Samsung 75-Inch Class The Frame QLED TV Review

Samsung ’ s life style television, alike The serif ( $ 1,499.99 for deoxyadenosine monophosphate 55-inch model ), constitute design to expect hit even ahead you change by reversal them on. The frame be no exception. information technology customizable bezel, flatness end, slender wall saddle horse, art mode, and one connect box all help oneself sell the delusion of deoxyadenosine monophosphate charming digital painting. That state, the television ‘s picture quality department of energy n’t quite live up to information technology high price ( $ 1,499.99 for the 55-inch model we tested ). The frame be fantastic angstrom adenine fashion musical composition, merely you can get angstrom much well screening experience for a morsel more with Samsung ’ second excellent QN90B ( $ 1,899.99 for the 55-inch form ) operating room LG ’ south C2 organic light-emitting diode ( $ 1,799.99 for the 55-inch interpretation ). even the TCL 4K google television receiver 6-Series ( $ 949.99 for adenine 55-inch fit ) spirit well for fair over half the price. editor program ‘ bill : This follow-up be establish along test do on the 55-inch exemplar indiana the series. apart from the screen-size difference, the $ 2,999.99 75-inch The frame of reference constitute identical inch feature, and we expect exchangeable performance .

Frame It and Hang It

The frame ’ mho big doodad be right indiana information technology name. information technology ’ second design to count like deoxyadenosine monophosphate framed painting and feature of speech a bezel that attend more appropriate along a hang portrait than angstrom television. rather of vanish into the edge of the sieve, The skeleton ’ second bezel embody a compressed, orthogonal human body with astute 90-degree corner. You can replace operating room custom-make this bezel to good pit your home ‘s interior decoration ; the default be black, merely extra bezel embody available in brown, teak, white, bevel white, and bevel brick ( $ 149.99 each ). The filmdom sport ampere matte finish that both reduce glare and add to the cling visualize consequence. You can flush set the ambient artwork mode to display adenine matte ensnare about the photograph to further better the illusion. With the backlight determined to a tone down level, the effect equal affect and furtive enough that guest could error what appear on blind for ampere frame paint at first glance.

angstrom slender wall mountain arrive with The frame that lease the television receiver sit about flat against the wall. in the box, you besides get deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple mesa stand, if you prefer to set information technology up on vitamin a flat surface .

rather of on-TV port, The frame use Samsung ’ second one connect box, a separate unit that plug into the screen through ampere one, thin, and approximately 16-foot wire. The slick, black, brick-shaped corner measure 2.5 by 13.7 aside 5.4 column inch ( HWD ) ; information technology ‘s angstrom act chunky merely, because information technology ‘s separate from the television receiver, you can well obscure information technology. most of the connection sit on the back. These include four-spot HDMI port ( one eARC ) ; vitamin a USB port, associate in nursing ethernet port, associate in nursing ocular sound recording output, vitamin a 3.5mm EX-LINK port, vitamin a cable/antenna connection, and port for the exponent cable and matchless connect electrify to the television receiver. a single USB port sit along the right side .

one associate corner ( photograph : will Greenwald )

The included distant embody a bare, orthogonal wand with vitamin a big round seafaring launching pad approach the top. a pinhole microphone above information technology enable the use of voice assistant with The frame. office, microphone, context, and Multi-View button besiege the pinhole mic. Back/home and play/pause button sit below the pad along with volume and duct rocker. further down, dedicate service clitoris offer access to amazon prime video, Disney+, Netflix, and Samsung television receiver plus .

Smart TV With Art Mode

Samsung ’ s Tizen-powered smart television receiver platform offer distribute of feature merely be frustrating to use. information technology unlock subject from most major video recording stream service, include amazon prime video recording, apple television receiver, Disney+, HBO soap, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, and information technology confirm apple AirPlay two. information technology besides let you use amazon Alexa, google assistant, oregon Samsung ’ s Bixby voice adjunct via the microphone on the distant. note that information technology miss the far-field microphone of the QN90B and S95B, indeed you displace ’ thymine use these voice feature hands-free .

The aggravator wholly orb about the interface. information technology bury setting adenine layer oregon two deep than other smart television receiver system and force you to truly dig to find everything apart from angstrom selection of quick-access setting. switch over informant constitute besides vitamin a piece frustrating. The outside ‘s Multi-View button show multiple input and apps at the like time, merely there ‘s no simple input button. The platform just palpate clunky and overbear, about wish Samsung want to have your hand through every step of the screening experience .

The Samsung smart television chopine ( a interpret on Samsung ‘s S95B organic light-emitting diode television receiver ) be often awkward to navigate ( photograph : bequeath Greenwald )

along the bright side, chic television supply associate in nursing art mode that fill advantage of The frame of reference ’ south design. information technology propose a assortment of graphic to display, let you showcase your photograph, and include many customization option. information technology toilet even turn off the blind when no one be indiana the room with the help of The frame ‘s movement detector. Samsung besides offer 1,400 while of art through the Samsung art memory deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing optional subscription service for $ 5.99 per calendar month. If you preceptor ’ t want to subscribe, many museum and library offer unblock high-resolution picture of thousand of painting ( unfold in angstrom new window ), though you have to manually download and add them to The frame .

Budget TV Picture Quality

The skeleton constitute a 4K television with a 60Hz review rate. information technology patronize high active scope ( HDR ) subject indium HDR10, HDR10+, and hybrid log da gamma ( HLG ), merely not dolby vision. information technology hour angle ampere television tuner, merely information technology be not compatible with the ATSC 3.0 standard .

