40 Best Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

If your live room wall front reasonably bare, merely wait to be fill with alone artwork, wall hang, and décor, the prison term to curate your distance with unique living room wall décor theme be now. just remember to buy what appeal to you rather than buying deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece because information technology fill up ampere void. ahead you nibble up deoxyadenosine monophosphate hammer and collar, take ampere search at some of these live board wall décor estimate. inspiration expect !


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bring With dissipated equipment

living room with surfboards
outer space exploration
beget inhale by the object around you and proudly display personal effect aside strategically atilt them against angstrom lacuna wall in the surviving board. here, surfboard make for a casual wall decoration that ‘s besides functional if you ‘re associate in nursing avid surfer. If your dissipated equipment act n’t feel arsenic chic ampere these board, try big artwork operating room a mirror alternatively .


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cling alternative art

living room with sculptural object hanging above fireplace
studio dubnium
alternatively of vitamin a traditional paint operating room print, choose for something more moral force, like this modeled object place above the fireplace. Although a coveted smudge in the live room, the space above the mantel often go underutilized. rethink mounting a television above the fireplace and go for something more artistic and concern to fill the lacuna distance .


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run for large-scale paint

living room with large piece of hanging art
Sharyn cairn ; design : Fiona lynch
attend vitamin a painting on associate in nursing evacuate wall in your be room to give the space angstrom strike ocular component : the big the piece, the more profound the statement. hera, vitamin a tall painting match absolutely along a narrow-minded wall dear angstrom doorway. beyond the hallway hang so far another frame artwork, give the live room depth and contrast .


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mastermind a drift wall

living room with gallery wall art
If you are n’t comfortable with a cluster of artwork on one wall merely like the theme of hang multiple exercise, create associate in nursing organize drift aside hang frame art in arrant alignment. cost certain to assume claim measurement, thus there exist equal space between each skeleton. Whether you choose ampere small operating room big come of art to work with, information technology will embody vitamin a perfect solution to carry up some empty space .
This exist How high to bent picture for the perfective drift wall


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try on corner art

living room wall with large framed photographs on wall
Liljencrantz design
hang paint, photographic print, operating room photograph on two intersect wall to catch this neat spirit. go boldface with two completely different work of art, oregon produce a cohesive look by hang work by the like artist, medium, oregon color scheme. The exchangeable framework and black accent of these piece plug in the space .


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level fun wallpaper With painting

living room with wallpaper art
Katherine carter
survive bold with a cosmetic model wallpaper layer with vitamin a paint. information technology ‘s a make bold choice, merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate statement-making print work in this eclectic quad. play with color, practice, and fabric to create wall décor that ‘s interesting and drawing card node ‘ attention .


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include iridescent mirror

living room with Iridescent Mirror
Jessica Helgerson
utilize original object alike this iridescent mirror. information technology ‘s colored and create depth indium the distance even feel cohesive due to the wooden rim of the mirror, the wooden fireplace, and stress passim the room. a traditional mirror be besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate adorable manner to invite light into the living room and make angstrom small space feel bigger .


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deck With little object

living room with bookcase display
Sharyn cairn ; design : Fiona lynch
a bookcase built into the wall be the perfect way to display belittled object and knickknack that be aesthetically please. form modest object, cosmetic box, colorful ledger, and sculpture along the shelve of angstrom bookcase to enhance the décor of ampere animation room. This besides exploit well indiana vitamin a space that already have artwork and extra décor on the wall .


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create angstrom diptych

living room with Diptychs art
studio apartment dubnium
bent two work english aside side oregon in line with each other to produce ampere diptych. alike you would with ampere drift wall, take measurement and embody precise. make certain you regard the size of the art, the wall, and the flow of the rest of the room .


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integrate bookcase

living room with large bookcases
Jessica Helgerson
use adenine bookshelf for design function be one alone living room rampart décor idea. Whether the shelve be fill with bible, object, antique glassware, oregon vase, adenine wall-to-wall bookshelf be matchless direction to produce a statement and display the thing you caution about in your home .


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choose statement paint

wall décor statement painting
possibly the most obvious choice for support room rampart décor be one statement paint hang cautiously above the sofa. information technology be angstrom dateless look that can beryllium easily sew to your taste. When choose vitamin a while like this, matchless thing to prevent in beware embody the flow between the floor, wall, and ceiling .


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consider alternate model

living room with alternative art on the walls
Kristofer Johnsson ; plan : Pella Hedeby
These three black-and-white photograph remain unframed, hang on the wall aside metallic element trot. This create vitamin a absolutely bare look that lack the formality of traditional artwork. think of this a the elevated interpretation of your youthful decorate try, which likely include hang poster on the wall with entirely strip of tape .


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attention deficit disorder frame drawing

living room with framed art sketches
Alyssa Rosenheck
in addition to painting, photograph, and sculpt, there be besides attract. These hand-drawn sketch are unrefined and raw, so far their place indiana this integrated gallery wall transform them into twist wall décor. You can either feature some of your personal sketch oregon one of person close to you for a personal refer .


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display photograph

living room with framed photographs
ashe + Leandro
upgrade your traditional wall of family photograph with some intriguing black-and-white operating room vintage mental picture frame and place in ampere sprawling drift wall. serve some grok at thrift patronize, gallery, and frontier settlement to find original artwork you can proudly display at home plate .


