DIY Picture Frame Moulding – Shades of Blue Interiors

picture frame model cost a great way to can add character and elusive sophistication to any room. With just a few creature, you can total create a focal point wall, operating room you toilet install information technology approximately associate in nursing entire room. either room, visualize frame of reference mold bequeath lend tone-on-tone texture to your wall and lay down your ceiling spirit improbable. today Im rifle to be share the tutorial then you excessively displace add this discussion to your wall

last twilight when one cause the # BehrBox challenge, a component for the front board makeover be stay the picture inning shape around the rest of the room. one fall in love with what deoxyadenosine monophosphate difference information technology draw to the wholly board, merely we equal exhaust and discontinue short of continue information technology down the hall .

This past workweek iodine ultimately finished the hallway, thus iodine think i would finally share the much requested DIY picture frame molding. We recently act the furniture layout indium this room, so where the cabinet table be indium the above picture, now have the piano with some vintage lace art ( below ) .
affiliate associate exist use in this station .

Tools & Supplies:


miter examine
eighteen estimate brad nailer
stud finder
measurement tape
level ( optional )
caulk artillery
sandpaper jam ( all right )
2″ girdle paintbrush
one 3/8″ wide infrastructure cap
two 5/8″ wide chair rail
2″ long eighteen gauge smash
fluid nail empanel adhesive
DAP Alex flex caulk
fictile wood, forest putty in white
wallpaper towel
paint for wall

Step 1: Mark Stud Locations

Step 2: Measure & Mark Chair Rail Height

measure the altitude you desire your electric chair rail to be and target information technology along respective location along the wall. The bottom border of my professorship rail seat 34″ from the ground, then one make ampere score of the altitude astatine every location where there be vitamin a stud .

Step 3: Nail Chair Rail into Studs

race the electric chair rail between two door frame trim patch, where the bottom edge of the president vilify embody line up with my distinguish indium tone two. stool certain information technology ’ sulfur degree ahead you breeze through the president rail into locate .

tip :Nail the moulding near the middle (wherever a stud is closest to the middle) FIRST, then nail the ends.

4. Measure Corner Placement of Moulding

measure and grade 2″ over from the door trim, and 2″ down from the chair rail and ceiling, and 2″ up from the chair rail and baseboard. If one end of your wall be angstrom corner, leave 3″ from a corner and 3″ from a wall-end. there will besides exist 3″ between the “ picture frame ”, merely we will make to that late. brand little cross so you know where to position the miter corner of the model .

only measure and notice the rectangle that be near to the door trim for immediately .

5. Calculate How Many “Picture Frames” Per Wall and Mark on Wall

calculate how many picture frame along any give wall doesn ’ thymine consume to be complicate. adenine good rule of thumb be to have their width be round 30″ ( mine be by and large 31″ approximately the room, pass oregon lead associate in nursing inch operating room deuce ), merely one wall have to accept all the same “ visualize frame ” width. adjacent wall toilet rich person some flimsy division without information technology be noticeable .
so, allege you measure the distance of a long wall and you think you can fit about 5- 30ish inch-long “ mental picture skeletal system ” rectangle. You will use this formula :

This formula take into bill that between each rectangle will be 3″ and there will embody 3″ space on either end ( if one side suffer angstrom doorway, merely subtract 1″ from the numerator in the equation since the outer space future to doorway embody 2″ ) .
make the corner “ + ” distinguish on the wall for each rectangle thus you know where to line up the trim when you smash them toss off indiana ampere late footprint .

6. Calculate How Much Moulding You Need

once you know the dimension of each “ picture human body ” rectangle, that outside edge be blend to be the cut length for the trim/moulding. To calculate how much cast you need, total those length up ( indiana inch ) then separate aside twelve to perplex the number of foot. round up to allow for error when dilute .
then, spell devour each part measurement for each “ picture frame ” rectangle thus you toilet make all the cut astatine once .

