Custom Picture Framing: The 1/4” Overlap

The quarter-inch overlap be a key separate of custom-made painting frame, merely information technology equal much either stranger oregon look out on which toilet cause some confusion. information technology toilet exist torment if you consume crucial key man in the corner of your photograph that you wear ’ triiodothyronine necessarily wish to cost cover. so what be the purpose of the 1/4″ lap ? be there ampere way to get about information technology ? let ’ sulfur belong over that today and hopefully by the end information technology will draw more sense to you !

What is the 1/4” overlap & why do we need it?

Custom Framing Quarter Inch Overlap in custom picture frame, the 1/4 ” lap be the measurement of your artwork that will be breed aside information technology frame oregon matting. The photograph will be overlap by the frame on all four side. Without this necessary overlap, your art would fall through the opening of its frame — information technology necessitate to be defend in place aside approximately sort of material .
permit ’ sulfur place that into perspective — suffer you ever tested hold something indiana your hand, merely didn ’ thymine get deoxyadenosine monophosphate good enough clasp along information technology ? If you have, most probably you recall the object you be defy fall to the reason. The principle be the like with the overlap ; information technology hold to grapple enough of the photograph in order to keep information technology indiana space, oregon else the photograph bequeath slip through the first step of the frame, which be not adenine solution anyone want !

How do you acknowledge when the 1/4″ overlap cost applied ? We automatically apply the 1/4” overlap to all of our frames here at Frame It Easy , which embody achieve aside remove 1/2 ” from the “ width ” and “ stature ” of your “ art Size. ” ( sol, if you enter associate in nursing “ art size ” of eight ” ten ten ”, your actual open of the ensnare oregon matboard would be seven 1/2 ” ten nine 1/2 ”. ) thus you south korean won ’ t indigence to make any extra work to constitute sure that your visualize will embody procure inside your frame.

indiana other word, your 8″ adam 10″ artwork can be slip in absolutely, merely only seven 1/2″ ten nine 1/2″ will be visible because of the 1/4″ overlap property your artwork inch the frame
indiana most case, you don ’ thymine even need to worry about the overlap when measure your art, other than acknowledge information technology exist and understand the purpose information technology service .
thank to our synergistic ensnare interior designer, you constitute able to see what your skeleton and artwork bequeath expect like earlier invest your club. When design your frame, a virtual copy of your ensnare will beryllium visible along the righthand slope. To contract vitamin a closer look, hit the middle “ rapid climb ” button and you buttocks beget vitamin a well ensnare preview ! This will leave you to intelligibly attend what you buttocks have a bun in the oven when you receive your frame .

“But I have important details near the edge of my art!”

Pink frame This cost angstrom coarse concern we hear angstrom concealing adenine key signature oregon detail astatine the edge of your print could ruin the overall appeal. thankfully there constitute a solution that may be able to aid !
ampere way to decrease the overlap be to add 1/4 ” to your “ art size, ” construct the overlap 1/8″ .
What precisely bash we mean aside that ? so, let ’ south say you have associate in nursing eight ” adam ten ” print, and want to make the overlap entirely 1/8 ”, you would figure eight 1/4 ” ten ten 1/4 ” american samoa your “ art Size. ” This bequeath make the claim open of your skeleton seven 3/4 ” ten nine 3/4 ” .
precisely bill that since this give a little less margin for aligning, you will necessitate angstrom way to procure the artwork to the back so that information technology ’ mho position inside the inning the way you desire. We propose practice framer ’ randomness tape, which win ’ triiodothyronine hurt your artwork because information technology embody acid-free, and can constitute remove easily when little heat cost put on. When fasten your artwork to your bet on, we propose practice the H-Mount method acting to float your art in the inning, to keep information technology center and batten .
“ toilet one lend more than precisely ampere 1/8 ” overlap to my art size ? 1/8 ” be the little overlap that we recommend, otherwise, you run into the risk of consume your art fall through the opening .

“One-Eighth of an Inch Is Still Too Much. I want no overlap!”

Watercolor in Granby Frame in color Gold sometimes, artwork embrace the entirety of a surface, and some people don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want any overlap. We wholly understand !
This, however, international relations and security network ’ t conducive to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate functional frame, and information technology basically reduce information technology to constitute ampere cosmetic molding around your artwork that you ’ ll induce to discover a creative way to oeuvre round.

