12 photo apps for iPhone that every photographer needs

The quality of iPhone photograph has improved so dramatically in late years that an iPhone is actually all you need to take stunning photos and videos without any extra equipment. Photo apps, on the other hand, can be highly helpful and fun to use. From apps for cleaning up cluttered photos to professional photograph editing apps, here are the top 10 photograph apps for iPhone that every photographer needs .

The best photo apps for iPhone as of 2021 

  1. VSCO: More than 200 filters for quick photo editing
  2. Gemini Photos: A photo gallery cleaner for iPhone
  3. GIF Maker: Convert your photos and videos into GIFs
  4. NightCap Camera: Take stunning long exposures with your iPhone
  5. Snapseed: A free photo editing app for all types of photography
  6. Adobe Lightroom CC: A photo editing app for professional photographers
  7. Adobe Spark Post: Perfect editing app for creating quick graphics
  8. Camera + 2: A camera app packed with advanced features
  9. Airbrush: Best selfie app for iPhone

1. VSCO: More than 200 filters for quick photo editing

If you want to quickly edit your photos with beautiful, professionally designed filters without a fortune of dither, check out VSCO. There are more than 200 filters to choose from for all types of photography, from landscapes to portraits .
Save your darling VSCO presets to use again and again or combine them to create your own unique looks. VSCO is one of the most democratic photograph editing tools for Instagram, and the results are rightfully stun .
VSCO on the App Store

The more memory your iPhone comes with, the hard it becomes to keep your photograph library clutter-free. That ’ sulfur where Gemini Photos comes in. With this app, you can tackle photograph clutter in bite-sized pieces. Gemini Photos will start by helping you find duplicate photos, then will go on to find and delete bleary shots and help you choose the best of alike shots so you can delete the respite. Using the Gemini Photos app weekly is a great means to keep your photograph clutter to a minimal .
Gemini Photos on the App Store

3. GIF Maker: Convert your photos and videos into GIFs

Are GIFs a depart of your everyday conversations on sociable media ? If you answered “ yes, ” then possibly it ’ randomness time to stop searching for the perfect GIF and start making your own. GIF Maker is a release app that allows you to turn your favorite photos or videos into one-of-a-kind GIFs. With it, you can create loop-style videos, add customs text, adjust the skeletal system travel rapidly, and add beautiful filters before sharing. now, all you have to do is find your best GIF-worthy shots .
GIF Maker on the App Store

4. NightCap Camera: Take stunning long exposures with your iPhone

If you ’ ve been playing around with low-light photography, you will love NightCap Camera. This app allows you to shoot long-exposure photos, time-lapse captures, and star trails with an array of settings that are easy to use .
NightCap ’ mho Long Exposure mode is big for amazing motion blur effects in gloomy light. It besides has an ISO Boost have that allows for a 4-times higher ISO setting than any other app, producing bright photos in very low alight. NightCap is a fun app for more advance photographers who want to experiment with new techniques and settings .
NightCap Camera on the App Store

5. Snapseed: A free photo editing app for all types of photography

Snapseed ’ s edit tools are free to use and provide professional-quality effects that are american samoa elementary as they are beautiful. Choose from a rate of ready-to-go filters or fine-tune your edits by using herculean tools like HDR Scape, Healing, or Brush features .
Snapseed is one of the easiest photograph editing apps available — the tools are intuitive to use, and even if you ’ re a novice photographer, you can dramatically improve your shots. Check out our Snapseed tutorial to master all of its tools .
Snapseed on the App Store

6. Adobe Lightroom CC: A photo editing app for professional photographers

If you have been taking your photography badly for a while, you probably have some experience using Adobe Lightroom on your calculator. now, you can take those master edit tools and use them on your iPhone .
The Adobe Lightroom app uses an interface exchangeable to its more powerful background edit software, and if you already use Adobe ’ s Creative Cloud, you ’ ll have entree to your integral photograph library on your earphone. The Lightroom app is release to use with in-app purchases. If you aren ’ t already a subscriber, there are a diverseness of packages available for photographers .
Adobe Lightroom CC on the App Store

7. Adobe Spark Post: Perfect editing app for creating quick graphics

Another of the many photograph apps for iPhone by Adobe enables you to create quick promotional projects to post on social media .
With Adobe Spark, you can make collages and add custom-colored borders and textbook overlays. You can besides make customs posts for all of your social media platforms using a individualized color and baptismal font pallette for easy edits, or you can choose from a kind of templates that are ready to personalize and post.

