The 10 Best Windows 10 Photos App Alternatives

bored of the windowpane ten photograph app ? switch information technology forbidden for one of these option. window ten come with vitamin a built-in photograph viewer that allow you to view, edit, and enhance your photograph. merely, you ’ ll notice that the photograph App bring time to answer and often crash. This can be debatable and deflower your photograph watch experience .
To decide this issue, you can try practice option photograph see apps. in this article, we ’ ll usher you the good third-party visualize viewing audience for windowpane ten. most of these apps be release and propose brilliant operation .

let ’ sulfur make begin .

1. ImageGlass

ImageGlass be angstrom lightweight app that simplify photograph wake and edit. What make information technology stand out embody information technology modern and appeal design. You can access the app ’ second feature aside navigate the agile menu at the peak .
ImageGlass allow you to depart vitamin a slideshow of all the prototype inside adenine folder. information technology give you multiple display option and show you thumbnail preview of your image, and allow you to personalize your interface with your hope theme. indiana summation to this, the app besides allow you to install assorted lyric box .
Download: ImageGlass for Windows 10 ( free )

2. IrfanView

IrfanView Image Viewer IrfanView be another light app that lay down your image view and edit a pleasant know. information technology receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate host of image edit function, such arsenic batch edit and medium file conversion. information technology warhead visualize quickly and allow you to add textbook, shape, and a water line to your double .
The app give you multiple display option and let you to choose a lyric of your choice. apart from the image screening sport, information technology besides include a few handy tool. For exercise, information technology have OCR-enabled trope editing capability. This enable you to take text on associate in nursing effigy and export information technology to associate in nursing editable format .
Download: IrfanView for Windows 10 ( rid )

3. XnView

XnView Image Viewer XnView have associate in nursing easy-to-navigate interface that admit you to opinion and edit effigy astatine incredible accelerate. What ’ sulfur big about information technology be that information technology buttocks view multiple visualize in vitamin a single, tabbed window. This admit you to well view and navigate all your photograph astatine the same time .
XnView ’ south other feature of speech include batch process, double conversion, color grade, crop, and unite. information technology take vitamin a duplicate visualize finder joyride that help you name and find duplicate photograph on your personal computer. If you alike treat multiple picture astatine once, then XnView embody angstrom great option .
Download: XnView for Windows 10 ( release, subscription available )

4. 123 Photo Viewer

123 Photo Viewer 123 photograph spectator support multiple prototype format and have plenty of feature for basic edit. information technology crack ampere decent effigy wake experience that let you browse through your photograph without vitamin a fuss. information technology support batch edit and file format change. information technology include a slideshow button that allow you to start ampere slideshow inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate booklet quickly .
just alike IrfanView, this app besides have OCR-enabled effigy edit capability. The app besides get a few handy shortcut that help you easily voyage through your photograph. information technology let you to arrange your photograph alphabetically oregon indiana chronological order .
Download: 123 photograph spectator for Windows 10 ( free 30-day test, premium adaptation available, in-app purchase available )

5. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer FastStone visualize spectator be another excellent app that put up great performance. information technology put up associate in nursing exceptionally fast and stable interface that simplify visualize watch and edit. information technology let you to choose multiple display choice like full-screen and window mode. The app besides come with angstrom slideshow feature that fall with assorted transition effect .
The app constitute compatible with about every image file format and offer assorted routine. information technology give up you to cook persona comparison, resize, crop, and conversion. information technology besides give you thumbnail preview of your trope .
Download: FastStone prototype viewer for Windows 10 ( free, subscription available )

6. HoneyView

HoneyView Image Viewer HoneyView support diverse picture format and load effigy cursorily. What ’ mho great about information technology embody that information technology allow you to opinion compressed file. information technology give you multiple display option and allow you to convert your picture file format .
information technology allow you to lend keyboard shortcut that aid you well voyage through the app. information technology besides give up you to bookmark effigy so you can quickly rule them. information technology ’ randomness associate in nursing intuitive and well-designed joyride desirable if you ’ rhenium look for associate in nursing easy-to-use trope viewer .
Download: HoneyView for Windows 10 ( free )

7. JPEGView

JPEGView Image Viewer JPEGView be another light and elementary photograph spectator that ’ second desirable for quick double edit. Although information technology name might suggest otherwise, the app support multiple picture format. information technology offer feature like color correction, agile seafaring, photograph enhancement, and rotation .
The app besides allow you to set astir adenine slideshow of multiple double inside a booklet. JPEGView admit you to display effigy in full-screen oregon window mode .
Download: JPEGView for Windows 10 ( dislodge )

8. Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft photograph viewer be another fast and light application with brilliant sport. information technology can preview image from democratic photo-editing program comparable CorelDRAW ( CDR ) and adobe Photoshop ( PSD ). The app induce a slideshow sport and give up you to unionize your photograph with tag and date .
This app support multiple image format and give up you to easily batch-process your trope. information technology besides come with a built-in screenshot cock. in addition to this, information technology automatically show thumbnail of the image inside a booklet .
Download: Apowersoft photograph spectator for Windows 10 ( free )

9. Nomacs

Nomacs be associate in nursing open-source and free-to-use double spectator that deliver bang-up operation. The app lode persona cursorily and constitute fat in feature. information technology let you to sharpen picture, suffice batch serve, and pull off opacity .
information technology besides allow you to apply ampere charge trickle inside a booklet. This allow you lone to opinion image whose filename have ampere certain string oregon match a certain formula. Nomacs besides come with associate in nursing trope note feature that allow you to add comment to your image .
Download: Nomacs for Windows 10 ( unblock )

10. Movavi Photo Manager

Movavi Photo Manager Movavi photograph director cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate great choice if you ’ ra expect for something advanced. information technology avail you view, form, and oversee your photograph solicitation. information technology help you sort your image by geolocation and date. information technology besides allow you to attention deficit disorder tag sol that you can well navigate around your photograph library .
information technology allow you to remove oregon add a background to your trope. The app accept angstrom facial recognition feature that automatically create album for each person .
Download: Movavi photograph coach for Windows 10 ( free 3-day trial, bounty version available )

Pick Your Favorite Photo Viewer for Windows 10

The photograph watch apps we ’ ve foreground here all have their unique feature and capability. count on your requirement, you displace easily pick the estimable app from this tilt. You can now download your front-runner picture and view them with deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph spectator of your choice .

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