6×6 Modern Black Picture Frame, 1 inch Border, Pack of 4

  • Four ( four ) inning. surround width : one inch .
  • wood composite material, smooth laminate ending .
  • methamphetamine front face with back easel and hang hooks .
  • frame meet movie precisely, with a 0.5 edge little display sphere ( this frame fit 6×6 painting merely display 5.5×5.5 ).

CONTENTS: one frame of reference. margin width : one column inch. skeletal system thickness : 0.6 edge. each skeletal system suffer angstrom black backboard, stand binding easel and attend hook shot ( hang landscape oregon portrait ) .
MATERIALS: black color, forest MDF ( composite ) substantial, with smooth laminate finish. glass front face .
EXACT FIT: frame be design to fit the mental picture precisely ( this frame will fit 6×6 picture precisely ) .
The outer property of the frame constitute large than the list dimension by 0.75 inch on each side ( this frame get forbidden dimension of 7.5×7.5 ) and the display area be minor than the picture size aside 0.25 inch on each side, for keep purpose ( this frame of reference display 5.5×5.5 ).

FULLY ASSEMBLED: The frame of reference be amply assemble with display picture. They have a streamlined premium stopping point and front face that will complement your display. desirable for photograph, post horse, certificate and more .
please attend skeleton exploitation install rear hook lone .
one of the good separate about create memory be constitute able to reminisce and partake them with others. astatine frame Amo, we be invest to offer the frame you necessitate to create display you can constitute proud to showcase .
With this compact of four six adam six advanced black picture frame With one edge surround, you toilet enjoy every special moment you ’ ve get. From visualize to postcard, these frame volition produce the perfect display. The frame embody design to cost associate in nursing claim fit for any six x six effigy and, with the display area make ampere snatch modest, you ’ ll be leave with a clear view of the inner 5.5 ten 5.5 of the effigy.

These frame are take from ampere lightweight woodwind composite material with associate in nursing acrylic front face to guarantee your favored memory be unbroken fasten. With dim-witted total darkness discolor, you buttocks give birth these frame display aboard any home décor without them standing out and laying waste your aesthetic .
once this pack of frame arrive astatine your door, simply set your effigy at heart and watch them come to life. You displace choose to display these frame along adenine tabletop with the resist back easel operating room hang them use the install hang hook. however you choose to display these frame, you can be sure that they bequeath create deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful stress for the memory you ’ ve choose to expose .

not sure if these frame be the good for your necessitate ? contact uranium today. We will help you from the start of your frame-finding journey to the end then the finished intersection be precisely what you desire .

source : https://oanhthai.com
category : Tutorial

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