Passport Photo Size in the U.S.: What You Need to Know

To get a recommendation, you first need to provide a passport photo—that ’ s quite obvious, and applications that are missing photographs are rather unheard of. But according to the statistics given by the U.S. Department of State, 80 % of rejected pass applications are due to incorrect recommendation pictures. Turns out, it is not apparent that U.S. pass photographs have nonindulgent measurements. Which brings us to the doubt : what size is a pass photograph ? Learn everything you need to know about the U.S. pass photograph size.

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U.S. passport photo size

The United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs is the entity responsible for issuing passports and establishing pass regulations in the U.S.—and that includes determining the passport photograph size. Citizens of the U.S. who wish to apply for or renew their U.S. pass books or U.S. pass cards are obliged to deliver 1 ( one ) recommendation photograph in the trace dimensions : 2 inches across-the-board and 2 inches gamey. In early words, the U.S. passport size photograph is a square measuring 2 adam 2 inches. apart from the size of the photograph, there is one more measurement U.S. passport applicants should keep in mind—that is the size of their heading. As to the U.S. Department of State, your face should be in the center of the passport photograph and measure from 1 to 1 3/8 inches, from the chin to the top of the drumhead. See the prototype below to get a better understand of face dimensions .Measurements for the U.S. passport photo.
Is there more to know about the dimensions of passport size photos ? See the number :

  • U.S. passport photographs must measure exactly 2 x 2 inches—any other variations are not acceptable;
  • U.S. passport photos are 51 x 51 mm in the metric system;
  • the face should measure from 25 to 35 mm in the metric system;     
  • the size ratio should be precisely 1:1 (a square).

Guidelines and requirements for passport photograph size presented above are valid for all U.S. pass types : criterion adult, standard minor, diplomatic, service, et cetera. Looking for more tips to get that perfect passport photo? Try reading our other articles:

U.S. passport size photo: digital images

Citizens of the U.S. can submit both composition and digital recommendation photos when lodging recommendation lotion papers. If you decide on the latter, your photograph must follow the like size standards as described above. furthermore, your digital U.S. pass photograph is bound to follow extra criteria :

  • minimal acceptable size is 600px by 600px;
  • maximum acceptable size is 1200px by 1200px;
  • the file size should not exceed 240 kB (kilobytes);
  • the photo must have a resolution of minimum 300dpi.

For the U.S. pass application, digital photograph can not be digitally enhanced. You can crop your photograph to desired size and proportions, but filters are not allowed. If you want to learn more about digital recommendation photos and where to get them, see our mail .

How to get a passport size photo: Passport Photo Online

There are few options to get U.S. recommendation size photos : you can visit a professional photograph studio, get your passport pictures at popular retail stores, or utilize a photograph booth in a promenade, to name some. But there is one more choice : taking the recommendation photograph from dwelling. You can take your own passport photos with nothing more than your smartphone using Passport Photo Online – a professional passport photograph converter. This innovative app uses AI to transform your images into recommendation photograph in 3 seconds. The program scans your video, crops it to the correct size ( considering all factors, including your boldness ), and replaces any setting of your photograph with a plain white one. No anterior have or cognition of passport photograph requirements is needed.

With Passport Photo Online, you can get a set of perfect passport pictures in less clock than dialing a photograph studio ’ s telephone number to book a seance. And you can take photos from anywhere—your couch, kitchen, favorite ballpark, or while reading this blog—the AI will handle any background. See how slowly it is to take U.S. recommendation size photos with Passport Photo Online :How does an Passport Photo Online App work

U.S. passport photo size: FAQ

See answers to the most common questions about U.S. recommendation photograph size .

📏 What size is a U.S. passport photo?

The right U.S. recommendation photograph size is 2 x 2 ( 51 ten 51 millimeter ). The applicant ’ mho head must be between 1 -1 3/8 inches ( 25–35 millimeter ) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head when measured vertically .

📷 How to get a passport-size photo?

There are assorted options to get a recommendation size photograph in the U.S. You can visit a professional photograph studio or go to a retail shop, such as Walmart or Target. Some U.S. Post Offices offer a pass photograph serve. But you can besides take recommendation photos yourself with your smartphone – get more information hera .

What is the U.S. passport photo size in inches?

The size of a U.S. passport photograph in inches is 2 x 2 ’ ’ .

What is the U.S. passport photo size in cm?

The size of a U.S. recommendation photograph in centimeters is : 0,51 x 0,51 curium ( 51 adam 51 millimeter ) .

Can you take a U.S. passport size photo on your phone?

Yes, you can take a U.S. passport size photograph on your call. however, if you wish to do thus, it is effective to use professional pass photograph tools, such as Passport Photo Online. This app will craw the double to adequate dimensions and replace any setting in your photograph with a obviously white one in 3 seconds .

Is the U.S. passport photo 2 x 2 or 4 x 6?

Passport photos in the U.S. measure 2 x 2 inches, and it is the alone acceptable size. however, if you have a proper template, you can print your pass pictures on 4 ten 6 column inch newspaper. See how to do it here .

Passport photo size in the U.S.: closing thoughts

If you wish not to be among the thousands of applicants who receive a “ Rejected ” stamp on their pass lotion, it is recommended that you study the requirements for a U.S. passport photograph. The estimable news program is that if you decide to take your pass photograph at any studio or photograph center, the staff will already know what the needed pass photograph size is. And if you wish to take the recommendation photograph at home, saving yourself a tripper to a studio, Passport Photo Online is there for you. Rate my article :

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