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Photo Enlargers

photograph enlargers are used to produce photographic prints from film negatives and transparencies. normally used in darkrooms, these machines scale up the images on develop films and are useful for changing contrasts in specific parts of prints. Most are vertically mounted, but industrial models used for enlarging large format film are horizontal. With many photographers switching to digital cameras, only a few brands hush make enlargers, such as Beseler and Omega.

What’s a Photographic Enlarger?

A photograph enlarger is a transparency projector for turning develop negatives into enlarge prints. The chief parts are the head, column, negative carrier, focusing phase ( or base board ), and wall climb. The head houses the light informant and a lens or translucent material for adjusting the light. Most enlarger heads use incandescent medulla oblongata or fluorescent tubes. The minus carrier is directly beneath the easy source. The basis board is a vertical mount for securing the equipment. The column is a moving diaphysis for adjusting the distance between the head and the easel holding photographic paper .

Types of Enlargers

The two major types of movie enlargers are condensers and diffusers. A capacitor uses a condense lens to focus light when illuminating negatives. A diffuse enlarger has a translucent plastic or opaque methamphetamine between its light reference and the negatives. These diffusion elements scatter light rays to produce a more even exposure and lower contrast than condensing lenses. Compared to condenser models, diffuser photographic enlargers do n’t emphasize defects in negatives.

An enlarger may besides have a coloring material or black-and-white head. While black-and-white heads can only handle black-and-white prints, color heads can handle both color and monochrome prints. To use either, you ‘ll need darkroom enlarger head accessories, such as filter sets. Some semblance ( dichroic ) models have built-in trickle mechanisms for changing the come of blue sky, red, and green light exposed to negatives. You ‘ll find Beseler enlargers with dichroic and black-and-white heads .

How Does a Photographic Enlarger Work?

An enlarger exposes a develop negative or transparency to bright, even light, and then imprints the enlarge image on sensitize photographic wallpaper placed on the easel. Light from a bulb or cold tube hits a condense lens or a soft, which in turn illuminates the film in the negative carrier. The disclose double on the film projects out of another lens beneath the carrier onto the photographic newspaper below. There are two ways to adjust the expansion of these devices : by moving their heads up and down their column, and by adjusting the bellows to vary the distance between the lens and the film .
Blow up film negatives precisely the way you like by getting your own darkroom enlarger rather than sending negatives to photo enlargers online. Browse B & H Photo and Video ‘s versatile enlargers a well as a wide-eyed survival of darkroom enlarger accessories .

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