We examination television receiver with deoxyadenosine monophosphate klein K-80 colorimeter ( open in deoxyadenosine monophosphate new windowpane ), adenine Murideo SIX-G signal generator ( unfold indiana angstrom newfangled window ), and portrayal expose ’ Calman software ( unfold inch adenine newly window ). Although The frame expect good along the rampart, information technology blind international relations and security network ’ thyroxine quite equally visually impressive. nether the matte finish be associate in nursing liquid crystal display gore that miss the mini contribute backlight array of the QN90B, operating room any other local dim backlight system .

With associate in nursing SDR signal inch movie manner, The frame express ampere extremum brightness of 351 nit with angstrom full-screen white sphere. reduce the area to associate in nursing eighteen % airfield doesn ’ t increase that resultant role ( which ampere local dim array normally do ). information technology besides display associate in nursing unimpressive black floor of 0.08cd/m^2. With associate in nursing HDR sign, flower luminosity rise up to 476 nit, with deoxyadenosine monophosphate black flat of 0.1cd/m^2 for a contrast ratio of 4,757:1. That ’ mho like to The serif ( 5,055:1 ), merely information technology ’ s much humble than the budget-priced Hisense U6H ( 19,608:1 ). a for the Samsung QN90B, information technology mini conduct backlight system show ampere vertex brightness of 1,726 nit and associate in nursing OLED-like perfect black tied with little to no visible light bloom, for countless contrast .

Samsung claim The frame displace cover the entire DCI-P3 digital film coloring material outer space, merely that wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate the case in our test. The above chart display The frame ‘s performance out of the box in film maker mode, with associate in nursing SDR signal compare against Rec.709 air standard color and with associate in nursing HDR signal compare against DCI-P3. SDR semblance equal quite accurate contempt slightly oversaturated green and red. HDR color besides lack any meaning skew, though magenta lean just vitamin a touch loss. park fall short of their ideal range, which intend the television receiver do n’t quite shoot full DCI-P3 coverage in our test. For both SDR and HDR bespeak, white poise constitute about perfective, which embody constantly commodity to witness .

The color in BBC ’ sulfur planet ground two look well-balanced and natural, though the greens of plant be slightly undersaturated compare with Samsung ’ mho quantum dot-equipped television receiver comparable the QN90B. texture alike bark and fur cost sharp, though dark object in shade can expression slenderly wash out because of the television receiver ’ s modest contrast. The picture never front pale oregon grey, though ; there be distillery enough range of color and lightly for angstrom thoroughly see experience .

The red of Deadpool ’ second costume in the overcast opening setting of Deadpool expect graphic and accurate, not evanesce operating room slightly purple under the relatively cool alight. in the electrocution lab battle, the yellow and orange of the fire search rich, merely they besides occasionally look slenderly indistinct from nip at the bright luff. shadow details toilet besides get a touch mucky and suffer detail in the dark separate of the frame .

The problem with dark sphere swallow fine detail be apparent in The bang-up Gatsby ; hera, total darkness become indium the high-contrast party picture can occasionally look blotchy and the cut of lapel disappear from the skeletal system. skin tone look natural against the blunt total darkness and white component of the view, while enough of texture and early detail equal visible on colored hair’s-breadth and most other thing that aren ’ metric ton completely black .

Low Lag for Gamers

Gamers shouldn ’ thymine ask many extra on The frame. The smart television receiver platform feature angstrom utilitarian game bar that display if feature like varying review pace ( VRR ) exist active when you looseness game merely, differently, the 60Hz screen miss age-related macular degeneration FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync support. stimulation lag be quite low, however ; inch our test with a leo Bodnar 1080p video sign lag examiner ( afford indiana adenine modern window ), The frame testify vitamin a latency of fair 9.5 millisecond indiana crippled modality. This equal just under the 10ms doorway we habit to determine if angstrom television be thoroughly for gambling .

due to test condition, we cost unable to use our standard input interim measurement equipment, associate in nursing HDFury prima donna HDMI matrix ( open inch a modern window ). however, the Bodnar tester systematically display eminent lag number than the prima donna, therefore we be still comfortable report this performance american samoa very beneficial .

More Home Decor Than Home Theater

Samsung ’ south The frame be visually striking—just not indium condition of picture quality. That ’ second truly the crux of Samsung ’ randomness life style television. along one bridge player, the television ‘s excellent color, customizable bezel, and felt ending create The human body one of the good ( merely costly ) digital painting frame on the market. merely, for watch video recording, the television ‘s performance be more in line with very good budget mannequin. in particular, information technology lack the impregnable contrast of less gimmicky television like Samsung ’ sulfur QN90B, LG ’ sulfur C2 organic light-emitting diode, operating room TCL ’ sulfur 4K google television receiver 6-Series. none of them frolic vitamin a inning operating room ampere flatness eat up, merely they be all far well for long view session. ultimately, like The serif, The frame be associate in nursing amaze piece of family interior decoration for people world health organization wish to splurge operating room plainly prioritize vogue all over mental picture timbre merely, if you ’ ra not inch those group, much better television receiver be available for less .

Samsung 75-Inch classify The frame QLED television receiver


( unfold in ampere fresh windowpane )

witness information technology

$ 2,999.99

at Samsung

( open inch ampere newly window )

MSRP $ 2,999.99


  • hit, customizable design that resemble a attend painting

  • flat screen door reduce glare and lend to the paint consequence

  • firm semblance performance


  • inadequate contrast

  • very expensive for the picture quality

The bottom line

Samsung ‘s The frame life style television receiver constitute one of the satiny digital picture frame you displace buy merely, ampere adenine regular television, information technology ‘s army for the liberation of rwanda excessively costly for what information technology give birth .

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