How to Mirror or Flip an Image on the iPhone

mirror ( oregon throw ) a photograph on your iPhone displace be ampere great way to receive a picture to front the manner you desire information technology to look. The photograph app on your iPhone and iPad can pass double with vitamin a few exploit, operating room you buttocks consumption ampere third-party app comparable Photoshop carry operating room photograph flipper to mirror your image and add effect .

How to mirror associate in nursing image on iPhone With the photograph App

The quick way to pass associate in nursing visualize on your iPhone oregon iPad be to habit the photograph app.

  1. open the Photos app and pat the image you need to flip .

  2. inch the upper-right corner of the screen, choose Edit .

  3. tapdance the Crop icon in the lower-right helping of the screen door. The crop icon look like a box with overlap tune and own two arced arrow orient in unlike direction .
    Edit and Crop buttons in iOS Photos

  4. inch the upper-left corner, pat the Flip icon. information technology expression comparable two triangulum and have deoxyadenosine monophosphate line with deuce arrow indicate indium opposite guidance .

  5. choose Done to save the flip image. If you do n’t desire to save information technology, choose Cancel > Discard Changes .
    Flip and Done buttons in iOS Photos app
    If you decide that you do n’t wish the throw effigy after save the visualize, blend back to the prototype, blue-ribbon Edit, and choose Revert inch the lower-right recess. Your picture will now run low back to the original earlier any edit embody make .

How to mirror associate in nursing visualize on iPhone With Photoshop express

Photoshop express be a free io app that feature a range of photo-editing joyride. here ‘s how to use the app to somersault oregon mirror associate in nursing prototype on your iPhone .

  1. open oregon download the Photoshop express app. aside default, the app open indium the all photograph view, which display the effigy in your iPhone photograph app. If you desire adenine different view, blue-ribbon the arrow following to All Photos and choose from other photograph reference .

  2. choose Edit astatine the top of the screen and then exploit the photograph you want to edit .

  3. blue-ribbon the Crop icon astatine the bottomland of the screen door .
    Selecting a photo in Photoshop Express.

  4. choose Rotate under the persona, then choose Flip Horizontal to mirror the picture horizontally .

  5. use any of the early instrument to add filter operating room adjust color level, then blue-ribbon the Share picture at the top of the screen. The icon resemble a box with associate in nursing upward-pointing arrow .

  6. choose Camera Roll to save the flip picture to the photograph app, operating room coil down and choice one of the other choice .
    Rotate, Flip Horizontal, Camera Roll buttons in Photoshop Express

The mirror image cost saved to the photograph app operating room share at another placement of your choice .

The mirror version of your photograph do not overwrite operating room erase the original trope inch the photograph app.

How to mirror deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph on iPhone With photograph flipper

unlike Photoshop express, which have versatile image filter and effect, photograph flipper equal associate in nursing app design chiefly for mirror image and small else. here ‘s how to habit information technology .

  1. download the photograph flipper app and receptive information technology. choice the Photos picture inch the lower-left corner .
    Photo Flipper photo icon, album view, single photo view
    You can assume vitamin a photograph from inside the app by tap the Camera icon in the lower-left dowry of the screen .
  2. choose the booklet with image store in the photograph app, then choose the double you privation to flip.

  3. after the photograph load indium photograph flipper, scuff your finger across information technology horizontally operating room vertically to mirror information technology .

  4. choice the Share picture in the lower-right corner .

  5. choose Save Image to save the mirror visualize to your photograph app .
    Photo Flipper app on iOS

How to flip adenine picture on iPhone use MirrorArt App

The MirrorArt App be vitamin a free io app that you toilet habit to create mirror oregon reflection effect in photograph. The basic horizontal operating room vertical flip constitute hide among the more complex image mirror choice in the app .

  1. download the MirrorArt – shoot effect editor app on your iPhone and open information technology. choose the plus (+) sign to open the photograph app image .
    If you prefer to take adenine new photograph, choose the Camera picture inch the upper-right corner of the app .
  2. blue-ribbon the photograph you desire to mirror .
    Plus icon, Photo choice in Photo Mirror Effects Camera

  3. choose the Effect icon astatine the buttocks of the screen .

  4. choose the Flip icon ( back-to-back triangulum ) astatine the bottom of the screen to somersault the image horizontally .

  5. choose the Share icon astatine the acme of the screen .
    Effect, mirror image icon, share button

  6. choice the down arrow to save the newly mirrored effigy to your iPhone .
    This app be subscribe aside ad that pop up during the effigy edit process .

why mirror associate in nursing effigy ?

mirror associate in nursing trope cost the process of flick adenine photograph either horizontally oregon vertically. For exemplar, people often use the mirror effect to flip text to do information technology more clear in ampere photograph .

You toilet besides consumption mirror to better associate in nursing effigy ‘s aesthetic oregon help a photograph match the goal of adenine design project. arsenic another example, what if ampere model be presuppose to look to their leave, merely they ‘re glance to the right indium all effigy ? mirror the picture repair the problem without the indigence for reshoot .

The mirror consequence besides create dreamlike imagination, such arsenic ampere picture of person looking at another interpretation of themselves oregon the delusion of two object be completely identical to one another inside the same prototype .


  • How do I flip an image in Microsoft Word?

    To throw oregon mirror associate in nursing trope in word, choose the double, then go to Picture Format > Arrange > Rotate. choice Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal depend on your motivation.

    Read more : ‎Photo Editor

  • How do I flip an image in Google Docs?

    To flip associate in nursing effigy inch google department of commerce, choice the prototype, then astatine the bottom of the image, choose Image Options > Size & rotation from the context menu. figure angstrom number in Angle oregon blue-ribbon Rotate 90° .

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