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No matter how a lot or how small quad you have to work with, DIY photograph collages allow you to display your photos so you can relive special memories. Using items that you have around the family or can find at most crafts stores, DIY word picture collage ideas let you express your creativity and alone smell of style .

If you ’ re as run down of boring photograph frames as we are, you ’ ve come to the right place. We ’ ve scoured the internet to find the best photograph collage ideas for your home, office, and every quad in between. Whether you ’ re decorating a child ’ mho room or putting the finish touches on the living room, these cunning video collage ideas are sure to inspire you. And remember, because you ’ re in charge of your do-it-yourself project, you can tweak these ideas as necessity to fit your needs .

Tips for Making the Perfect Handmade Photo Collage 

It doesn ’ thyroxine matter whether you ’ ra super craftsy or not — creating a homemade visualize collage can be as easy or adenine elaborate as you ’ d like. however, whichever route you take, there are some things to think about, such as style, position, and size .

Choosing a collage style

The identical beginning step in your DIY photograph collage project will be choosing a vogue. Do you want to arrange your photos in a human body, such as a heart or moon ? Is there a sealed look or feel that you ’ re aiming for ? besides consider your skill set and how much clock time you have to dedicate to the project. For example, if you don ’ t have much clock nor a steady pass, you may want to opt for a wall decal quite than painting a family tree.

Figuring out positioning

In addition to determining where you want your collage, you besides need to think about how large it will be and its exact placement. besides think about the size of the photograph you ’ ll use for your project. For example, 8 ten 10 photos are more appropriate for a big collage, while wallet-size photos are perfect for use with a letter, number, clock, or map-style collage .

Marking out space

once you ’ ve decided the size and placement of your collage, it ’ south imperative that you do a dry run with newspaper cutouts, pencil, intertwine, or other temp placeholders to be certain that the photograph in your headway can be properly transferred to your wall, stairway, or other space. Marking out your space will besides ensure that you stay on track and that your collage comes out good as you planned .

Choosing frames or going frameless

No matter which DIY photograph collage manner you choose, you broadly have the exemption to decide whether you ’ ll use frames ( Amazon have a great selection ) or go frameless. Choosing one or the other typically falls to preference, but you may find that skeleton give a more polish look to your project. Frames will besides keep photos from curling with age and weather. On the other hand, some collage styles demand that you go frameless. For case, the clothespin ( these ones are bright and colorful ), fagot light, map, and washi videotape wall collage ideas we ’ ve suggested before won ’ metric ton knead if you use frames. For these projects, try to print your photos on dense composition for extra lastingness .

Hanging your photo collage

When deciding how to hang your photograph collage, you need to consider the surface you ’ rhenium working with and the typography of your collage. Heavier collages may need wall anchors to ensure they don ’ thyroxine fall. But if you ’ ra rent or differently can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate screw things into the wall, you need to look into impermanent measures. The washi videotape project we suggest above offers a perfect solution : Washi tape peels away well, so you can remove your collage at any time. You can besides use Command Hooks which feature a muggy backing that removes without damaging surfaces. The sword tied offers cunning spring clips that look equitable like belittled clothespins .
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