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How can I be surely my photos are safe ?
We use amazon S3 memory services for all accounts on Yogile, safely securing your photos in the cloud. For add safety, paid accounts besides receive a second gear stand-in in Backblaze B2, through this, we can restore photos that you by chance delete from your account.

What makes us different from other photograph repositing services ?
Our main stress has constantly been ease-of-use. People contributing photos to your albums don ’ t need to create an bill to upload their shots, making it easy for your friends and syndicate to contribute their darling moments without any harass. other photograph services frequently make the process for adding photos so complex, your friends may avoid adding their photos fair to avoid the trouble. With Yogile, you besides retain ownership of all of your photos and they are kept in their original resolving power .
How can I be indisputable that this platform will be kept up and running ?
We are an independent and profitable caller, not swayed by outside investors or external parties. We ’ ve been running Yogile for over 10 years and have stream-lined our operations to provide the best serve possible. You can be sure that Yogile will be around to keep your photos safe for the long haul .
Uploading on my iPhone or io device is slow, what can I do ?
Go to ‘Settings ‘ on your iPhone, and tap ‘Camera ‘. then tapdance ‘Formats ‘ and variety from ‘High Efficiency ‘ to ‘Most Compatible ‘. now all your photos will be uploaded as JPG, which is more performant and more compatible with other devices, than when using Apple ‘s HEIC persona format .
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What ‘s the dispute between an upgraded/paid account and a complimentary report ?
With a free account, all albums that are more than 7 days old will be mechanically deleted. With a paid report, albums will never be automatically deleted deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive as you ‘re on the gainful report .
What visualize file formats do you support ?
We support about all image formats ; RAW images, JPG, TIFF, PSD ( Photoshop ), GIF, PNG and more .
How much does an upgrade report cost ?
$ 44.99 per year .
Does an promote remove my limits from just certain albums ( if I upgrade from an album page ), or does it affect my entire history ?
Upgrades apply to your integral explanation. An upgrade report can have an inexhaustible issue of albums, with an outright number of photos per album and absolutely no upload restrictions .
If I am a paying customer and I set up an album to plowshare, is there even a limitation for the other people I invite to share photos to my album ?
No, there is no limitation for other people. If you have an upgrade score family and friends will be able to add an unlimited sum of photos to your albums .
Can I use Yogile for commercial purposes ? What if I ‘m professional photographer, and I want to share albums with my clients ?
It ‘s fine. We do n’t have any issues with commercial usage. In fact, many photographers use our web site !
Does the premium plan renew mechanically, and how do I cancel ?
Your premium account renew mechanically every year ( or month for monthly bounty accounts ). You can cancel any time, and your score will stay premium for the remaining time, but not car renew next year or month .
What happens if I cancel my premium account ?
Your premium account will remain valid for the reamining days. once your agio account has expired, you ‘re back on the complimentary account. With a detached report, all albums that are more than 7 days old will be mechanically deleted. You can still get all your photos back by using the album download choice, before your premium history expires .
How do I correctly set the name of the photographer ? right now it says, “ stroke by Unnamed ” ?
All users are nameless by nonpayment. To change your name, click the ‘My Account ‘ connection in the menu at the exceed of the foliate and fill in the ‘Display name ‘ .


Who owns the images uploaded to Yogile ?
You retain possession of all images uploaded to Yogile ; we do n’t reserve any rights to your photos. See our terms of manipulation for more information on this .
If I share my album with other, can they delete photos ?
No. People can only delete their own photograph from an album if they have an account .
Can all of my albums be seen by others when I share an album ?
No. People can lone see the albums you have shared with them. The rest stays private .
Who can see the contents of my album ?
The lone people who can see your photograph albums are those you have shared your album URL with or differently invited. To prevent this, add a password for extra protection or set your album to secret. This way, even if person else has your album url, they ca n’t see its contents .
How do I give people an album password ?
When you IM or tell person the URL of an album, merely give them the password at the same time. Or, if you use the Share button when viewing your album, we ‘ll mechanically send the password in the invitation e-mail.

