22 Best Kid Lit Blogs to Follow (Best Children’s Book Bloggers)

If you love “kid lit” (children’s literature) like I do, you’ll love these best kid lit blogs!

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows how much I adore children ’ second literature. honestly, my reasons for loving the genre would make for a reasonably hanker essay. But that is not today ’ s subject of discussion. today, I ’ thousand sharing five of my current top child lit blogs. obviously, “ top ” is subjective, but I do love these blogs, their concentrate on children ’ s books, and their consistency in this labor of beloved that is blogging .
This station focuses on photograph book, chapter book, and middle-grade bloggers. Some of these bloggers do read the episodic YA or pornographic novel, but unseasoned child fall is their chief consequence. My favorite posts to read on ledger blogs are reserve reviews and generator interviews, and these top kyd light up blogs have a MASSIVE archive of reviews .
If you ’ re a rear, teacher, or barely plain kid light lover, here are some more blogs to follow, STAT .
best kid lit blogs

This Picture Book Life

Focus: Picture books

Danielle Davis is the writer of the far-out middle-grade novel, Zinnia and the Bees. She besides runs the cute photograph ledger web log, This picture Book Life. On her web log, Danielle shares her favorite picture books, cool interviews with booksellers, authors and illustrators, and even book-related DIY crafts .

The Story Sanctuary

Focus: Middle grade and young pornographic
Run by Kasey Giard, The Story Sanctuary has been sharing reviews since 2013. My favorite thing about Kasey ’ mho site is the content scale she provides in every review. She includes everything from recommended ages to linguistic process and intimate content — very crucial for young and/or sensible readers .

Nerdy Book Club

Focus: Middle mark and young adult
Nerdy Book Club is run by four educators, and I have to say, I absolutely love their web site ! Besides posting systematically, they share author essays, book reviews, book lists and lots of other fantastic content. If you want to stay up to date with new books while calm getting a acid of backlist titles, this is your go-to web log .

Ms. Yingling Reads

Focus: Middle grade
Ms. Yingling is a voracious reader and prolific reviewer ; she posts a reappraisal practically every day ! While I much regard she would rate more books higher on Goodreads, I love her actual review ! She always shares strengths and weaknesses and whether she would purchase the script for her educate library. I besides love that she seems to have read about every middle-grade book in universe — it ’ mho rare that I run into one she ’ randomness so far to read !

Happily Ever Elephants

Focus: Picture books and center degree
Lauren is an lawyer turned library media specialist and ma to two little boys. I love her enthusiastic reviews of middle-grade books and her rage for helping parents raise readers. If you ’ re a parent looking for tips in that esteem, you ’ ll delight Lauren ’ s site !

Blazer Tales

Focus: Middle grade and young adult
Laurie is a K-6 teacher and rapacious reader who shares detailed book reviews on her web site. She besides includes rate and reading horizontal surface recommendations for each script. I love that she categorizes all her reads to make her site easier to navigate .

MG Book Village

best kid lit blogs - mg book village
Focus: Middle-grade books
MG Book Village is run by a group of teachers and librarians, including author Jarett Lerner. The web site covers author interviews, koran reviews, generator essays, and even tips for writers from writers. It ’ s honestly a ambition of a site — and highly underestimate excessively !

Teachers Who Read

best kid lit blogs - teachers who read
Focus: Middle-grade books
Teachers Who Read is another middle-grade reserve blog run by a group of teachers. They feature fun reviews of books for third-, fourth-, fifth-grade, and junior high students a well as author spotlights. My favorite posts are the regular “ It ’ mho Monday, What Are You Reading ? ” ones .


literacious blog - best kid lit blogs
Focus: Children ’ randomness literature ( from mental picture books to YA )
Laura, a former librarian turned library director runs the Literacious web log. The web log features ledger reviews, activities, and book lists interspersed with the occasional life style mail .

Here Wee Read

here wee read - best kid lit blogs to read
Focus: Mostly painting books and chapter books with the periodic middle-grade book
Charnaie is a longtime koran blogger who shares the diverse books she reads with her kids. Her site is a hub of reading activities vitamin a well as some life style content .

Chattering Librarian

chaterring librarian blog - best kid lit blogs
focus : Middle-grade books
The Chattering Librarian web log shares book lists about every week ! Her lists are always creative and hardheaded .

Watch. Connect. Read. (Mr. Schu Reads)

mr schu reads - best kid lit blogs
Focus: Picture books, chapter books, and middle-grade novels .
Mr. Schu is a celebrated child lighted blogger known for cover reveals, book trailers, and generator interviews. His site is constantly a delight .

Cece Librarian

Focus: Picture books, chapter books, and middle-grade
Cece is an elementary school librarian who ’ south besides on MG Book Village Review team. On her blog, she review video books, chapter books, and middle-grade books .

Imagination Soup

imagination soup - best kid lit blogs
Focus: Picture books, chapter books, and middle-grade

Melissa is a fecund kid fall blogger known for her amazing comprehensive examination record lists. She ’ s a former teacher and literacy flight simulator .

Bridget and the Books

Focus: Chapter books and middle-grade books
Bridget is a fifth-grader who writes simpleton book reviews and shares fun author interviews. I look forward to her posts and love her unique manner of engaging with books .

Beagles and Books

best kid lit blogs - beagles and books
focus : word picture books, chapter books, and middle-grade
Beagles and Books features weekly children ’ second books reviews, from video books to middle-grade novels. Plus, you ’ ll get a cute Beagle in every photograph ( if you ’ re into that sort of thing ) .

Samantha Cronin’s Kid Lit Library

focus : picture books, chapter books, and middle-grade
Samantha is a teacher and reader who shares her thoughts on books a well as extra resources for parents and teachers .

Books. Iced Lattes. Blessed.

focus : Middle-grade
Sierra is a teacher and fresh blogger who shares largely middle-grade book reviews and koran lists. You ’ ll besides find the casual life update and coffee chew the fat !

Randomly Reading

focus : picture books, middle-grade
Alex is a erstwhile NYC fourth-grade teacher. On her blog, she shares reviews of books for kids and adults, but largely pull the leg of lighted .

Kid Lit Frenzy

concenter : video books
Alyson Beecher is an educator who shares thoughts largely on painting books. however, you will find the episodic MG reappraisal .

Kristi’s Book Nook

concenter : word picture books
video script lovers will enjoy Kristi ’ s Book Nook as she reviews a diverse survival .

Books in the Middle

concenter : Middle-grade books
A group of reviewers regularly plowshare their thoughts on a kind of middle-grade books .
These are my go-to reviewers for pull the leg of alight. I hope to round up a few early great bloggers in the young pornographic and adult categories soon. But I ’ thousand always looking for new bloggers to follow, so if you have any recommendations, they ’ ll be welcomed .
This post has been updated for May 2020 .
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Who are your best kid lit bloggers?
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