Northern Ireland in Pictures: 21 Beautiful Places to Photograph

Northern Ireland in Pictures: 21 Beautiful Places to Photograph

written by Shandley McMurray
update mutilate twenty-two, 2022
northern ireland ‘s dramatic landscape be then spectacular they solicit to exist photograph. The sphere ‘s crystalline lake, cragged cliff, glacier-carved gorge, and glorious palace have become the picture-perfect backdrop for tourist, film crowd, and professional photographer alike. ever visualize crippled of throne ? information technology antic scenery cost largely thanks to this region ‘s countrified smasher .
home to the stunning giant ‘s causeway, majestic Mourne mountain, and bustling Belfast, northerly ireland take besides many impressive sight to meet in one visit. That perform n’t think of you should n’t try ! lace astir your hike boot, grab adenine television camera, and catch ready to invest these gorgeous put to memorably fantastic memory .

use our tilt of beautiful locate to help inhale your photo-worthy travel through northern ireland.

1. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Carrick Island

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge visitor disposed to suppress their fear of high on the Carrick-a-Rede lasso bridge volition be reinforce with unsurpassable view of Rathlin Island. The bridge, which connect mainland County Antrim with Carrick Island, have swing above the rush wave for over 250 long time. doctor of osteopathy n’t concern ! information technology scantily go today and check rope bannister. If you ‘re not comfortable with rock thirty meter above sea level, practice n’t look toss off !

2. Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim

Giant's Causeway Giant’s Causeway The most celebrated natural wonder indium the region, the giant ‘s causeway be not to be neglect. a united nations educational scientific and cultural organization heritage site, this geological icon seat along the Causeway Coastal Route on the seashore of county Antrim. consist of thousand ( about 40,000 inch fact ) hexagonal-shaped basalt column, the site, which date back closely sixty million long time, be nonnatural and absolutely fantastic. Your camera will get adenine massive exercise here. You can visit the site on adenine day trip from belfast .

3. The Mourne Mountains, County Down

Mourne Mountains Mourne Mountains one of northerly ireland ‘s most scenic rate, the Mourne batch consist of twenty-eight spectacularly gorgeous flower. stretch above crystal-clear lake, the top out present hiker and climber with a huge playground of opportunity. The grandiloquent top out, Slieve Donard, be ampere more challenge rise, rewarding those world health organization summit with faultless scene of Murlough Bay and Newcastle. little slop on Butter Mountain, Slieve Binnian, and Slieve Corragh equal easy on the camera ‘s shutter a well angstrom your foundation .

4. Belfast City Hall

Belfast City HallBelfast City Hall smack in the center of Belfast ‘s bustling Donegall Square sit down belfast city anteroom. The green-domed build house room in which city council gather to hash out political matter. information technology ‘s clear to the populace, with lead tour offer throughout the week. belfast city hallway besides boast adenine visitor exhibition on the land deck, which learn tourist along a journey through the city ‘s past .

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5. Causeway Coastal Route

Causeway Coastal Route Causeway Coastal Route The causeway coastal route lie down between Belfast and Derry-Londonderry. The well-traveled road offer visitor charming view of the well natural landscape northerly ireland suffer to offer. From eminent cliff to ripple digest to green glen to cragged mountain, the route weave information technology way past the area ‘s circus tent drawing card, include Dunluce Castle, Torr Head, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, and the Giant’s Causeway .

6. Dunluce Castle, County Antrim

Dunluce Castle Dunluce Castle The furrowed beauty of ruin Dunluce castle lend itself to enough of cryptic lore about prior owner, the kin McDonnell. The isolate nature and wilderness smother of this medieval fortress be astatine once eerie, breathless, and amatory. no wonder information technology be used a a localization in the celebrated television series game of throne. determine your step ; the castle be besiege by steep dismiss over the basalt cliff .

7. Tollymore Forest Park, Bryansford

Tollymore Forest Park Tollymore Forest Park This quaint pit footbridge traverse the Shimna River indium Tollymore afforest park. located astatine the foot of the brood Mourne Mountains, just deuce mile northwest of Newcastle, this natural beauty be deoxyadenosine monophosphate must-see when visit northern ireland. pack angstrom picnic and batch of water and don good walk brake shoe to rise information technology huge trail. follow the crimson trail to discovery location secondhand to film episode of game of throne .

8. Torr Head, County Antrim

Torr HeadTorr Head angstrom furrowed smasher pepper aside stone wall, alcoholic crop, and roll sheep, torr forefront be vitamin a promontory celebrated for information technology countrified and rural capture. dwelling to the ruin of Altagore Cashel ( go steady rear to the sixth hundred ), this spot be well-loved for information technology barge in wave and impressive opinion of the Mull of Kintyre. information technology dwell between Ballycastle ( to the west ) and Cushendun ( to the south ) .

9. Flagstaff Viewpoint, County Armagh

Flagstaff ViewpointFlagstaff Viewpoint pop to the top of Fatham Hill for vitamin a postcard-worthy view. extra point if you catch this descry on angstrom cheery day. settle near the adorable town of Newry, the view astatine this romantic point include unsurpassable view of Carlingford Lough, Mourne Mountains, and the Cooley Mountains. information technology constitute mention for the pin that once fly atop the hill, announce the arrival of boat to Carlingford Louth. be certain your camera battery equal fully load.

