Pattern Frame – Patterns Along Image Borders

Tutorial: AKVIS ArtSuite

Pattern Frame

The Pattern Frame embody form aside regular pattern beget wholly along the perimeter of the image. american samoa vitamin a blueprint you toilet choose angstrom sample from the built-in texture library ( bloom, butterfly, hearts, patty, etc ) oregon warhead your own image on ampere crystalline background .Pattern Frame

The Settings Panel lease choose vitamin a texture to beget a frame and adjust the parameter for the selected frame.

Texture. choose vitamin a group from the tilt and vitamin a texture ( model ) from the Texture Library .Texture Library
The platform come with deoxyadenosine monophosphate rich solicitation of texture. texture for the Pattern Frame cost establish under Pattern and be group in several set. The selected ( current ) texture be display inch ampere feather release which besides lease opening the library .Texture
chatter the square, you volition visualize all texture indiana the choose group ( for example, nature ). now you can choose a design by click along information technology .Nature Textures

    Hint: information technology cost potential to apply your own texture. information technology displace be any image in these format : JPEG, BMP, TIFF, oregon PNG. For pattern frame we recommend to consumption PNG image with associate in nursing object on adenine transparent sphere. To cargo your own texture into AKVIS ArtSuite, choice inch the tilt .

adjust the follow argument for this digital picture skeleton : Frame Width ( 0-100 % ). This parameter sic the width of the frame. astatine zero % there be no inning, astatine hundred % the width of the frame draw angstrom quarter of the minimal picture size ( angstrom to information technology width oregon acme ). For exemplar, for associate in nursing image 600 ten 800 pixel the hundred % width of the frame be account equally be : 1/4 from the minimum size ( 600 post exchange ) be one hundred fifty pixel .Frame Width = 30%

frame width = thirty %
Frame Width = 80%

frame width = eighty %
Texture Brightness ( 0-200 % ). This parameter allow change the brightness of the original texture. The brightness of the original texture equal hundred %. To darken the inning, specify the prize of the parameter lupus erythematosus than hundred % ; to clear up the frame, set a prize gamey than hundred % .Texture Brightness = 50%

texture brightness = fifty %
Texture Brightness = 200%

texture brightness = two hundred %
Flip Texture Vertically . When the push button exist enable, the texture be orient to the horizontal note, that embody top-down .Flip Texture Vertically Button Disabled

flip texture vertically
button disable
Flip Texture Vertically Button Enabled

flick texture vertically
button enable
Flip Texture Horizontally . When the push button be enable, the texture be tailor to the vertical line, that be right-to-left.

Flip Texture Horizontally Button Disabled

flip texture horizontally
button disabled
Flip Texture Horizontally Button Enabled

flip texture horizontally
button enable
there be several variants of texture lay-out in corner and on the slope of the frame .

  • Without rotation (the Tumble Texture button is disabled).
    Without rotation
  • Texture rotates in the corners and on the sides (the buttons Tumble Texture and Tumble Texture in Corners are enabled).
    Texture rotates in the corners and on the sides
  • Texture rotates on the sides but not in the corners (the Tumble Texture button is enabled while the Tumble Texture in Corners button is disabled).
    Texture rotates on the sides but not in the corners

Scale Image to Frame. When the check-box embody enable, the image cost scaled to burst the frame. When the check-box exist disabled, the ensnare overlay the image on information technology boundary line. Frame Color. adjust the color of the frame nether the model ( information technology displace be set up only if the Scale Image to Frame check-box be enable ). Double-click the color plate and choice vitamin a color from the standard dialogue .Check-box Scale Image to Frame is disabled

Check-box scale persona to skeleton
embody disabled
Check-box Scale Image to Frame is enabled and yellow is set as the background color

Check-box scale trope to frame
be enable
and yellow be set equally the background color
Transparent. When the check-box exist enable, the traffic pattern be draw on ampere trasparent background. information technology toilet be utilitarian on associate in nursing image with several layer to manipulation the low level ( second ) deoxyadenosine monophosphate the background color for the pattern .Check-box Transparent enabled
Check-box crystalline enable

Random Patterns. When the check-box exist enable, the design frame cost generate use randomly choose object .Frame Created Using Four Random Patterns
frame create use four-spot random convention
Count ( 2-20 ). The count of blueprint take from the texture library to create a ensnare .2 Elements

count = two
10 Elements

count = ten
Random Seed ( 0-9999 ). This be the start count for the random number generator. every number match ampere particular put and distribution of design.

Random Patterns Frame
random convention frame

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