Must Have Creams & Lotions

(Editor’s note: This is an updated post from February 2016. With all the extra washing and sanitizing due to COVID-19, we wanted to offer some potential relief for extra-dry skin.)

Lotions and creams are no substitute for the treatment your health care provider recommends for treating your psoriasis, but they are an easy way to combat some of the symptoms associated with the disease, like itching and flaking.

Not all lotions are created equal, however. Many contain chemicals, fragrances and dyes that could irritate your skin, so please choose wisely. Essential oils, for example, which scent many face and body products – even those formulated for sensitive skin – can irritate some people’s skin.  

Here are a few good options we’ve heard about based on dermatologist recommendations.

Remember: What works for some people may not work for everyone. Always consult with your health care provider to find a product that works for you. You can learn more about maintaining healthy skin with our free Skin Care E-Kit.

Aveeno Anti-Itch Concentrated Lotion 

Packed with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds called avenanthramides, the humble oat has long been a Farmers’ Almanac go-to for soothing minor skin irritations like poison ivy, bug bites and sunburns. Aveeno’s Triple Oat Complex provides temporary relief for itch, while enhancing the moisture barrier of sensitive skin.

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