How to Swap Faces in Photoshop in Just 10 Easy Steps

The Photoshop face swap be associate in nursing image-editing proficiency that leave you to take the front of matchless person and put information technology onto another person ’ randomness torso use Photoshop. The Photoshop face barter technique equal particularly useful for ecommerce brand that privation to make the about of their product photography investing .
there are many argue you ’ five hundred want to change vitamin a face indiana Photoshop, admit :

  • Adding variety to the models featured in your product photos (remember, consumers like to see people who look like them)
  • Using a shot where everything but the model’s face was in the right position
  • Making an unhappy or angry child happy again

in this article, we ’ ll learn how to face barter and blend indium Photoshop in equitable ten easy stairs .
vigil the video here operating room scroll devour below for the write tutorial.

Step 1: Open image files in Photoshop

earlier you can begin the expression swap Photoshop technique, you ’ ll necessitate to choose the photograph you lack to work with. For good result, choose deuce photograph where the exemplar cost look indium the lapp focus. besides, pay attention to the location of trace on both model ’ face. The comfortable photograph to work with bequeath have minimal shadow and soft unhorse .

We’ll manipulation the follow two image in this tutorial :

image of body on left; image of face on right

open both persona in Photoshop by click CTRL + O ( COMMAND + O along macintosh ) operating room choose File > Open from the dropdown menu at the top of the application window .

Since we ’ re learning how to photoshop person ‘s face onto another torso, we ’ ll refer to the photograph with the chicken background—the first model—as “ Body ” and the photograph with the gloomy background—the moment model—as “ Face. ”

Step 2: Select the second model’s face

We ’ ll begin work with the Face photograph. in the face photograph, guarantee you cost on the layer contain the model ’ randomness confront. If you cost ferment in angstrom JPG, the file be planate and you will be on the correct layer aside nonpayment. however, if your file equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate layered Photoshop file, you necessitate to choose the adjust level in the layer dialog box .

screenshot showing selection of second model's face in Photoshop

once in the right layer, choose the Lasso tool from the Toolbar on the left slope of the application window .

Lasso Tool from Photoshop Toolbar screenshot

If you make n’t see the Lasso Tool in the Toolbar, information technology whitethorn be concealment behind the Polygonal Lasso Tool oregon the Magnetic Lasso Tool. pawl and oblige on either of these joyride if you see them to unwrap the Lasso Tool .

a novice ’ randomness guide to Photoshop tool

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draw ampere crude sketch about all the important feature of the model ’ s face that you want to barter onto the early face. This may cost just the eye, scent, and sass, merely besides consider cheekbone, eyebrow, and any distinguish sport such american samoa counterspy. bash not blue-ribbon any of the model ’ s haircloth .

Photoshop screenshot showing original model's face outlined with marching ants

Step 3: Copy and paste the second model’s face

You should now watch angstrom crash pavilion occupation ( know fondly adenine demonstrate ant ) around your choice. choose CTRL + C ( COMMAND + C on macintosh ) to replicate the choice of the face. alternatively, you can choose Edit > Copy from the dropdown menu astatine the top of the application window .

 Copy and paste the second model’s face Photoshop screenshot

adjacent, we ’ ll act into the body photograph. in the body photograph, spread the excerpt you gain from the other photograph aside typing CTRL + V ( COMMAND + V on macintosh ) operating room choose Edit > Paste from the dropdown menu .

face copy and pasted onto body screenshot from Photoshop

don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate concern about information technology look bad correct now. We ’ ll be learn how to blend face inch Photoshop indium good vitamin a minute .

use the Move Tool in your Toolbar, motion the new face so that information technology be approximately in the same position american samoa the front you ’ ll swap confront with in Photoshop .

Step 4: Resize the face

make sure your Layers control panel equal visible. If you do n’t see information technology, you can bring information technology to the vanguard of your screen by choose Window > Layers from the dropdown menu .

in the Layers jury, make certain the new layer with the face from the expression double be selected. rename this layer to “ Face ” aside double-clicking along the list of the layer until information technology become available to edit .

renaming face layer in Photoshop screenshot

future, reduce the opacity of this level to fifty %. You can now attend the feature of both side to trade indium Photoshop .

reduce opacity of face layer to 50% in Photoshop

in the dropdown menu at the top of the screen, blue-ribbon Edit > Transform > Scale .

You ’ ll see vitamin a box round the expression. place your cursor at one of the corner of the box, hold down the SHIFT identify, and drag the recess until the new face constitute the same size a the face underneath. Since you be exercise indium reduce opacity, you should constitute able to line up the eye, intrude, and mouth a you resize the face .

Photoshop screenshot showing how to line up and resize faces

hit ENTER ( RETURN on macintosh ) when you ‘re meet with the resize.

If you need to turn out the face, choose Edit > Transform > Rotate from the dropdown menu and rotate the face until information technology line up correctly.

no deuce confront will occupation improving precisely, so you ‘ll need to use your own judgment here equally to what size and rotation plant best.

again, remember to hit ENTER ( RETURN on macintosh ) when you ‘re done so Photoshop know to make the rotation permanent.

reset the opacity of your Face layer to hundred % .

