DIY book picture frame – easy photo craft idea

In today ’ s post : Learn how to turn an old hard back bible into a cool DIY bible mental picture frame .
One of the very beginning craft ideas I posted on this blog was a picture frame made out of an old book. I ’ ve constantly loved this simple craft mind because it combines my two favorite home interior decoration items : record and family photos. So I decided to revisit that mind death workweek and nowadays I have new photos, modern instructions, and a raw video that shows you how to make your very own record movie human body .
Book made into a picture frame

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There are a couple of cool things about this visualize : first, it doesn ’ t damage either the book or the photograph. The book is still wholly clear, and the photograph is wholly removeable .
Book made into a picture frame
That ’ s actually the second cool thing about this project : because the photograph is removeable, it ’ south slowly to swap it out and swap in a different one anytime you want .
And ultimately, this project is merely going to take you about 15 minutes. Yes, it requires some Exacto knife wield and a sting of elbow grease, but you ’ ll have plenty of time left over after you finish to, you know, read a book .
Books with windows cut from the front covers to made photo frames

How to make a book picture frame

Watch this video to see how you make your very book movie frame ( written instructions follow ) .

DIY book photo frames

Book photo frame supplies

  • Hardback book: You can find inexpensive books at used book stores, garage sales, the dollar store, or the library. Be sure to remove the paper dust jacket to see what color the book is and make sure either the front or back cover is not covered in pictures or words.
  • Sharp exacto knife: Seriously, you want it sharp, so grab a new blade if yours is getting dull.
  • Metal edge ruler
  • Acid-free page protector: I used these from Amazon (affiliate link)   ***optional, read instructions below
  • Photos that are slightly smaller than your book
  • Pencil, scissors, masking tape, sheet of paper
  • Cutting mat (optional but helpful)

Step 1: Cut a paper rectangle that is slenderly smaller than the photograph you will be using in your reserve skeletal system. In the case below I planned to put a 4×6 photograph in the book frame, so I cut a newspaper rectangle that is 3.5 by 5.5 .
Hand holding photo and card that\'s slightly smaller
Step 2: Center the paper rectangle on the book. It ’ second worth using a rule hera to make sure the inning looks even once it ’ s deletion. once you ’ re certain it ’ randomness centered, trace around the rectangle .
Hands centering the card on the book\'s front cover

pace 3 : Cut out the rectangle. This is where you need your sharp Exacto tongue and metallic border ruler. I like to slide a cutting flatness under the book brood to ensure I don ’ t end up cutting through any pages of the script. Use the tongue to cut along the lines you precisely traced. DO NOT attempt to cut all the way through the book on your beginning pass – it ’ s not going to work and you ’ ll end up hurting yourself. Plan on 5-8 passes over each line, using firm atmospheric pressure. Please be careful and DO NOT allow children to attempt this step .
Hands using exacto knife to cut rectangle window from book cover
Step 4: Clean up the frame. Once you ’ ve cut the opening out of the book cover, there will likely be a few sprawling bits of cover, specially in the corners. Use your exacto knife to clean those up if desired .
Hands using exacto knife to cut window from book cover
gradation 5 : Create a “ sleeve ” for your photograph. Slide your photograph into an acerb free page defender. Nestle it into a corner, then function scissors to trim barely outside the photograph on the other two sides. On the depart of the foliate defender that is behind the photograph, cut a “ pass ” on one inadequate side ( you can see the notch in the following photograph ) .
Family photo next to book photo frame
Step 6: Tape the sleeve behind the opening. Place the sleeve behind the opening you cut in the book, and magnetic tape it to the book along 3 sides. Leave one side receptive ( where you cut a notch ). This allows you to well slide a photograph in and out of the sleeve. I used masking magnetic tape in these photos. For longer, stronger accommodate, score tape would probably actually work better .
Tape photo inside book cover
And your book photograph frame is complete ! Anytime you ’ d like to change the photograph, just open up the presence screen, slide the old photograph out, and slide a new photograph in .
DIY Book picture frame
One last note: Using a plastic foliate defender keeps your photograph clean and protected and I would decidedly use one if you are displaying a photograph that is old or hard to replace. however, if you ’ re displaying photograph that are easily replaceable, you can skip that step and fair tape whatever photograph you ’ d like to use behind the open .
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DIY picture frame made from a book

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