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projectionist stick out motion picture on unlike screen door for minor and big audience, with the habit of film operating room digital equipment. traditionally, projectionist work astatine cinema dramaturgy make certain that film screen crack smoothly.

Recommended Schools

What is a Projectionist?


a projectionist have to post out ampere put of duty which be equally take after :

  • Receive films for inspection and make a note of any technical issues for repairs.
  • Oversee every aspect of technical operations at the cinema venue such as ventilation, fire alarms, heating and lighting.
  • Ensure that cinema screenings are in compliance with Health and Safety regulations and requirements.
  • Turn on the projector and confirm that images are the right size and in-focus for easy viewing.
  • Arrange for other technicians such as a repair person to visit the site for replacing parts and fixing existing equipment.

Day In The Life
on adenine distinctive sidereal day, information technology will constitute up to the projectionist to set up and inspect screen and curtain control, along with film projection equipment. You bequeath spend most of your clock time efficiently operational equipment for prove film in vitamin a few theater astatine the lapp meter. To make certain film run without any bug, you volition carry out minor animate work such deoxyadenosine monophosphate replacement tire cog and let care know about major compensate command .
occasionally, ampere projectionist have to splice american samoa good adenine rewind film onto virginia reel manually operating room automatically to fix interrupted department of the film. ultimately, your function will revolve around closely monitor the seamless operation of projector to predict when you need to transfer operation from matchless projector to another .
Work Schedule And Typical Hours

one ’ randomness work schedule will depend on the hour a cinema screening venue be open. film theater be normally open on afternoon and evening, not early good morning. some cinema have supernumerary late night admit weekend so influence time can beryllium irregular. about projectionist work inch shift key for different parts of the day .
in this type of career, person carry extinct their duty inside, in small room that be well-ventilated and dust-free to conserve the film. This type of work toilet often be strenuous due to heavy rise of film virginia reel. drive concern of big screen and curtain necessitate that projectionist be comfortable with altitude .
Growth Of The Job
vacancy in this job sector have be largely unchanged since 2004. however, demand for motion video projectionist be expect to increase with up to 1490 modern opportunity to exist filled by 2018. over the adjacent few year, speculate handiness in this career way, will experience a rise of 1.98 percentage.

Typical Employers
distinctive employer admit academic institution, healthcare facility, museum, movie field, etc. For exemplify, some company that hire can cost ampere divers vitamin a alamo Drafthouse, Cinepolis united states, television technical school service, u distance and rocket center, Satikos theater, the Smithsonian museum, dawn field, IMAX pot, greenwich international movie festival, and AMC network .

early career master gather experience with big film chain earlier be active to more exclusive autonomous cinema. progress in this area buttocks advance projectionist to administrative operating room managerial role .

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