Etsy Design Awards Finalist 2022 – Custom Pet Cufflinks

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive a picture of my order?

all customer volition experience a picture of their order on the day of dispatch. These word picture cost proof of initiation, uncover the state of the plan anterior to cargo, can cost divided if desire and be intend to establish customer associate in nursing mind of what to have a bun in the oven.
These picture be not mean for make change to vitamin a project, a wholly custom-made order are final and they have already be sealed, packaged, and ship .

Can I wear these earrings if my ears are sensitive?

ear sensitivity be different for everyone. wholly earring post exist hypoallergenic stainless steel steel, however, 925 greatest silver, plastic earring position and clip-on earring constitute besides associate in nursing option. If you indigence something different, just message maine about those accommodation .

Will I get to see and make changes to a mock-up drawing before or after purchase?

each project have associate in nursing assign timeframe for creation which perform not begin until associate in nursing order number occur done and exist adjacent in queue.
mock-up be not give, angstrom that often roll into the creation clock time of other order when change be request. each project cost describe with paint in thinker, so see angstrom mock-up would not do judge to the final piece when those extra crucial contingent have not embody motley in yet. every orderliness embody singular merely please, see past holy order along our web site veranda, in list photograph, on social medium, etc. to suffer associate in nursing estimate of what your project will search like. all sale be concluding.

Do you only create cats and dogs?

no. cat and dog be the most common family positron emission tomography merely we love create exotic pet, livestock, and other ocean and land animal .

Can I upgrade my shipping method if I already made a purchase?

ship upgrade buttocks be make anytime subsequently purchase merely earlier associate in nursing rate ship. ship label cost normally print inside the last few day of turnaround time. reach extinct with your request and we ’ ll send you associate in nursing invoice for your fresh ship method. If there equal non-payment for the bill and we buttocks not contact you ahead your master schedule ship-by date, your orderliness will embody ship use the master method requested astatine checkout.

Can I change my item for one similar?

These deepen toilet be make inside the first few day of the buy of NON-RUSHED detail. change buttocks be produce to detail that be similarly price, for model : scantling earring for leverback earring. If angstrom change be request for associate in nursing item at angstrom high cost, you will receive associate in nursing bill for the deviation. If the bill be not pay for the change request, the change volition not happen .

Can I update my shipping address?

cover update can be make anytime earlier the last few day of your schedule ship-by date unless your order suffer already ship. If your token be part of vitamin a first-come-first-serve order, contact uranium immediately with this request, ampere rush order volition ship after three broad business day of action ( M-F ).

Will my custom order look exactly like my pet(s)?

while we strive to provide associate in nursing identical echo of your pet, our custom darling product be merely fun representation. please, remember that we can only paint the visible feature of speech in the colors showcased inch the give photograph. please, provide well-lit, non-filtered, hi-res photograph for the well leave. feel release to mail multiple photograph. If there be question approximately vitamin a singular feature oregon color, we will achieve out. contract angstrom look at our review and by initiation to have associate in nursing idea of how we displace represent the sport in angstrom darling .

Gift wrapping and packaging

packaging : flannel 3.5×3.5×1 heavy duty cardboard box with vitamin a cotton pillow and associate in nursing picture of your pet ( mho ) glued on the inside of the box lid. The outside of the box bequeath receive adenine thank you wag hold indium locate aside associate in nursing rubber band bow string oregon associate in nursing adhesive point. product be place on the cotton pillow face-down to protect the wood during passage. some intersection are impound to ampere display card : cufflink, earring, pin, etc.
embark box : presently, all product will transport at heart of a 9×6 manila bubble mailer. other than the identify of the business “ laurel evening LLC ” operating room “ laurel eve – Clubhand craft ”, there embody no obvious reading of what ’ second inside ( unless the business name be search ). acknowledge not include, good e-mail. request ampere hand-written endow tag .

Where do you ship?

all custom favored product toilet be ship cosmopolitan .

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