Standard vs Non-Glare Acrylic

When it comes to customizing your photograph frame, there are a bunch of options to consider. Picking the perfect frame style for your prototype or space is crucial but it ‘s alone one character of the custom framing puzzle ! The sugarcoat, or glass, you choose to finish your custom-made movie frame with can have a huge impact on the finished look .
Let ‘s talk about your options ! We offer frame-grade acrylic to complete your painting frames and shadow boxes. This acrylic fiber is lightweight and offers UV protection for your photograph, artwork and keepsakes. It ‘s the reason we ‘re able to keep costs low and frames light for easy hang !
There are two options available when selecting your frame ‘s glaze : standard acrylic and non-glare acrylic. While both options provide the lapp protection and lightweight finish up to your frame, there is a noticeable difference in how your images will look opposite with each option .
To help you choose the right acrylic for your picture frame, we thought it would be best to put our standard acrylic fiber and non-glare acrylic fiber to the test side-by-side. And even we were shocked by the results.

Eclectic Gallery Wall
You might remember this eclectic gallery wall by Shelley from Crazy Wonderful. We asked her to shoot the same frames in the same spot swapping out our acrylic options .
The standard acrylic will get you a classical finish. Your photograph or art prints will stay protected behind the clear surface. Crisp and clear, you ‘ll have yourself a stunning display. however, the reflective surface wo n’t showcase your images the best from all angles or in all spaces .
Standard Vs Non-Glare Acrylic Side-By-Side
As you can see in these side-by-side comparisons, the standard acrylic reflects everything whereas the non-glare acrylic is reflection-free from all angles.

nowadays that we understand the differences between our acrylic fiber options, which should you choose ?
There ‘s no wrong solution here. Both of our frame-grade acrylics are arrant for completing your customs frame. It just depends on two things : personal predilection and where you ‘ll be displaying your frame .
Standard Acrylic Gallery Wall Reflection
As you can see from Shelley ‘s pictures, here drift wall is across from windows. No matter which manner the windows face, there will be a contemplation in the standard acrylic. however the more direct sunlight they ‘ll get the coarse the glare will be.

Non-glare acrylic fiber helps to minimize those reflections. The overall finish is more flat and flat. When installed correctly, you ‘ll have a crystal clear up display without a glower. sol if you ‘re considering displaying your new customs frames across from windows, the non-glare option is a arrant choice ! ( Because of the fabric, we can alone offer non-glare acrylic in picture frames and not our shadow boxes a well. )
Standard VS Non-Glare Acrylic Comparison
We hope this helped shed some light on our glaze options. For more information about our acrylic and materials, you can visit our materials page. And for any questions you might have when customizing your frames, our customer service team is here to help !

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