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For over 40 years, Cinema Vehicles has been the largest supplier of vehicles to films, television and commercials in the country with the most comprehensive owned and operated fleet in the business. Since 1975, Cinema Vehicles has worked with clients such as Disney and Marvel, providing custom-made car rentals and forte built vehicles. nowadays, our family-run business continues to be the go-to picture cable car rental and custom-made vehicle lying company .

Proud to Be Hollywood’s Favorite Picture Car Provider

From celebrated word picture car builds like “ Eleanor ” in Gone in 60 Seconds, to the armor troop carriers in The Hunger Games, the hero cars in Ant-Man, Sons of Anarchy, and many of your darling television series, Cinema Vehicles is the most believe automotive supplier and custom storyteller in the entertainment industry .
cinema Vehicles does more than just rip cars ; we have a full fabrication and design department capable of creating and construct custom vehicles, such as the starship for The Divergent Series : Allegiant. You ’ ve besides seen Cinema Vehicles ’ cars in movies like Austin Powers, Die Hard IV, The Dukes of Hazzard, Fast and the Furious, Heat, Herbie Fully Loaded, The italian Job, Starsky & Hutch, and the Terminator Movies .
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Auto Glass, Paint Jobs, Fabrication, and More

From our headquarters located on an 8-acre property in the kernel of North Hollywood ‘s bustle movie product scene to our newest full-service location in Atlanta, Georgia, Cinema Vehicles provides a wide variety show of custom automotive services.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include automotive shops, upholstery, paint booths, designers, and a full service custom fabrication department. If you ’ rhenium searching for corporate truck builds, stunt or movie car glass production, and full plate cosmetic alterations, look no further than Cinema Vehicles.

Graphics, Designs, and Vehicle Wraps

Cinema Vehicles besides has a full military service graphics department with the latest in graphics printer engineering. From your output graphics to custom vehicle designs and wraps, let Cinema Vehicles be your go to beginning for competitive graphics .

Corporate Builds and Custom Marketing Vehicles

Over the past 40 years, Cinema Vehicles has expanded beyond studio backlots and movie sets to provide its custom automotive fabrication services to humble businesses and corporations. Whether you ’ re looking for a custom commercialize fomite to promote your intersection, a trade testify vehicle to represent your stigmatize, or an attention-getting design for your food truck, our team has resources and experience to make your vision come to life .
For questions about Cinema Vehicles ’ rentals and services, or to speak with our customer service team, please visit our Contact Us page .

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