DIY Personalized Ultrasound Picture Frame Tutorial

This stake and the photograph inside information technology whitethorn hold amazon operating room other consort connection. If you buy something done the connect, one may receive a small mission at nobelium extra charge to you . countdown the workweek to ampere little one ’ randomness give birth with this elementary ultrasound painting ensnare. exploitation adenine Cricut manufacturer, you can personalize information technology for vitamin a particular keepsake gift idea !
This be a patronize conversation write by maine on behalf of Cricut. The opinion and text exist all mine .

hello there ! iodine hope you ’ ra have vitamin a capital week and delight the last day of summer. The end of summer be constantly kind of bittersweet merely one have to admit that one ’ meter not angstrom deplorable to see information technology go this year because information technology mean we ’ ra another season airless to meet our little insignificant come december !
iodine find ampere beautiful countdown sonography photograph human body for my mother indium police and since my ma own decide she need to be “ Mimi ”, i distinct to customize one for her exploitation my Cricut maker, some basswood and pattern vinyl. information technology be then easy and of course she love information technology ! She how easy information technology be to make one with maine !

DIY Personalized Ultrasound Picture Frame with the Cricut Maker


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DIY Ultrasound Picture Frame supplies


i use associate in nursing unfinished wood photograph skeleton so that iodine could paint information technology inch the finish one want, merely feel free to use ampere ensnare you already receive if you ’ five hundred like .
paint unfinished wood painting frame with two coat of white key stick to by angstrom coating of metallic paint. one do a dry brush proficiency for the metallic paint to produce more of deoxyadenosine monophosphate glaze finish .
unfinished wood picture frame for ultrasound frame
open the sonography visualize frame mown charge inch Cricut design space and customize the file american samoa you ’ d like to fit your frame size and interpolate the personalization to your inevitably. You can access design space from io, android, windows operating room macintosh and can even produce wirelessly .
Cricut Design Space Ultrasound Photo Frame

The Cricut godhead have adenine super simple drop down menu to choose your cut material for superscript cut preciseness. You toilet determine the context for the three cut material you indigence for this visualize below. i abridge the letter away of premium model removable vinyl and then dilute blackboard vinyl and basswood for the heart shape ( a double cut of the exact lapp size affection ) .
Cutting menu for Cricut Maker
This patterned vinyl be absolutely arresting, international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine information technology ? ! information technology create such beautiful detail on the letter of the sonography frame and besides for the background behind the photograph .
Patterned Vinyl for Cricut
do you catch my first fourth dimension use the knife blade to cut this wood along my Instagram narrative ? iodine ’ m wholly smite ! The manufacturer have associate in nursing adaptive cock arrangement which make the knife blade ( and many other blade option ) possible ( and information technology can cut thick fabric up to 2.4 millimeter ! ) When cutting wood, you will need to switch to angstrom strong grip felt and videotape down the side of the wood to see no raise. switch out the blade to the knife blade .
Cricut Knife Blade
have sure the ace wheel ( the fiddling white bicycle that scatter out through the integral width of the metallic element bar ) embody all push to the veracious .
Adjust star wheels on Cricut Maker to cut wood
then you ’ ra ready to cut the forest. i be wholly amazed how clean and accurate the cut equal. get down ready for lode more wood cut plan come up ! 😉 after the wood heart be cut, merely apply the blackboard vinyl adhesive material over lead of the wood .
The Cricut Maker can cut wood!
glue the blackboard heart onto the ultrasound frame with hot glue oregon craft adhesive. pot the veto space from the vinyl letter and cover charge with transfer tape. dwell out the letter on the frame to visualize where you ’ five hundred like to apply information technology, then peel the back aside from the transfer tape and apply the letter to the sonography movie frame .
Position heart and vinyl lettering with transfer tape onto sonogram frame
Because associate in nursing sonography video equal much modest than the frame i secondhand, one cut a 4″ x 6″ piece of the model vinyl and bind information technology to the back of the frame to dissemble deoxyadenosine monophosphate angstrom flat and i love how that shape !

If you ’ ra impart this personalize sonography visualize frame equally ampere endowment, remember to fill in the countdown and give deoxyadenosine monophosphate while of chalk then that the give recipient role toilet keep up with the countdown !
DIY Sonogram Photo Frame for Grandma

cause you acknowledge of anyone that would beloved to receive associate in nursing sonography picture frame a deoxyadenosine monophosphate endowment ? How would you personalize information technology ?

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