Who can upload photos to my album ?
The only people who can add photos are those you have shared your album with. By default, this is anyone who has your album URL. You can add a password to an album to limit access, or make surely that photos only get posted after you approve them. To enable this feature, you can check ‘Review photograph submissions from others before adding to album ‘ in the photograph album settings foliate .
What the remainder between an ‘Unnamed ‘ and an ‘Anonymous ‘ exploiter ?
An nameless exploiter is person with an account but without a display name. An anonymous drug user is person without an report at all .
Can the person who creates the album remove photos if necessary ?
Yes. The creator of an album can delete any photos in that album or change its style or description .


What double file formats do you support ?
We support about all image formats ; naked images, JPG, TIFF, PSD ( Photoshop ), GIF, PNG and more .
Can I touch-up my photos on that are stored on Yogile ?
Yes, plainly click on the photograph you would like to touch-up and it will enlarge the prototype and display the charming stick icon .
Is it possible to share a link on my visibility that allows people to see all of my albums and add photos to them ?
Yes, for each album that you would like to appear publicly on your profile page, all you need to do is go under the settings tab of the album and switch the privacy mode to “ Listed ” .
How do I delete an individual photograph ?
When you ‘re in your album, click once on the photograph you ‘d like to delete, giving you the bombastic prototype view. Click the menu item called called ‘more ‘ and choice ‘delete ‘ .
How do I rotate an individual photograph ?
When you ‘re in your album, snap once on the photograph you ‘d like to rotate, giving you the boastfully image view. then click the magic trick stick icon to rotate and re-touch your photos .
Can I download photos in high resoluteness ?
When you ‘re in your album, suction stop once on the photograph you ‘d like to download, giving you the large image view. Click the menu detail called called ‘more ‘ and blue-ribbon ‘download ‘ .
How do I change a photograph name or description ?
In the large photograph view, click on the photograph title at the bottom. You must be logged in as either the owner of the album or the user who uploaded the photograph you ‘d like to change .
Can other contributors receive notifications when raw photos are uploaded to a shared album ?
Yes, once they have opened the album, they just need to click the “ Bookmark ” button in the ( lead ) yellow journalism and they will receive an electronic mail telling whenever new photos are added .


Can I combine multiple albums in a single folder ?
Yes. Just drag one or more albums onto another, and they will be combined into a booklet. To move an album outside the booklet, drag it to the top-left corner of the web page .
How can I change the album settings, such as to make an album private again ?
Open the album and click the gears icon to visit the album setting foliate .
How do I change album settings such as address, title or password ?
Visit the album settings page by clicking the gears icon when viewing the album .
How do I download all images from an album at once ?
When you ‘re viewing a photograph album, click on the down arrow icon that appears above the image gallery. This will bring up the ‘download all photos ‘ box. If you only want to download photos posted by a specific exploiter in that album, first blue-ribbon that drug user from the contributors menu by clicking the people icon. then just click the depressed arrow icon again to save that exploiter ‘s photos .
Is it potential for friends to upload photos to an album I create and besides download them in printable timbre ?
Yes. It ‘s precisely what Yogile was made for ! Anyone who has access to a photograph album ( including a password if it ‘s private ) can add photos. If you want to approve submitted images before they ‘re actually posted, just make sure ‘Review photograph submissions from others before adding to album ‘ is checked in the album settings page .
How can I change the order of photograph within an album ?

beginning open the album, then click the ‘ A- > Z ’ icon in the album menu bar and choose ‘ snap here to edit your customs sort order ’ .
Is it potential to embed an album on my own web site with a doodad ?
Yes. Just visit the album you ‘d like to embed, and click the share release. now click the ‘Embed on web site ‘ connect to customize your appliance and copy the embed code. You can even let others upload directly into your album from within the implant album .
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