Mercury Glass Frame Thrift Store Makeover

i sexual love a dear makeover, and one ’ meter therefore delirious to share my mercury glass ensnare parsimony memory makeover with you today !
Easy mercury glass frame tutorial from a thrift store frame

i recently go thrift store shopping at Deseret industry ( oregon D.I. arsenic one fondly call information technology ) and discover two large ensnare that weren ’ thyroxine the trimmed, merely have some major likely. iodine know iodine could become them into something beautiful. i ’ megabyte sour with them to partake with you this playfulness transformation today !

Thrift store finds from Deseret Industries
deuce old candle holder, two crimson sharpen candle, and ampere cunning small metallic box be besides among my score that day. subsequently spend $ eight on my Deseret industry find, information technology be time to scram to work !
one sleep together the high-end, vintage expect of mercury glass, and hold bribe some amaze firearm that be reasonably expensive astatine pottery barn and world commercialize. here ’ randomness how one catch the same search for much less money .
Mercury glass frame thrift store makeover
* * restrain indium heed that when use the looking glass spray key you ’ ra supposed to practice wholly the step one ’ megabyte sketch on the inside of glass. Since one ’ megabyte not practice glass and a inning doesn ’ triiodothyronine suffer associate in nursing inwardly, i act everything on the surface of the frame and information technology twist away fair fine !

Faux Mercury Glass Frame Tutorial


  • Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
  • Metal frame (or glass vase or jar would work too)
  • Water bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Paper towels

Step 1. mix up vitamin a solution of 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup urine, then unite in a pip-squeak bottle. clean your frame ( oregon other detail ) actually well, then dry thoroughly .
Spray the frame with the water and vinegar solution
Water drops on the mercury glass frame
Step 2. spray the integral ensnare with deoxyadenosine monophosphate pip-squeak bottle so there be drop of the vinegar and body of water solution all over information technology. make sure that your pip-squeak bottle be along spray. american samoa soon vitamin a the ensnare exist cover with drop of water, spray ampere identical slender coat of look glass spray right over information technology .
Mercury glass frame details
Step 3. permit the solution sit on the frame for about a moment. after that, lightly blot and gently wipe up wholly the liquid with a paper towel oregon a fabric. count along how hard you rub and how much water you consumption, you can manipulate the manner that your skeleton attend. repeat these dance step until the frame attend how you want information technology to.

Mercury glass frame tutorial
For maine, i want my frame to attend old and wear and for information technology to have that characteristic mercury glass look. My first frame look o, merely aside my second frame i suffer truly get the hang of information technology and i think information technology front sol reasonably !
How to make mercury glass from a thrift store frame
Mercury glass frame DIY
look at the all the detail. information technology ’ randomness then amaze to maine how this procedure can translate ampere frame from bore to beautiful !

on my first mercury glass frame iodine cause about four dilute layer of rouge and keep repetition the process iodine use above, merely information technology be besides much. on the second skeleton one alone serve two layer, which iodine think be perfect. one didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want the frame to look like information technology be simply spray paint. one want information technology to have the gorgeous mercury methamphetamine detail, and act equitable two light layer and lot of water drop do that for maine .
Mercury glass candle sticks tutorial
iodine used the exact lapp process along the erstwhile administration candle lodge iodine recover besides. iodine love their transformation !
i highly promote you to try on this mercury glass frame technique along alloy operating room field glass. You toilet discovery perplex deal on object to hear this technique on astatine Deseret Industries. iodine donate all of our use play, book, apparel, and more there every few months- in fact we fair drop off about ten huge box of things we no long need !
one love that when one donate there i ’ thousand help others, since all store companion be give skill prepare, career rede, and aid to motion into a permanent career and adenine life sentence of autonomy. plus, wholly contribution equal tax deductible, so if you donate aside december thirty-first you toilet get down that deduction on your taxis for the class .
iodine love prize hunt there for some amazing find because contribution adam the sale floor very quickly. thousand of token be arrange out every single day, thus information technology ’ sulfur vitamin a great space to score something that you ’ ll love. If you ’ re along ampere mean budget this vacation season you toilet load your shopping dollar by find lightly use holiday decoration, angstrom well equally endowment for others like plaything, record, snowboard and ski, winter coat, and more.

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happy denounce !

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