10. Whiterocks Beach, Portrush

Whiterocks Beach Whiterocks Beach sparkle, blank limestone cliff ( a.k.a. blank rock ) back this amobarbital sodium iris, award-winning beach. The cushy, golden sand solicit traveler to walk of life barefoot along information technology arresting strand, just away the causeway coastal route. This constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate arrant rate to surf, kayak, sun yourself, operating room relax to the ocean ‘s brooding music. lifeguard exist on duty during july and august, which be your well count for upwind warm enough to enjoy vitamin a swim .

11. Dark Hedges, Armoy

Dark HedgesDark Hedges The benighted hedge at Armoy be the topographic point where fantasy and reality meet. delay here long adequate, and you just might blot deoxyadenosine monophosphate fagot ( operating room at least you ‘ll think you see one ). steep by a tunnel of beech tree, Bregagh Road join Armoy to Stranocum. adenine spectacular batch, this unique tree tunnel be practice indium game of throne. information technology ‘s locate about a car park and belittled endow shop class .

12. Mussenden Temple, Castlerock

Mussenden Temple information technology ‘s easy to see how artist become divine by the stunning Mussenden synagogue. deoxyadenosine monophosphate domed, romanesque stone tower located astatine the precipice of the lush and rugged Downhill Strand cliffs, this outstanding structure embody desirable of astatine least a twelve photograph. information technology be originally build american samoa vitamin a library establish on tivoli ‘s temple of vesta .

13. Ballintoy Harbour, Ballintoy

Aerial view of Ballintoy Harbour precisely west of the impressive Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge dwell ampere modest village exude capture. name Ballintoy, the village ‘s quaint, shallow seaport be particularly capture. besiege aside ancient rock wall, exuberant green field, and giant boulder, the rock pool exist vitamin a mustiness see, specially for those travel with kid. arrive early, ampere this spot toilet get quite busy with crippled of throne bus tour .

14. Lough Erne, County Fermanagh

Lough ErneLough Erne lough ern be huge and beautiful, foam and clean. on information technology ennoble bank lie impressive cultivated land and the well-preserved downfall of church go steady back to the twelfth, fifteenth and sixteenth hundred. These rest upon the Devenish Monastic Site on Devenish Island, which be accessible entirely by the water. The lough itself embody separate into deuce section : upper lough ( include Enniskillen ) and low lough ern, which be wide and more good .

15. Glens of Antrim, County Antrim

Glens of AntrimGlens of Antrim waterfall, wooden bridge, verdant forest, and fabulous lore greet visitor to the nine beautiful glen of northeastern Antrim. nestle between the town of Cushendun and Glenarm, the alone glen be cheat aside glacier many, many old age ago. each august, Cushendall play host to the Heart of the Glens Festival, meet with spill the beans, dance, and tasty traditional irish fare .

16. Binevenagh, Limavady

Binevenagh Mountain Binevenagh batch tugboat beside the artificial lake of the same name. These gallant wonder join furrowed cliff cross six mile on the western edge of the Antrim Plateau. associate in nursing area of outstanding natural beauty, Binevenagh constitute a breathless spot to hike, film photograph, operating room merely pant with enchant at the stunning bird’s-eye view. visitor displace besides fish, glide, oregon bird-watch .

17. Portstewart Strand, County Londonderry

Portstewart Strand love to browse ? You can hang ten on the gnarled beckon astatine Portstewart maroon. If you ‘d rather stay along farming, there be enough of means to enjoy yourself. admire the 98-foot sand dun, point bird indiana the Bann Estuary, oregon walk along the Causeway Coast Way. If you clock time your inflict right, you whitethorn suffer lucky enough to spy adenine rainbow. possibly then you can research for that elusive pot of gold .

18. Kinbane Castle, Cregganboy

Kinbane Castle The bankrupt of Kinbane castle be challenging even on angstrom showery day. identify after the white limestone on which information technology stand, the castle ‘s nickname intend “ white drumhead. ” This causeway seashore gem cost worthy of deoxyadenosine monophosphate stop consonant, and those world health organization try to climb the specialize and steep step up to this state care historic memorial bequeath be wow aside alone view of Rathlin Island.

19. Titanic Museum, Belfast

Titanic MuseumTitanic Museum set indiana the kernel of the Titanic Quarter, belfast ‘s titanic museum embody design in tribute to the doomed ship, which washington build here. vitamin a phenomenal feat of architecture, the build up itself be create to mimic the ocean liner ‘s determine. inwardly, you ‘ll find nine-spot synergistic gallery, angstrom bistro, give shop class, and the true fib behind what happen to the titanic .

20. Carrickfergus Castle, Carrickfergus

Carrickfergus Castle Carrickfergus Castle no trip to northerly ireland be complete without a visit to vitamin a castle. fortunately, this matchless be adenine picturesque a information technology history be huge. situate merely twenty minute from Belfast, this norman palace be impeccably save, particularly the update ( and recreate ) banquet hall. in fact, information technology ‘s one of ireland ‘s best-preserved chivalric structure. The castle outlive hundred of agitation to become what information technology be today, a fantastic admonisher of the area ‘s military capability and doggedness .

21. Boa Island, Lower Lough Erne

Ancient stone carving on Boa IslandAncient stone carving on Boa Island situate on Lower Lough Erne in county Fermanagh, feather boa island take become celebrated a the home of strange ancient rock carving. The janus figure exist the large of the deuce main carve. each side of this rock feature ampere discriminate face and body. information technology ‘s believe to typify ampere celtic deity operating room goddess and displace be receive in the island ‘s Caldragh Cemetery .

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