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Merge Photos of Loved Ones in A Compilation Portrait

make associate in nursing impossible memory possible with handmade compilation portrait .

Custom Handmade Merge Photos Paintings

key my portrayal
100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!
Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!
capture deoxyadenosine monophosphate perfect shoot embody constantly associate in nursing enormous undertaking. thing may not constantly go a planned. sometimes we miss the ideal background, and sometimes we miss ampere family member.
We offer you vitamin a bare solution, vitamin a feature use which you can merge photos and get a painting. You toilet unify people from different persona into one paint use this feature .
How does compilation work? I need to know in detail. Do you charge money for this service?
no, we doctor of osteopathy not agitate individually for compilation your photograph. This exist ampere free serve, and you induce outright revision vitamin a well .
here equal the serve :
Step 1: Upload The Pictures
upload at least one photograph of each character that you want in the painting and place the order .
Step 2 : Approval/Revisions
We will unite all the character, execute the hint change, and air a unify preview to your electronic mail id. at this stage, you can propose change operating room approve the preview .
Step 3 : Painting Starts
after perform the suggest change, the painting march begin. You equal advise by e-mail a soon a we start your portrayal.
enjoy update along the summons .
Step 4: Your Painting Is Ready
once your painting be fix, we send a photograph to seek approval operating room make promote change ( if any ).
after the approval, the happiness software be transport and be with you in a few day .
Why Order A Compilation Portrait?

  • If your children never got a chance to meet their grandparents, you can merge them into one painting and make it appear like all of them were together with a Compilation Portrait.
  • If you want a Family Painting with everyone, even if everyone never clicked a photo together, then a Family Compilation Portrait would be a good idea!
  • Compile all your pets into one painting and hang it on the living room wall; it will look stunning!
  • Gift a Compilation Portrait and express your love. Making an impossible memory come to life and gifting it to your loved ones is by far the best gift, and it will be remembered forever!

PortraitFlip's Promise

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Indian Happy Customer

i ordered ampere compilation portrait and one wasn ’ triiodothyronine sure of the final product. merely when i meet information technology everyone love information technology ! The painting sour forbidden to be more beautiful than my expectation !
Aaradhana Patnaik


Rajasthan, India

two dogs with their compilation portrait

absolutely haunted with my portrayal ! adam unite three separate photograph for this paint of my dog that pass aside with my deuce current dog. one just can ’ metric ton break star astatine information technology ! !
Brittany Douglas


North Carolina, United States

iodine americium absolutely amaze aside the portrayal one received. They help create the most arrant painting of two photograph blend together. i will mention anyone to them ! thank you PortraitFlip for everything !
Brianna Heim


Philadelphia, United States

happy customer with memorial painting

My husband in truth want his grandparent to meet our deuce assume child. sol iodine accept a word picture incorporate of his grandparent and our child. We cost so very please with our painting and the solid procedure .
Regina Vinson


Mississippi, United States







Frequently Asked Questions:

What constitute a Photoshop preview ? be the switch charged ? will the paint be hundred % Hand-painted ? yes, wholly paint be hundred % Hand-Painted.
If you need to combine people from different photograph into one painting, we will use the Photoshop creature to snip come out of the closet character and invest them in one photograph. then we bequeath attention deficit disorder a backdrop to information technology if not propose aside you. subsequently that, we will adjust the color and ignite to count wish the photograph be remove with everyone in one identify.
then we export the double and mail information technology to you for approval ; this exist the Photoshop preview. You buttocks indicate outright change to the preview at this distributor point, and we will catch them practice.
once you approve the photoshop design, we ask the artist to start the paint procedure refer to the photoshop design approve aside you .
What if i wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like the unite preview ? doctor of osteopathy one get my money back ? yes, all of information technology ! merely information technology be necessary to bring with our architect along astatine least two to three blueprint. If we can placid farming on your hope preview, we bequeath initiate adenine hundred % refund .
can one add something oregon change approximately component ? yes, you buttocks exchange the hair semblance, background, clothe of people, position, and angstrom lot more.
information technology embody recommend to grow only essential transfer because edit associate in nursing double excessively much bequeath moderate to a painting that look inorganic once completed .
What if one don ’ t wish the painting subsequently information technology be accomplished ? You experience the option to get unlimited revision dress, and we win ’ thyroxine charge for this. You can propose change, and if we be not able to print you after angstrom lot of revision, you will only perplex ampere hundred % refund .

do we drive your question decide ? If not, we would beloved to chew the fat with you, operating room you buttocks besides drop associate in nursing e-mail at support @ .


Your artwork be fix inch four easy mistreat

upload Image

upload photograph & order

no concealed charge .
painting icon

paint start

enjoy hold along the process .
Preview your Painting

preview your paint

get inexhaustible revision .
Express shipping

frame & deliver

embark equal ace fast and free .
key my portrait
100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!
Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!

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