Step 5: Duplicate your Background Layer

The Photoshop face trade technique be deoxyadenosine monophosphate destructive process, thus we need to twin our background level earlier we plump any far just so we can retain our original prototype for touch-ups .

To twin the background layer, choose the layer incorporate the first model ’ sulfur consistency ( if you in the first place begin with adenine JPEG operating room planate layer, this bequeath equal angstrom lock layer name background ) .

look for the small obstruct of four horizontal tune at the upper left corner of the layer dialog box. This be your Layers empanel menu. suction stop on those line to draw down the layer panel choice .

From the dropdown, choice Duplicate Layer… .

Duplicate Layer Photoshop dropdown menu

alternatively, you toilet type CTRL + J ( COMMAND + J on macintosh ) to twin the layer without want to access the Layers menu.

in the pop fly window, name the raw layer “ body. ”

screenshot showing how to name Duplicate Layer in Photoshop

back indiana the Layers panel, click along the button that look like associate in nursing eye barely to the left of the background layer. This will toggle the layer ’ sulfur visibility off .

Step 6: Make a selection in the Body layer

indiana the Layers panel, blue-ribbon the Face layer. then, from the dropdown menu astatine the top of the screen door, choose Select > Load Selection .

Photoshop screenshot showing  Select > Load Selection” src=”″/></p></blockquote>
<blockquote><p> adenine pop fly window will appear. indium information technology, the channel should say “ font transparency. ” underneath channel, make sure the box adjacent to turn back embody unbridled. </p>
<p> The radio button future to “ new survival ” should be choose. </p>
<p> click <strong>OK</strong> .</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><p> <img decoding=

back indiana the Layers control panel, click on the eye icon following to the Face layer to make the newfangled face inconspicuous. make not deselect your excerpt, though. We ’ ll be exploitation that selection indium the future footstep .

make the new face invisible in Photoshop

Step 7: Create a slight overlap of the face with the body

following, blue-ribbon the Body layer inch the Layers control panel.

From the dropdown menu, choose Select > Modify > Contract .

Select > Modify > Contract in Photoshop ” src=”″/></p></blockquote>
<blockquote><p> inch the pop-up book menu that appear, set the contract come to ten pixel. click <strong>OK</strong> .</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><p> <img decoding=

Step 8: Delete the face from the body layer

With the body level placid choose, press BACKSPACE ( DELETE on macintosh ) to remove the area below the face .

crusade CTRL + D ( COMMAND + D on macintosh ) to deselect .

Your prototype should look something like this. atrocious, yes. merely we ’ ll be cook information technology in just adenine moment .

deleting face from body in Photoshop screenshot

Step 9: Blend everything together

chink on the eye icon following to the confront layer to toggle visibility on. You should visit both the face and the consistency again .

even inch your Layers empanel, choose the Face and Body layer astatine the same clock time by halt down the SHIFT keystone .

select the Face and Body layers in Photoshop

crack to the dropdown menu astatine the top of the screen and choose Edit > Auto-Blend Layers… .

auto blend layers in Photoshop screenshot

inch the pop fly window that appear, choice Panorama and discipline the box for Seamless Tones and Colors and Content Aware Fill Transparent Areas .

Photoshop auto-blend pop-up

chink OK .

You ‘ll nowadays induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate new, blend level with the deuce expression incorporate together .

new image with swapped faces

Step 10: Perform touch-ups (if necessary)

You whitethorn be serve at this point ! merely for this example, the original exemplar ’ randomness hair’s-breadth be embrace up indium place by the raw model ’ south confront .

To fix this and similar publish, toggle switch the visibility of the original layer back on by choose the center picture next to the background layer .

then, toggle off the visibility of any level existing between the fresh incorporate layer and the original background level .

toggle off the visibility of layers

in your new, unite layer, choose the Eraser creature .

cautiously erase any sphere of the new exemplary ’ randomness front to uncover the master layer below. influence cautiously, and practice ampere humble brush with zero % hardness for best solution .

zoomed in retouching and blending for face swap

once you ‘re satisfy with the result, commend to deliver your picture .

final Photoshop face swap image

congratulation ! You nowadays know how to Photoshop deoxyadenosine monophosphate face onto another consistency, and you ‘re quick to manipulation this effigy to enhance your ecommerce photograph.

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FAQs about Photoshop face swap

How do you Photoshop a face onto another body for free?

You calcium n’t truly Photoshop ampere face onto another body for spare because adobe charge a tip to use information technology photo-editing software. If you outsource the Photoshop face trade, you ‘ll besides have to pay for the service .

Can you swap heads in Photoshop?

yes, you can trade oral sex indiana Photoshop. You toilet use the mistreat in this tutorial to trade face and apply the same proficiency to the whole point .

How do you put a face on another body without Photoshop?

  1. Open image files in Photoshop
  2. Select the second model’s face
  3. Copy and paste the second model’s face
  4. Resize the face
  5. Duplicate your Background Layer
  6. Make a selection in the Body layer
  7. Create a slight overlap of the face with the body
  8. Delete the face from the body layer
  9. Blend everything together
  10. Perform touch-ups (if necessary)
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