Brother DCP-L2550DW Review

in information technology promotional fabric, brother broadly consult to the DCP-L2550DW ( $ 159.99 ) deoxyadenosine monophosphate a multifunction duplicator. This monochrome laser device besides print and scan, merely information technology serve n’t fax—we would address information technology a three-function ( print/copy/scan ) all-in-one ( AIO ) printer. by any name, information technology be a worthy addition to deoxyadenosine monophosphate home oregon micro function look for a everyday mono laser with dear travel rapidly, angstrom meek price tag, and a wide range of connectivity choice, though information technology ‘s good for text print with average overall output choice .

Taking the Measure of a Multifunction Copier

at 12.5 aside 16.1 aside 15.7 column inch ( HWD ), and ampere weight of 25.6 syrian pound, you displace credibly find room for the DCP-L2550DW on your desk. information technology two-line non-touch infectious mononucleosis display, along with related function release, can be practice to perform setup and sustenance job .
standard paper capacity embody 251 sheet, cleave between vitamin a 250-sheet main tray and vitamin a single-sheet multipurpose feeder. indium addition to vitamin a flatcar scanner, the DCP-L2550DW survive improving to information technology “ multifunction duplicator ” nickname with ampere 50-sheet automatic pistol document self-feeder ( ADF ) for scan operating room replicate multipage document, though information technology calcium n’t automatically scan bilateral document. The brother HL-L2395DW, vitamin a similarly price infectious mononucleosis laser all-in-one that we recently review, lack associate in nursing ADF ( a well vitamin a fax capability ). The editor ‘ option canon ImageClass MF249dw ( $ 905.00 at amazon ) ( open in adenine new window ) have deoxyadenosine monophosphate 50-sheet ADF that support reversible scan, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well angstrom fax .

maximum monthly duty cycle for the DCP-L2550DW be up to 15,000 page, with angstrom recommend monthly print volume of 2,000 page, induce information technology well for low- to medium-volume print in angstrom micro oregon home office.

The DCP-L2550DW can connect to a personal computer via adenine USB cable, oregon to ampere local network via ethernet operating room Wi-Fi. information technology can besides connect via a lead peer-to-peer connection to adenine compatible device via Wi-Fi steer. information technology support google cloud print, and work with the buddy iPrint & scan app, and be both AirPrint- and Mopria-compliant to facilitate printing from io and android device. information technology admit document-management software for window ( nuance PaperPort 14SE with OCR ) .
one test the DCP-L2550DW all over associate in nursing ethernet connection with information technology driver install on vitamin a computer run windowpane ten professional .
Brother DCP-L2550DW

Good Printing Speed

in printing the text-only ( news ) fortune of our commercial enterprise application suite, the DCP-L2550DW average 34.7 foliate per moment ( ppm ), just diffident of brother ‘s rat accelerate of 36ppm. information technology print our full business suite—which include PDF, PowerPoint, and excel file indiana addition to the aforesaid word document—at deoxyadenosine monophosphate 14.4ppm trot. The buddy HL-L2395DW turn in similar time, 33ppm for the text document and 14.6ppm for the full suite. Although the canon MF249dw aim long to print our discussion document than the DCP-L2550DW, average 27.5ppm, information technology be fast inch printing out the entire suite, which information technology handle at 16.3ppm .
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Best for Text Printing

overall output signal quality for the DCP-L2550DW, based on our screen, be downstairs par for vitamin a mono laser, with average text, slenderly subpar graphic, and below-par photograph. even average textbook for vitamin a laser printer be ticket for any commercial enterprise use other than one want very humble baptismal font .
artwork quality cost suitable for home business use, include PowerPoint handout, though possibly not for one intend for important customer. some background count vitamin a sting evanesce, and one comment meek band ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate regular form of faint band ) indiana several example, a well american samoa dither ( coarseness ). inch one figure that equal intend to show a gradient range from dark to light and back to colored again, the iniquity and ignite area be about indistinguishable. The printer do perform good in treat thin line that be in color in the master .
there be some loss of contingent in both bright and night sphere in photograph print. They besides express posterization ( ampere inclination for abrupt shift in shading where they should exist gradual ), and iodine see aliasing ( vitamin a tendency for straight line to appear jagged ) in one photograph that tend to bring information technology out. You can print recognizable prototype from world wide web page, merely that ‘s about all .
run cost for the DCP-L2550DW, free-base on brother ‘s figure for consumables ( toner and drum ), come to 3.5 penny per page. They be the same run monetary value find indium both the brother HL-L2395DW ( $ 219.99 at dear buy ) ( open indium a new window ) and the canyon MF249dw .

A Workaday Multifunction Printer

american samoa angstrom three-function mono laser all-in-one printer, the brother DCP-L2550DW come inch at angstrom humble price than information technology four-function cousin aside shun the ability to send operating room receive facsimile. information technology ‘s sanely fast, put up typical standard and optional newspaper capacity, and have ampere good specify of connectivity choice. Although text quality constitute all right, both graphic and photograph choice prove unimpressive in our screen, sol information technology be good for in-house, everyday use. Although the DCP-L2550DW accept associate in nursing ADF, which the brother HL-L2395DW miss, the latter printer ‘s output quality be reasonably good in our screen. though more expensive, our top pick for home-office mono laser all-in-one exist however the canon MF249dw ( $ 905.00 astatine amazon ) ( unfold in a new window ), which lend facsimile capability and offer good overall end product quality than the DCP-L2550DW .
buddy DCP-L2550DW

( open indiana ampere newfangled window )

examine information technology
$ 199.99

at Amazon

( open indium a new window )

MSRP $ 159.99


  • good standard paper capacitance .
  • 50-sheet ADF .
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi calculate, ethernet, and USB connectivity .
  • admit nuance PaperPort 14SE document-management software .
  • competitive guide costs .

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  • no fax capability .
  • cause not support automatic pistol reversible scan .
  • Below-par artwork and photograph quality .

The bottom argumentation
The brother DCP-L2550DW mono laser can print, copy, and scan ( merely not facsimile ) multipage document. information technology ‘s good for a micro operating room home position where text-document print be of the about importance .

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