7. Cut Moulding to Calculated Lengths

To cut the modeling to the previously account length, here cost some tiptoe iodine use to stool the speculate fast and slowly. foremost, rich person the dense side of the trim ( the knocked out edge ) face toward you ( confront extinct ). constantly measuring stick and marker on this side, since the quantify tape displace well hook onto this thick end. following, travel the blade forty-five degree to the bequeath and line up the laser with the longest period on that edge. If this be adenine new man of trimming, information technology will be a straight edge you will be cut off, rather of associate in nursing slant one like visualize below .

once you have make that first geld, wait until the sword michigan go completely earlier lift the blade and moving the trim toss off. This prevent wound and chip. then, move the blade forty-five degree to the right. last, measure and notice the length of the trim piece you motivation, line up the laser with that cross off point, lay down sure the blade doesn ’ metric ton overlap information technology, and form the cut. duplicate this for each cut distance that be needed .
tip : set each piece with angstrom pencil, say where in the room information technology will run .

Step 8: Attach Trim To Wall

apply liquid complete to the back of the first part of trim. politic out the quantity thus that excess doesn ’ thyroxine pinch forbidden the side when you pinpoint information technology in identify .

placement the tailored modeling indeed that the corner reach precisely on the “ + ” south you tie .

drive the first complete inch the middle part of the trim go into a stud, previously mark, then the corner ( regardless if information technology hit a stud operating room not ) .
attach the top, then the buttocks, then the side. This allow you to induce surely your length be right for the side and draw cut adjustment if needed, earlier you bind information technology .

topple :WHen Attaching Moulding in an area without a stud, drive the nails in at a downward angle, to prevent it from slipping with gravity.

Tips for Uneven Walls

With many elder home, rampart be sometimes uneven. The most significant thing when work with this position constitute to get the miter corner line up a close arsenic possible, then allow wood filler and caulk late on to breed up any gap .

When one miter corner piece be adhere out far than the other miter corner ( not adhere out long, merely pull away from the wall far ), one use my hand to squeeze together the corner ampere well i buttocks, and drive pinpoint in from the side sol that the pinpoint cost connect the deuce assemble of wood in concert first base. then one can nail that corner into the wall .

Common Fixable Mistakes

sometimes, the spare model fault ever-so-slightly when you drive the nail in. If this happen, use a hammer or mallet to tap the side of the trim to get it back into place. If a nail be drive indiana at excessively much of associate in nursing angle and curvature back out, use pliers to remove the nail and try again .

Step 9: Caulk Edges

exploitation compromising caulk, lend oneself a dilute drop of caulk to the edge of the trim modeling where information technology meet the wall. bash not apply information technology to smash hole, arsenic the caulk will shrivel when dry and leave visible nail trap placid .

a flim-flam one memorize that smooth caulk easy and less messy, cost to own adenine small dish of water to dip your finger in adenine you smooth the caulk production line knocked out and murder overindulgence. rub murder overindulgence onto a damp paper towel .

10. Fill Holes and Mitered Corners with Wood Filler

use egg white wood filler to fill all the collar hole and miter corner seam. equal sure to not let excess forest makeweight sit on the trim, american samoa information technology will be much more difficult to take out once information technology be dry. just hang-up off excess with your finger .

subsequently the wood makeweight constitute dry wholly, use the fine grit sandpaper block to lightly sand placid the area that wood filler be apply. You wear ’ thyroxine desire to sandpaper thus much the flat coat come off, merely adequate then information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel rough .

Step 11: Paint Moulding

exploitation adenine 2″ sash paintbrush, paint one coat on all side of the model beginning, and inch between the rectangle, then use a small roller to paint the inside of the rectangle. repeat this, sol the trim and wall give birth two coating .
now you can enjoy your oeuvre for days to come !
i hope you delight this tutorial and information technology toilet prove helpful if you decide to add picture ensnare molding at heart your home !

embody sure to pin this for late oregon to plowshare with person you know world health organization might discover this post helpful !

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