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View with device sideways to compare before and after results.

Choose a operation from the list on the side to view actual patient before and after photograph .
Take a expect at our earlier and after photos of our patients who decided to have plastic operation performed by Dr. James Rieger in Wichita, KS. Plastic surgery before and after photos are an excellent way for you to see the results Dr. Rieger is able to achieve and envision possible outcomes. Keep in mind as you view the photograph that each patient is alone and your results will vary. These photos represent distinctive results, but are not a guarantee as each affected role is alone and risks are associated with all procedures .
The earlier and after photograph in this web site are displayed with the written permission of our patients. Our patients have been courteous adequate to allow their photograph to be used for educational purposes only. The photograph of our patients may not be copied or transmitted in any fashion.

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WARNING : The diagrams and photograph contained within this website are for educational purposes. Some of these diagrams and photograph may not be suitable for all viewers
These photograph represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes credit card operating room will achieve the like result .
During your consult in the privacy of our office we will show you many ahead and after digital photograph albums of Dr. Rieger ’ s Wichita Kansas practice. The Wichita agency has a dedicated computer room for viewing digital fictile operation before and after surgery pictures. The formative surgery photograph veranda of ahead and after pictures is extensive and very complete. The summit augmentation before and after photos are arranged based on size of breast plant from the sizes of about 180 cc to 210 two hundred, 210 two hundred to 240 two hundred, 240 milliliter to 270 two hundred, 270 milliliter to 300 milliliter, 300 two hundred to 330 two hundred, 330 two hundred to 360 milliliter, 360 two hundred to 390 milliliter, 390 two hundred to 420 milliliter, 420 two hundred to 450 milliliter, then 450 cc and larger. The abdominoplasty albums are arranged based on the type of stomach rapier. These discriminate albums include many examples of mini stomach tucks, mini pot tucks with navel ( belly button float ), broad pot tucks and full pot tucks with extra vertical blockage of the abdomen button open ( ” character 3″ ). liposuction, breast reduction, breast lift followed by breast implants, breast augmentation with crescent rustle, and diverse facial fictile operating room before and after photograph albums are promptly available at our plastic surgery practice in Wichita, Kansas for viewing. Please call us to arrange a visit at 316- 652-9333 .

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