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Custom Mats for Frames

Whether you ’ ra custom framing a photograph or a baseball pennant, the details of the design matter .
One of the most overlook details in ensnare is matting. Custom picture mats can make a bad difference in the final intersection. That ’ second why FrameStore offers a variety of entangle styles and sizes, from standard-size mat to unusual sizes, or custom human body mats with multiple openings. We have been serving Los Angeles for over 40 years, and we have the expertness and know to turn our customers ’ visions into a gratifying concluding intersection .

Double Matting

Custom mats for frames aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just limited to one choice of flat. You can achieve a bang-up effect with one mat, but sometimes it makes sense to use multiple mats in a single framed piece. You can tied opt for a custom frame mat with multiple openings. Use two mats to represent a school ’ s colors when framing a senior portrait along with the tassel and graduation invitation, or use mats with multiple slots to accommodate each while of memorabilia that you ’ re ensnare !
double felt is a capital option in custom-made mats for frames when you have multiple items that need to be displayed together in a frame of reference. By double felt, you can showcase each item on its own, while still maintaining some one between the separate images. Examples of double felt consumption include family photos, group shots, or multi-photo view. double entangle is besides helpful for balancing larger pieces with smaller ones.

The option to use two or more mats in one frame allows you to highlight multiple elements without having to place them side by side. This custom mats for frames technique is most effective when using mats with the same hatchway size, but you can besides create a more interest search with multiple openings within a individual frame.

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Archival Matting

When thinking about your custom photograph mats, it may seem like fair putting your art, previous photograph, or other custom treasured items under glass is auspices adequate. however, hera ’ mho where the matting you choose matters not alone artistically but scientifically : unconstipated newspaper mats have been treated to prevent the acids that are naturally present in the woodwind pulp from damaging the items being framed, but that protection only lasts about five years. After that, the acid-controlling treatment no long works. As a solution, the entangle could begin to cause some yellow ! All of your diligent feat and meticulous attention to detail in your matting and frame would be for nothing !
archival entangle in our custom mats for frames is acid-free from the beginning, so you won ’ thymine have to worry about this type of mat damaging your ensnare piece. At FrameStore, we use annoy mats made from cotton that are 100 % acid-free. This type of museum-quality archival mat circuit board is ideal when you want to be sure that your artwork, photograph, or other framed items are not good beautifully framed, but besides protected for the long haul .

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