How To Make DIY Photo Coasters (Its Easier Than You Think)

These resin photograph coasters are a perfective gift for about anyone in your life. What grandmother wouldn ’ triiodothyronine love a dress of DIY photograph coasters with her grandchildren on them ? What mother wouldn ’ thyroxine love a set of coasters with her children ’ second drawings on them ?

Easy to make DIY photo coasters

They are comfortable to make, bang-up gift ideas, and don ’ t take much in the way of materials ! The sum monetary value for a set of 8-10 DIY photograph coasters would be less than $ 10, with batch of resin to spare to make more. The resin gives the coasters an about glass-like appearance which makes them super glazed and highly durable. You can always put photos on glaze ampere well .
You can make them with your children ’ s drawings, your favorite photograph or even memorabilia such as ticket stub or newspaper clippings. If it ’ s the latter, or your children ’ sulfur drawings I ’ five hundred suggest scanning them and getting them printed on photograph paper because once it ’ second put in the resin you ’ ll never get them out again. The glossy coat of the photograph composition works well with the resin. pretty much anything flat that ’ second printed on glossy wallpaper will work.

supplies need to make coasters

What You Need for DIY Photo Coasters

1. Resin

I prefer the two region epoxy resin. Check your local craft store- it is normally in the glue section. You do not need a lot for each coaster, therefore unless you are making a lot of coasters, go with the smallest bottle !
You will need one for every coaster you wish to make. Check your local anesthetic home improvement store- mine were a mere .18c each .

3. Photographs (or scanned artwork, memorabilia, etc)

They ’ ll be cut down to a 4 -inch hearty indeed lay down certain whatever you pick will look well in that format ! You ’ ll need a favored photograph for each coaster. You may want to have extra photos printed .

4. White craft paint

5. Brush/Foam Brush

6. Glue Stick

7. Craft felt

You need one 9×12 sheet for every 6 coasters. I went with black so that it doesn ’ triiodothyronine testify any stains that might get on the bottomland of your coasters due to everyday use. You can besides cut smaller squares for each corner to create feel pads .

8. A disposable cup and spoon

Reuse some of those coffee cups- the paper cup with no ridges works the best .

9. A well-ventilated area away from small children and pets.

Resin is a identical toxic substance- please make surely you are working in a well ventilated area where you will not be disturbed by any children or pets .
Each brand of resin is different, so read the directions that come with your resin thoroughly. I will provide enough of tips for working with resin, but be certain to follow the directions that came with your bottle .
Don ’ triiodothyronine be intimidated. It is very easy to work with and once you see the fantastic, professional-looking results you can achieve with it, you ’ ll be hooked .
once you ’ ve gathered all your ingredients and cracked open a window, let ’ s pay back started .

How to Make DIY Photo Coasters

Cover your workplace surface to protect it from the paint and resin. Re-using plastic bags works best because if something sticks it ’ randomness easier to pull it off of the fictile base than it is to pull it off of composition .

Step 1: Paint the edges of the tiles

paint the edges of the coasters white
Paint the edges of your tiles with the white paint. This footprint is optional, however, I think it makes the final merchandise look more professional. In the photograph, you can see that the top one is painted and the bottom three aren ’ thymine .

Step 2: Trim your photos down for your DIY photo coasters

Since, it won ’ t take besides long to wait for the painted edges to dry, you should trim your photographs down. I trimmed mine down to about 4x4in ( Just under 3.875 ten 3.875 ) You don ’ t want your photos to go to the border of the tile- you want them to be about 1/4 of an inch smaller than the tile. You want to ensure that the resin will fully seal the photograph down to the tile .

Step 3: Glue photos to center of tile

use glue to attach your photos to the coasters
Next, Use a glue stick to glue the photograph to the center of each tile. Make certain you press down firm. Set apart to dry .

Step 4: Prepare the resin

While the tiles are drying, begin to prepare your resin.

If you bought the two part epoxy resin, you need to mix together these two parts. These parts must be mixed in equal proportions in order for the resin to harden properly. I use a plastic teaspoon to do my measuring- you ’ re going to want something disposable. Each coaster will need about 2 teaspoons of resin to cover them, therefore for 4 coasters, I measured out 4 teaspoons of share one of the resin and 4 teaspoons of part two of the resin .
Stir the resin together. Set a timer and stir for a minimum of 2 minutes. Stir like you are whipping eggs, pausing every 30 seconds or indeed to scrape down the edges and bed well. You actually want to ensure that this is blend well .
disposable spoon stirring resin for coasters
If you are stirring properly, lots of little bantam bubbles will appear- preceptor ’ metric ton worry, they ’ ll come out later !

Step 5: Spoon out resin onto your DIY photo coasters

How to make photo coasters
After you are done stir, cable up your tiles on your cover work surface and get ready to make some magic. Carefully, spoon out one teaspoon of resin and pour it gently in the middle of the tile. next, pour a second teaspoon right on top of the first. then using your spoon, very gently push the resin outward to the boundary of the tile. You need an even coat of resin from edge to edge, stopping good a hair diffident of the border of the tile.
How to make photo coasters

Step 6: Repeat for each tile

reprise for each tile. When completed, take a flashlight, get down low and analyze each tile to make certain that you didn ’ thymine miss any spots .

Step 7: Get rid of the little bubbles

If you have fiddling bubbles take a deep breath and slowly exhale your hot hint over each tile. The carbon dioxide will help pop all of those fiddling bubbles. Please make certain you turn away from the tiles before inhaling again though. You don ’ metric ton want to breathe in the resin. Repeat as necessity to remove all the bubbles from your coasters .

Step 8: Wait for them to dry

now you must wait patiently for the tiles to dry. For a thinly coat such as this, it will take between 48-72 hours for a full bring around. Within 24 hours you should be able to handle them. however, we recommend to wait the recommend time to insure they are completely dry and you don ’ t leave any dings on your photograph coasters .

Step 9: Glue felt to the bottom of your tile coasters

How to make photo coasters
following, glue felt to the bottom of them to help protect your table. Cut felt into 4-inch squares and hot glue to the bottom of each coaster .

Step 10: Enjoy your photo coasters

How to make photo coasters
Package them up, give them as gifts, or put them to good use in your own home plate. The tile coasters above are going to be an employment give for a ally. The resin is baffling and protects your photos well. It besides makes for easy clean up- fair wipe them off with a muffle fabric if they get any stains on them .
How to make photo coasters

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here ’ s the place I made about 2 years ago – I ’ d say they held up good ! They still look deoxyadenosine monophosphate dear as the day I made them !

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How to make photo coasters

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