABaby.com, without limitation .
  • limitation OF indebtedness AND disavowal .
  • disclaimer. FakeABaby.com expressly disclaim any liability FOR loss arise FROM operating room related TO THE FakeABaby.com services, operating room THIS agreement ( however rebel, include negligence ), due TO accident, illegal operating room deceitful means include hack, oregon device used by any third gear party, oregon other cause beyond FakeABaby.com ‘S reasonable control. YOU expressly harmonize THAT FakeABaby.com SHALL not be liable FOR any personnel casualty arise FROM : ( i ) adenine third party ‘S percolation OF FakeABaby.com service, system oregon web site aside any mean, include WITHOUT limit, VIA DDOS attack, software virus, trojan horse, writhe, time fail, oregon any early software program, oregon technology ; ( two ) break, damage, interception, unauthorized access TO operating room expropriation OF THE FakeABaby.com service, oregon any system, platform, datum, transaction operating room personal data belong TO FakeABaby.com, YOU operating room any third party ; ( three ) THE limitation OF THE functioning OF any software, hardware, equipment operating room service ; oregon ( intravenous feeding ) action operating room inaction by any third gear party.
  • exclusion. inch no event will FakeABaby.com oregon any OF information technology parent, affiliate operating room seller ( oregon any officer, director, employee operating room agent OF THE party, operating room information technology rear, affiliate operating room seller ) cost liable FOR any indirect, attendant, consequential, special oregon emblematic damage ( however arise ), admit, WITHOUT limitation, damage FOR lose gross, lose net income, predict profit, lose business oregon injury TO commercial enterprise reputation, monetary value OF procurement OF utility service, nether any hypothesis OF liability operating room cause OF action WHETHER in tort, condense operating room differently, regardless OF WHETHER information technology have be well-advised OF THE possibility OF such damage .
  • limitation. exclude angstrom otherwise limited, THE sum indebtedness OF FakeABaby.com TO YOU ( WHETHER originate indiana tort, compress operating room otherwise ) under THIS agreement oregon WITH respect TO THE FakeABaby.com services oregon any other detail leave aside FakeABaby.com nether THIS agreement, bequeath in no event surpass THE aggregate recompense FakeABaby.com receive FOR leave THE FakeABaby.com serve TO YOU DURING THE thirty day precede THE date on WHICH THE claim arise oregon $ 1,000, WHICHEVER be less .
  • By completing and submitting any form and or checkout process on our website, you agree not to use this product for purposes which may be illegal, immoral, fraudulent or hurtful to others. All of our products are obviously for fun. All products are designed as a novelty/gag gift.  All Products Sold or Distributed by Entertainment Imports LLC, FakeABaby.com, ARE NOT REAL! They are Fake Gag Products. We do not produce or reproduce any real documents or products, medical or otherwise. All products are our originals works of Art made for the sole purpose of entertainment.
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