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Purpose of the website

I created this site so that anyone anywhere in the world can take their own recommendation photograph for detached. When using the serve, the exploiter does not have to download or install a special application on his calculator or smartphone. In contrast to applications running on computers and smartphones, a web site can be accessed from about any computer or smartphone, using any engage system, careless of platform. It is besides not necessary to learn how to use complex image editing software. I wanted to create a web site that is loose, easy to use, and creating images a debauched as possible .

Site history


The goal was in the first place to write an automatic passport photograph manufacturer software for a background calculator. A supporter of mine contacted me with the question of whether it is possible to create software that can take a large number of pass photos based on the automatic detection of the face in the photograph. He showed me software that was made for a like determination. however, with the software, it was entirely possible to take a pass photograph through many unnecessary steps. Using the software presented, it took a distribute of fourth dimension to process a big sum of images. It would besides have been necessary to hire another employee. The night after the conversation, I created a small experimental program that could be used to adjust the crop of the images in a more convenient manner than the software presented. In far discussions about the software, we came to the decision that it would not make smell to write such software. We thought that there would not be enough user necessitate for it that it was worth spend time writing the platform. Because of this, I did not further develop the program at that time.


After four years of dilatoriness, I decided to even make the software. After writing the software, I came to the termination that distributing it would have entailed thus many administrative burdens that I ended up not releasing it. This is because the distribution costs would have been expected to exceed the administrative costs.


This year, it turned out that it was actually unnecessary to make a background translation of the software ! This is because most users use such an application once every 2-3 years, it is awkward and pointless to download such software every 2-3 years and install it on our calculator. Another trouble is that already in 2009 the software should have been made under at least 3-4 operating systems. It seemed a much better solution to create an on-line service alternatively of such software. Which service can users access through a web site in a platform-independent manner. The big advantage of a web site is that it is accessible from about any platform. While programs need to be ported individually under unlike operating systems with hard employment. So I started writing the passport photograph course of study again, now rewriting the necessary parts on a web waiter.

Eleven years, more than eleven million users!

The locate was launched in 2009 and then became more and more democratic year by year. Currently, more than one million users create their pass photos each year using the web site. Over the years, I have received grateful emails from countless users. These letters assure me that my exploit in building the site has not been useless. It ’ s a pleasure to have been able to help more than football team million users create their own recommendation photograph !

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