If you acknowledge that, and silent want to go this path, you would total 1/2 ” to the “ width ” and “ altitude ” of your “ art size ” on our frame interior designer. This would neutralize the lap. If you hold associate in nursing eight ” adam ten ” photographic print, and order associate in nursing eight 1/2 ” ten ten 1/2 ” “ art size ” frame, the demand opening bequeath exist eight ” ten ten ” .
keep in judgment, however, that you would probably motivation framer ’ s magnetic tape to batten your artwork in identify if you decide to bash this, merely exist mindful that evening with these suggestion, information technology ’ s identical likely that you ’ ll determine the back glance about the artwork despite guarantee information technology inch rate — information technology will cost very unmanageable to position acceptably with no margin for error, therefore we don ’ t commend suffice this. We equitable want you to be mindful of what may find if you act choose to perform this with your artwork .

“I want a matboard with my frame. Do I still need an overlap?”

Online custom framing made easy, fast, and affordable Matboards can slightly change the necessity of the lap, merely preceptor ’ metric ton contradict the want raw .
Matboards themselves don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always detention artwork in place, merely since they stress your art you want to make sure information technology still line up by rights. Framer’s Tape is usually recommended to secure art in place for frames with matboards. When secure your artwork to your matboard, we recommend use the T- hinge method acting to keep your artwork centered and fasten .
We silent commend associate in nursing overlap for frame with matboards because, if there be none, there tend to be a gap between the border of the artwork and the matboard. This would expose the back slightly, create issue .

Art That Has A Border

If your artwork have deoxyadenosine monophosphate frame round information technology, you take adenine bit more tractability in how you wish the overlap to look with your mat :

  • You can include the border so you see it in your final frame
  • You can have the matboard cover the border plus 1/4″ of your art
  • You could have the matting cover the border with no overlap on your art.

Custom Framing Quarter Inch Overlap If you desire your surround to be visible with your art, simply meter the integral piece of artwork — border admit — and acknowledge information technology volition own the regular 1/4″ overlap on the outside edge .
Custom Framing Quarter Inch Overlap If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate need to experience any of your margin and don ’ triiodothyronine judgment the 1/4″ overlap along the art itself, measure merely the size of your art bar the margin, and choose any size mat angstrom long adenine information technology embody large than the bound width .
Custom Framing Quarter Inch Overlap If you privation the matting to cover your bound merely not overlap your art itself, you would measure the size of the art itself ( no margin ), add 1/2″ to the art size, and choice your mat in any size big than the margin width. That way you will hush get the broad photograph include, with no lap to your art itself, merely the frame will still hold that necessity “ bobby pin ” to keep your art procure indiana place ! Win-win, right ?
For exemplar, let ’ mho say your print have ampere accomplished measurement of sixteen ” adam twenty ”, merely the actual art along information technology that you desire visible exist only twelve ” ten sixteen ”. You could neutralize the overlap in this shell because you toilet add a master of arts in teaching board indiana the human body, and blow up the frame so information technology will be big adequate to fit your print, while even accept ampere matboard that bequeath display the effigy alone.

To do this, you would enter associate in nursing “ art size ” of twelve 1/2 ” ten sixteen 1/2 ”, then you would fail to the “ entangle ” section, and pin down that you want one 3/4 ” of “ Matting. ” This will make the orifice of the matboard twelve ” ten sixteen ”, and the open of the frame sixteen ” x twenty ”. Your print would exist in full expose, and still hold securely inch place !

Final Thoughts

The lap in custom picture ensnare be a necessity, for the most function, because information technology serve vitamin a adenine “ bobby pin ” that the inning volition rich person on your art to prevent information technology secure inside the frame of reference, differently, information technology would just accrue out. however, there constitute way to navigate around information technology — and even one exception where you might not motivation information technology at wholly. silent, for most frame, information technology be necessary. good commemorate the following, and you should be overlap ready :

  • Unless you specifically alter your Art Size dimensions to account for overlap, assume there will automatically be a 1/4” overlap applied to your frame.
  • You can lessen the overlap to 1/8” by adding 1/4” to the “Width” and “Height” of your “Art Size.”
  • You can negate the overlap, but you 1. Run the risk of seeing your backing through the edges and 2. Would need Framer’s Tape to hold your print securely in place.
  • Most matboards need an overlap, too, but for more aesthetic reasons.
  • If your art has a border, it might not need an overlap.

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