6″ Standard Button Maker Machines and Start Up Kits

The button manufacturer kit – €2.228,95 just the hand compress – €1.352,95 good the circle tender – €319,95

Kit Options

model # 600 make big six inch push button, brass and clock side promptly and easily ! This machine have Tecre ‘s patent third base weigh operation and built-in clock punch .

  • Cushioned hand grip for operator comfort
  • Cam-on-roller design provides nearly friction-free upper die travel
  • Non-marring rubber feet hold machine securely in place during use
  • Heavy duty structural steel and industrial grade aluminum construction
  • Optional self-centering, built-in clock punch and cutting board
  • “Positive stop” ensures upper and lower die alignment
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • “Zero scrap loss” engineering

Option 1: The Button MAKER KIT

catch your button show on the road ! The button godhead kit come complete with the six ” circle stonecutter to cursorily and accurately cut out your artwork in the perfect traffic circle size and supreme headquarters allied powers europe, you will salvage angstrom draw of fourth dimension with this kit out, while increase your clitoris make output and joy.


  • Tecre Model #600 hand press for making super big buttons and magnets.
  • Tecre Model #6656 Circle Cutter
  • Everything you need to make 200 x 6″ pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 6″ Button Supplies when you run out.
  • Industrial button machine
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty & Instructions

Option 2: JUST the Hand Press

no kit, fair the Tecre exemplar # 600 hand press .

Option 3: JUST the Circle Cutter

no kit, good the Tecre model # 6656 lap cutter.

The model # 6656 sacrifice you the ability to hack your own paper oregon photograph for six ” button for use with the model # 600 button machine. The circle cutter will cut perfectly sized and concentrate graphic every time .
Circle Cutter features include:

  • All steel construction for durable service and long life
  • Circular template ensures easy visual positioning
  • Dual cutting wheels: on half turn completes the cut
  • Non-marring rubber feet hold cutter securely in place
  • Can cut multiple sheets
  • Light-weight design for ease of use
  • Four spring-loaded pins hold paper during cutting

dimension : ten ” ten eight ” ten four ” – one piece count approximately 7.5 syrian pound

Common Uses

The six ” button constitute the big ! precisely what you need to catch noticed !


The Tecre # 600 button maker be all metallic element construction with no formative part. include a 1yr guarantee from the manufacturer .
size : 17.5 ” x eight ” ten 6.5 ”, count approximately forty pound .
use with circle cutter exemplary # 6656
Made in the U.S.A.


The Model #600 can produce 4 different products!
-Pin binding release
-Free stand easel back button

The Tecre # 600 machine manipulation standard six ” clitoris supply.
order on-line oregon margin call indium with a credit card .

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