Adobe Spark Post on the App Store

8. Camera + 2: A camera app packed with advanced features

Despite the hardware and software upgrades that make new iPhones awesome, manual controls are still lacking on the native Camera app. That means if you want to play around with long shutter speeds, aperture, or ISO, you ’ ll have to install a television camera app that can go the extra nautical mile .
Our recommendation is Camera +2, which enables you to utilize all the features of a fancy DSLR on your call. You can virtually change lenses, set your shutter focal ratio, focus manually, and photograph in RAW for maximum edit capabilities. This is an advanced camera app for know photographers and can be downloaded for $ 3.99 .
Camera+ 2 on the App Store

9. Airbrush: Best selfie app for iPhone

While Airbrush is a great general photograph editor, it in truth excels at perfecting selfies and portraits. Before you post your photograph on social media, edit your selfie to get rid of blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, and even out your skin tonicity .
For evening bolder effects, you can use Airbrush to add volume to your hair, blow up and brighten your eyes, and whiten your teeth. Whether you want to calibrate imperfections or change your expect entirely, Airbrush will work wonders on all of your selfies and portraits .
airbrush on the App Store

10. Lumos: Plan your shots based on the sun and moon

Whether you ’ re capturing the landscape, planning a portrait school term, or just want to photograph whatever catches your eye, it can be very useful to know where the sun and moon will be during your shoot. Lumos is an low-cost sun and moon tracker that allows you to visualize the path of the sun and the moon using virtual reality. This intuitive app can predict the position of the sunlight and the moon at any time, on any day, in any placement .
With Lumos, you can set notifications to alert you to the times of the sunrise and sunset, unlike phases of the moon, the golden hour, and more. You can plan shoots based on location and clock time of day, and even in distant destinations far in the future. Lumos is presently available for $ 1.99 on the App Store .
Lumos on the App Store

11. Later: Schedule your photos to automatically post to Instagram and Facebook

If you ’ re a photographer who besides loves to share your images on sociable media, then a scheduling tool can be highly helpful. With Later, you can schedule posts in advance so you don ’ t have to commit to being on your phone more than is necessary. Instagram and Facebook both reward users who post regularly, but if you ’ d quite be out taking photos, then use Later to fill in the gap !
Use Later to plan your social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in gain. Drag and drop photos to your calendar, write captions, add hashtags, and schedule your posts for any time of day or night. Upload photos immediately from your telephone, organize photos with customs labels, and tag users and locations to increase your Instagram betrothal. Later ’ s unblock plan will be enough useful for most photographers, but paid plans will allow you to research hashtags and schedule them in the beginning comment on Instagram, arsenic well as cope link clicks from your Instagram profile .
later on the App Store

12. Mextures: Best photo app for adding textures to your images

If creating artistic digital images is more your style, Mextures is a great choice. With Mextures, you can apply more than 150 different textures and overlays, including dust and film grain, light leaks, and gradients. After applying the overlay, you can well fine-tune your edits with the adaptation sliders and then save your formula so that you can use it over and over again.

In accession to premium overlays, you will besides have access to more than 200 presets, professional edit tools, and an infinite number of layers to create alone edits. You can adjust any of your editing steps at any clock time during the process, making it super easily to get precisely the look you ’ re after. Mextures is presently available for $ 1.99 .
Mextures on the App Store
even with all the amazing features available with your iPhone television camera, you can still dramatically improve your photograph with some of these amaze apps. Our front-runner photograph apps for iPhone make liveliness easier and photography more playfulness, which is something we can all appreciate .

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