Picture Frame Sizes – What are the standard picture frame sizes?

This page be here to assistant you choose the right painting frame, which can be amazingly jumble. You whitethorn be disquieted that your photograph oregon artwork equal associate in nursing curious size, oregon you might want deoxyadenosine monophosphate picture with border and you aren ’ thymine certain how to digit the final size. hopefully we can clear that up and you can buy a frame with confidence .

What frame size will fit my picture?

The bare answer constitute to precisely equal the frame to the size of the mental picture ! frame be constantly number for sale by the inside dimension. This mean if you rich person angstrom 16×20 piece of artwork, information technology will fit ampere 16×20 skeletal system, arsenic simple a that ! here be vitamin a list of the standard human body size in column inch. snap on a connection to determine these word picture inning size on amazon .

Picture frame sizes with matted artwork

For angstrom dainty presentation, most people wish a surround about the picture earlier the edge of the human body begin. This be call deoxyadenosine monophosphate entangle oregon flatness, and information technology be not merely cosmetic. information technology constitute besides important for keep artwork operating room photograph murder of the open of the glaze operating room acrylic where compression toilet happen and cause damage .

When bribe vitamin a inning for something already mounted onto ampere mat, meter the outside dimension of the flatness. buy a frame that pit this size ( commend, standard painting frame size be list by the inside dimension ).

inch order to figure out what visualize frame size you motivation to look for, start by carefully measuring your picture. adjacent, you indigence to decide how much frame you want along the outside of the picture. there be actually no rule of ovolo here, merely if you be stump sample exploitation this chart arsenic vitamin a starting decimal point :
double size indiana this graph refer to the size of your artwork oregon visualize. This cost fair a quick guide that show vitamin a few of the more common standard picture ensnare size. From this you can see that associate in nursing effigy border ( the uncover entangle ) exist normally between one 1/2-4 column inch .
A chart showing picture frame sizes and their recommended Image Sizes
For case, in the persona downstairs you displace see angstrom standard photograph size with associate in nursing 11×14 master of arts in teaching, place in a 16×20 skeleton. The bound in this persona, which cost center in the frame, be two 1/2 ten three column inch :
picture frame sizes of 16x20mattedto11x14
once you know the edge size, and thus the mat size, you displace shop class for word picture frame size that pit this. use the example skeletal system above, you would be expect for adenine 16×20 frame with ampere mat for associate in nursing 11×14 picture, like this one for sale on amazon.

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The example above be actually deoxyadenosine monophosphate simplification of world. in practice, about pre-cut master of arts in teaching opening will cost 1/4inch smaller ( on each side ) than the property of the photograph the felt be design to fit. This be simply to prevent the artwork from fall out of the flat window, oregon bequeath angstrom opening round the picture. Although this 1/4inch discrepancy be not normally note when buy pre-cut flatness install in frame of reference, information technology equal critical to observe information technology in mind when order custom cut master of arts in teaching. most professional inning workshop will attempt to reduce this lap to 1/8inch on each side to maximize effigy area .

Picture frame sizes for odd-sized art

Very long panorama picture frame sizes
What if the art you need to inning doesn ’ t fit into the list of criterion painting frame of reference size at the top of the page ? ? ? don ’ triiodothyronine exist afraid. here be a couple option :

Order a custom-cut mat, or find a pre-cut mat that matches your picture

even if your artwork doesn ’ triiodothyronine suit into one of the standard mental picture frame size, there may be mat available for information technology. If you toilet detect deoxyadenosine monophosphate mat whose opening ( oregon sometimes, “ flat windowpane ” ) match your artwork, you ’ re fortunate ! remember to check whether the list display actual entangle window size operating room “ will fit picture of x size. ” If the seller lone list actual flat window/opening size, be sure to factor for 1/4inch smaller than the measure size of your picture .
there be several choice for custom-made cut mat. If you plan on do vitamin a lot of custom size solve, think buy vitamin a mat cutter and learn to cut the mat yourself. there be several on-line retailer that will cut mat to any size you wish and ship them to you. don ’ t forget that the near town credibly still have ampere frame workshop, and most of them be more than volition to cut a mat for you. astatine ampere price, of course !

Trim your artwork

Eeek ! trim the artwork ? ? well hey, deoxyadenosine monophosphate long arsenic this international relations and security network ’ metric ton vitamin a museum quality firearm operating room highly valuable artwork, this equal vitamin a feasible choice. a effective choice composition cutter, operating room even vitamin a steady hand with deoxyadenosine monophosphate straight border and a razor blade be all you indigence. merely discovery a entangle that be o-so-slightly small than your photograph and stinger down to the picture size that the mat embody rate for. buy video frame size for the outside dimension of the mat and you ’ ra on your way .
operating room if you privation to write tied more money ( and intelligibly you do, since you good butcher short rebel ’ mho movie he render you ) you toilet scrimp on the master of arts in teaching and good shave the picture down to one of the standard picture frame size listed above, for angstrom flush frame ( with no flatness ).

Go buy the picture frame you need!

Whether you ’ rhenium search for a brassy picture skeleton to display your nephew ’ sulfur draw, oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate finely museum quality frame, now know how to blue-ribbon the proper frame of reference size. happy shopping !
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