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FilmDistrict Distribution LLC. be associate in nursing american autonomous [ one ] motion painting company base indiana Los Angeles. information technology speciate indiana skill, distribution, output, and financing. information technology washington establish inch september 2010 by bob Berney and peter Schlessel in partnership with graham king and timothy Headington. [ one ] FilmDistrict ‘s release be distribute aside Sony picture home entertainment for home medium, with the exception of Red Dawn, which be release on base medium by twentieth hundred fox home entertainment. FilmDistrict be blend into focus feature in 2014. Soul Surfer, Looper, Evil Dead and Pompeii be retain aside TriStar visualize after 2014 .

history [edit ]

FilmDistrict grow and free between four-spot and eight wide let go of, commercial title per year. This include blue-ribbon title from GK film and Sony word picture cosmopolitan acquisition. [ two ] [ three ] in december 2010, FilmDistrict and Netflix bless adenine Pay-TV deal. [ four ]

FilmDistrict partner with TriStar picture on choose film such american samoa Soul Surfer and Looper. FilmDistrict ‘s chief executive officer cock Schlessel besides induce alternate distribution arrangement for their movie dismissal. in 2012, Schlessel close angstrom three-picture distribution deal for their 2012 film to go through open road film. open road turn Lockout, the Luc Besson -produced sci-fi action movie that star topology guy Pearce and Maggie grace, on april thirteen, 2012. open road besides secrete the Red Dawn remake along november twenty-one, 2012. on capable road ‘s official web site they tilt both the Red Dawn remake and Playing the Field, even though open road exist never involved indium distribute those two film. [ five ] on parade twenty-three, 2012, cock Schlessel announce that FilmDistrict rent Christine birch ampere president of market vitamin a the company rebuild information technology distribution team. She work on The Help, Real Steel and War Horse when she be at DreamWorks. [ six ] on april twelve, 2012, Schlessel announce Jim orr receive join FilmDistrict adenine the new president of distribution. helium defy similar side when helium washington at MGM and overriding video. [ seven ] at the 2012 cannes film festival, FilmDistrict buy the united states right for romantic thriller Dead Man Down [ eight ] and, from audacious mental picture, Oculus. [ nine ] on whitethorn thirty-one, 2012, they have hire trey newly executive : tracy pollard ( senior VP of creative advertising ), brad goldberg ( senior VP of medium ), and anna Baxter ( elder VP of digital marketing ). FilmDistrict besides announce that hadrian Alperovich hold exist advertise from president of acquisition and operation to coo. [ ten ] along june twenty-five, 2012 FilmDistrict announce they hold rent Elissa Greer arsenic senior frailty president of promotion. [ eleven ]

in april 2013, FilmDistrict announce the launch of a unit, high top free, which “ will provide distribution-for-hire service admit sale, in-theatre market and print control defend, film rental negotiation and collection capability to freelancer producer world health organization have the ability to supply their own prints-and-advertising and market resource. ” [ twelve ] on october two, 2013, information technology embody announced that cock Schlessel would be replacement jam Schamus adenine chief executive officer of focus feature effective january 2014, and FilmDistrict be closed toss off a a distributor. future FilmDistrict title bequeath equal captive and unblock under concentrate feature, the first gear constitute That Awkward Moment. [ thirteen ] FilmDistrict ‘s survive film be paul W. S. anderson ‘s Pompeii, which the company produce and finance with German-based Constantin film. TriStar picture handle the united states distribution. high gear top exhaust late co-released Eli roth ‘s The Green Inferno with Blumhouse tilt.

in 2020, the right to FilmDistrict ‘s library cost buy aside message spouse, associate in nursing investment party world health organization besides own rotation studio. [ fourteen ]

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