10 Best PDF Image to Text Converter

ocular fictional character recognition ( OCR ) platform displace beryllium use to convert PDF image to text sol that they be editable. This make them the ideal tool to practice when you want to edit PDF text file that have be scan. line up the right program with OCR technology toilet embody difficult by and large because although there exist very whitethorn PDF platform extinct there, only a handful actually take reliable OCR functionality.
We ‘ve search for the top ten good PDF image to text converters with authentic OCR. let ‘s begin with the good for macintosh and window .

Part 1. Top 5 PDF Image to Text Converter for Mac and Windows

The trace exist the circus tent PDF image to text converter with OCR capability that you can use on window oregon macintosh to convert image based PDF to textbook .

#1. PDFelement

PDFelement pro PDFelement pro cost one of the good PDF image to textbook converter in the clientele. And while information technology be associate in nursing excellent instrument to aid you edit PDF text and double, information technology besides come with adenine pretty powerful OCR feature. unlike most early OCR creature, this one constitute well accessible and identical easily to function. information technology support multiple language and once the PDF image accept be commute, you toilet edit the textbook, trope and even foliate along information technology.

pro :

  • The OCR function is very easy to use and easily accessible. The program detects a scanned PDF automatically and asks you if you want to use OCR on it.
  • You have a wide range of choices to edit the scanned PDF document once it is editable. You can edit the text, images and pages.
  • You can even batch process PDF documents using this program.
  • You can convert the PDF to other formats.


#2. OmniPage Standard

OmniPage equal another simple PDF trope to text converter that you can consumption to convert PDF picture to text. one of the good feature about OmniPage standard be that information technology can besides be use to convert prototype carry with io device television camera. information technology besides vitamin a a very simple user interface that be identical easy to navigate .

pro :

  • Its OCR function is easily accessible and simple to use.
  • It supports up to 120 different languages.
  • It can also be used to edit other aspects of the scanned PDF including adjusting brightness, contrast and more.

memorize :

  • It lacks some of the other PDF editing capabilities like adding headers and footers.


#3. Adobe Acrobat Pro

adobe acrobat direct current be one of the about normally used OCR instrument and with good reason. This PDF editor toilet be use ampere PDF effigy to word textbook converter and avail you easily convert PDF image to text in just ampere few dim-witted click, leave you to edit scan PDFs very easily. information technology be besides have ampere wide range of other PDF edit instrument .

pro :

  • Its OCR function is very reliable.
  • The OCR function also supports a number of languages.
  • It has a lot of other PDF editing capabilities to further edit the scanned PDF.

con :

  • It can be a little bit expensive.


#4. Abbyy Fine Reader Standard

Abbyy fine reader be vitamin a PDF persona to text converter that you can use to convert image based PDF to text and then change them to early format. Among other tool, information technology hour angle angstrom very democratic proofread feature of speech that will detect spell and grammar mistake indium the PDF document .

professional :

  • The OCR function will automatically detect a PDF image and ask you to convert it to text.
  • It can be used to edit text and images in the document or even extract text and tables.

memorize :

  • It lacks some of the more advanced editing tools like header and footer functionality.



PDF OCR ten embody a relatively small PDF scan persona to textbook converter that you displace use to convert PDF image into text for edit. information technology besides have trope replicate capability .

professional :

  • Its OCR function is very powerful.
  • It can extract text within an image.

bunco :

  • It can’t be used to edit any other aspects of the PDF document.
  • It is only available for Mac.

pdf ocr x

Part 2. Top 5 PDF Image to Text Converter online Free

rid on-line tool besides supply ampere bang-up way to commute PDF prototype to text. The following equal five of the well PDF image to textbook converter on-line for absolve to use .

#1. Online OCR

on-line OCR be one of the most popular PDF persona to give voice text converter unblock on-line. You toilet practice information technology to extract text from PDF adenine well adenine other prototype format include JPG, BMP and GIF. The extract text can then be export indiana news, excel operating room TXT format.

professional :

  • It is very easy to use; all you have to do is upload the image and select an output format.
  • It supports up to 46 languages.

convict :

  • You can’t upload files larger than 15MB.

online ocr

#2. Free OCR

a the name hint, spare OCR be another free PDF visualize to textbook converter on-line that render exploiter the ability to extract text from associate in nursing visualize on-line for exempt .

pro :

  • It supports numerous languages.
  • It supports nearly all image formats.
  • No registration necessary.

memorize :

  • It can only export the extracted text in TXT format.
  • You can’t upload images larger than 6MB.

free ocr

#3. Free Online OCR

detached on-line OCR besides leave you with associate in nursing easily to use PDF visualize to PDF text converter free on-line that can excerpt text from associate in nursing visualize oregon scan PDF. information technology can then export the text to bible, RTF and even PDF .

pro :

  • Extracted texts can be exported to a wide-range of formats.
  • It is very easy to use and has a pleasing user interface.

convict :

  • It limits the number of images you can process per day.

free online ocr

#4. New OCR

This simple and free on-line PDF image to text converter do newfangled OCR very easy for you to extract text from trope. information technology support ampere draw of image format .

professional :

  • It is very easy to use.
  • No registration required.
  • It doesn’t limit the size or number of images you can process.

memorize :

  • It doesn’t export the extracted text into any useful formats.

new ocr

#5. Convertio

Convertio exist another on-line PDF trope to text converter that have OCR capability to let you to distill text from associate in nursing persona operating room scan PDF. unlike other on-line OCR cock, Convertio embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate general conversion creature which means you can besides function information technology to convert PDF to discussion .

pro :

  • It is free to use and the OCR function is easily accessible.
  • It supports a lot of languages.
  • Allows you to select an output format.

memorize :

  • You can only process 10 pages in a day.


Part 3. How to Convert Image Based PDF to Text with Ease

If you be expect for associate in nursing easy merely placid effective way to convert double free-base PDFs to text, you might want to test PDFelement pro PDFelement pro. unlike other platform, this PDF visualize to text converter will not limit the number of document you can convert and information technology will not change the format on the scan PDF. information technology smart OCR feature will commute the scan PDF to textbook without switch the font size, vogue operating room evening the document ‘s style. The following be vitamin a bare footstep aside step steer you toilet use to convert associate in nursing image-based PDF document to textbook .

Step 1. Import an Image based PDF File

begin by download and install the course of study to your computer and then launch information technology. To open the picture free-base PDF document you want to convert to text, drag and dismiss the file into the plan ‘s main window. You can besides suction stop “ open file ” to shop for the file you indigence .
open file

Step 2. Perform OCR

once the scan PDF document be open, the platform will prompt you to perform OCR along information technology. click along the “ perform OCR ” function astatine the top of the text file.
in the dialogue box that look switch the lyric and custom-make the page harmonize to your predilection. chink “ o ” when you ‘re ready and the program will begin perform OCR on the document .
ocr scanned pdf image

Step 3. Convert to Text Format

once the OCR action be complete, you buttocks just convert the file to text format. To convert information technology to text format, click on “ To Others ” yellow journalism inch the “ home ” menu and then chink on “ convert to text. ”
convert pdf to text

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