How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo Collage

Your Facebook Cover Photo gives the first impression of your Facebook page. It ’ mho what will draw viewers in and pique their curio. That means it ’ s got to be high resolution, on-brand, and attention-getting if you want to turn these viewers into followers that will spend time on your page. The distinctive Facebook Cover photograph design consists of one photograph, but you can stick out from the crowd by using more than one photograph in a collage .
For all the times you want to showcase more than one photograph, the Facebook Cover templates in BeFunky ’ mho collage Maker are the way to go ! They ’ re perfectly sized for Facebook and even include a quad for your profile movie, so you never have to worry about partially of an effigy getting covered up. And the best part is, each layout is wholly customizable to suit your needs. Keep read to learn how to create a arresting Facebook Cover photograph !

How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo Collage

Whether you have Facebook for personal or professional practice, BeFunky ’ s collage Maker is the easiest means to create your photograph collage. hera, we ’ ll indicate you how easy it is to use our drag-and-drop simplicity, a huge library of collage layouts, and all the customization options you could want to design the Facebook Cover of your dreams .

Step 1: Choose Your Layout

To get started with your Facebook Cover Photo Collage, head to BeFunky’s Collage Maker and click the Layouts icon ( one-third from the top ) from the independent menu on the left. Scroll down to the Facebook Cover class and chink on each layout for a preview.

facebook cover layouts in the collage maker
A thoroughly tip is to choose a layout that aligns with your Facebook page goals and the photograph you have at your disposal. once you ‘ve selected the photograph collage layout, click it. You can nowadays start adding your images !

Step 2: Add Your Photos

The easiest means to add photos to collages is to open the Image Manager check ( the top icon ) from the left-hand side menu. then, elect the Computer push button to upload images stored on your computer, the button to use images stored on your Facebook page or BeFunky report, or click the Search Stock Images release to search over a million free stock photos to use in your collage .
search stock images or upload images
For this example, we ’ re building a embrace photograph for a nature photographer ’ sulfur Facebook page. once your images are uploaded to the Image Manager, they ’ ll appear as thumbnails to the left of the blind that you can drag and drop into your collage cells .
drag or double click photos
There are on-canvas controls that you can use to far customize your collage layout. Click-and-drag the whiten line between the cells to resize them. You can swap photos around by dragging and dropping them to newfangled cells .
Clicking on any photograph in a cell will bring up a menu of customization options as well. You can use it to delete the picture, replace the effigy, or edit the double. When you choose Edit Image, an Image Properties menu will appear to help you increase the size of the photograph, rotate it, or even open it in BeFunky ’ s Photo Editor to edit the photograph simultaneously as you create your collage !
edit images of facebook cover collage

Step 3: Incorporate Text 

If you ’ d like to add text to your Facebook Cover Photo Collage, merely open the Text yellow journalism in the menu on the left ( the T icon ), followed by the Add Text button. A textbox will appear for you to type whatever you ’ d like .
add text to facebook cover collage
You ’ ll notification that any time your textbox is selected, a Text Properties toolbar appears for you to customize the text. Use it to change the font, font tinge, letter spacing, and then much more ! You can besides reposition the textbox by clicking and dragging it to a new position on the template, and use the gloomy circles around the textbox to resize and rotate it .
text properties

Step 4: Add Graphics

You can besides add graphics, including your business logo, to the Facebook Cover collage. Working graphics into your design brings out more character and can help better define your sword for the viewer, making it more memorable .
To add a graphic, voyage to the Graphics icon ( four shapes ) and click on it. If your logo is stored on your calculator, click the Computer push button and locate the file to upload it. If you want to select a graphic from BeFunky ’ s huge graphics library, click Search Graphics.

search graphics
once your graphics are uploaded, they will appear under Your Graphics on the leftover side of the screen. You can drag-and-drop the graphics onto the collage to shift and resize them .
drag or double click graphics onto template

Step 5: Save the Final Product

With your Facebook Cover Photo Collage looking arrant, all that ’ s left to do is save it. Click the Save button at the top of the collage Maker to save your Facebook Cover to your computer. From there, you can upload it directly to your Facebook page and watch those likes roll in !
save your facebook cover photo collage
If you ’ ve run out of time and want to come second to your project at a late date, the Save as Project choice in the Save menu is a great way to do then. This way, you can save your Facebook cover in an editable format. Either choose to save your visualize to your calculator as a .BFD file, or save it to BeFunky .

Final Results

well done ! You ’ ve fair created an amaze Facebook cover photograph collage based on your alone design preferences .
final collage facebook cover

Facebook Cover Photo Collage Inspiration

Facebook is such a knock-down social media platform for connecting people with your business or web log. It ‘s besides a great set to plainly keep in touch with your friends and syndicate. Whatever you use Facebook for, there ’ s a Facebook cover photograph layout in BeFunky ’ sulfur collage Maker to help you make something attention-getting and memorable. here are some designs to inspire you :

For Blogging

Consider your Facebook page an extension of your blog home page ; it should be on-brand, relevant, and noteworthy. That means including the same photography, fonts, and color schemes already present on your web log .
blogger collage facebook cover
Creating a Facebook binding photograph collage is a great way to highlight your web log ’ mho personality. alternatively of going with one of your front-runner photos, you can present a handful of your favorites to actually represent your blog ’ south character .

For Business

A Facebook page is substantive for your business, and often where current or likely customers can learn more about what your occupation is about. That is why your cover Photo is crucial, as those customers will be able to determine whether they ’ ra interest in your business in just one glance.

business collage facebook cover
Your business may be multifaceted in nature, and a collage can help you showcase that by helping you design multiple photograph into one great Facebook overlay .

For Personal

sometimes, it ’ s not adequate to display one great photograph of yourself, and for those times where you can ’ thymine decide, our collage layouts will help you share them all at once. There ’ s no necessitate to play favorites .
personal collage facebook cover

Design Your Own Stunning Facebook Cover Photo

Designing your own Facebook Cover Photo is easy. There are several layouts and editing features available on BeFunky that will help you make a unique and attention-getting image. fix to start designing your own Facebook cover photograph collage ? Click the connect below to get started with BeFunky ’ randomness collage manufacturer !

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