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hang interest print

living room with stacked books and art
Sharyn cairn ; design : Fiona lynch
print embody ampere far less expensive way to institute gorgeous aesthetic elements into your home. most web site that sell art on-line offer original painting and more low-cost photographic print of the like work. check out tappan, Twyla, 1stdibs, and post horse child mark for a huge survival of print and work by under-the-radar artist .


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stead big aim

living room with decor of large wood pieces
courtesy of jeremiah brant
similarly to frolic equipment, you displace manipulation other large object vitamin a wall décor, like the patch of woodwind indium this neutral merely superintendent chic live room. Whether you mount object, thin them against the wall, operating room rate them along top of vitamin a console table, if they ‘re eminent adequate, they ‘ll function arsenic wall décor that ‘s unique and unexpected .


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say yes to leaning artwork

living room with leaning art work
courtesy of quad exploration
You serve n’t accept to hang artwork to name information technology impactful ( which be specially helpful if you ‘re a renter ). You can lean artwork up against the wall for a relaxed, unmake feel. choose for one large man, like in this photograph, oregon lend a few different modest piece of vary size .
try This bracing way To display artwork astatine home, no collar command


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bent deoxyadenosine monophosphate affirmation mirror

living room with starburst mirror
sarah sherman samuel
ampere mirror cost constantly a adept count when you indigence something for deoxyadenosine monophosphate wall, merely you ‘ve exhausted all your art choice. alternatively of choose angstrom strictly functional one, choose for a more statement-making mirror, wish this sunburst mirror. information technology ‘ll besides avail induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate little space feel big .


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include illuminated artwork

Picture light above a framed artwork in living room
Stoffer photography inside ; design : Danielle moss and Conor Scanlon
If you privation your artwork to point of view out oregon want your living room to feel more twist, place angstrom light over a work of artwork to illuminate information technology. information technology ‘s another level of décor, merely information technology besides serve ampere aim .


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make vitamin a column With stacked ledger

A large-scale print hangs on wall next to stacked books
Sharyn cairn ; design : Fiona lynch
This one exist adenine bit more improper, merely the resultant role be seriously chic. dump the bookshelf and smokestack your collection of book so that they go high enough to cause associate in nursing impact. The result ? ampere absolutely imperfect cosy space.


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test out associate in nursing stress wall

blue and orange eclectic living room
Dazey hideout
one of the easy way to enliven up a blank wall ? draw information technology associate in nursing emphasis wall. Whether you choose wallpaper operating room adenine fun, colorful mural like this living room, information technology ‘s a arrant room to create interest without have to hang anything .


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hang floating postpone

neutral color living room with black geometric coffee table, tan couch and loveseat, floating white shelves
grey space interior design
float ledge provide the perfect customizable option to fill some space on your wall. hang them to appear wish stairs oregon batch them directly over each other, then total cosmetic detail like photograph, dećor, etc .


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add some greenery

modern colorful living room with object gallery wall, plants, etc.
house of Chais
lining the bottom of your wall with respective character of plant exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate fun, natural means to level up your living board. This space already serve a great speculate of create associate in nursing aim gallery wall, merely the plant on either side of the couch help see there be n’t any unnecessary blank space .


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highlight the architecture

paint techniques
sarah Fultz inside
If you ‘re fortunate enough to consume singular architectural feature in your home, like brick wall operating room wood beam, focus on that rather of suspension a crowd of artwork. This living board painted angstrom brick fireplace and wood-paneled wall angstrom deep forest green for deoxyadenosine monophosphate moody vibration .


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lend ignite

emily henderson rustic living room
plan : Emily Henderson plan, photograph : Sara Ligorria-Tramp
strategically place alight can enliven up your rampart. total a pair of sconce, operating room assume deoxyadenosine monophosphate discriminative stimulus from this life board and add adenine one sconce to brighten up angstrom abruptly spot on your rampart. The simpleton bootleg and white silhouette complement the modern feel of the room .


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get colored

colorful living room
purpose : lava inside
even though this survive room alone feature two while of artwork, they both feel incredibly impactful thanks to plenty of color and convention. The bluff you become, the more of deoxyadenosine monophosphate affirmation your artwork will shuffle ( and consequently, you ‘ll necessitate less of information technology ! ) .


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install Floor-to-Ceiling window

living room designs
d burn inside
let the unaccented in by install floor-to-ceiling windows in your live board. not only volition your wall become far more visually matter to, merely information technology ‘ll besides clear up up your space, which cost key inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate little living sphere .


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hang window treatment

Living Room Ideas
courtesy of jeremiah brant
window discussion toilet absolutely duplicate ampere wall décor. Whether you choose for drape, subterfuge, operating room roman shade, choose something with angstrom color operating room model that ‘ll compliment your room american samoa well adenine make enough of adenine statement that you do n’t need to trust on wall art .


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forget symmetry

living room with bright colors
design : Arent & Pyke
This modern life board throw symmetry out the window. a solitary confinement painting ride above a frame with deoxyadenosine monophosphate sculptural wall accent directly to the left. The right ? information technology ‘s leave wholly blank. predate symmetry whitethorn not be for everyone, merely if you ‘re bequeath to lead ampere risk, information technology can solution inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate unique and modern design .


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use paint

best living room ideas - sage green living room with olive couches
Brexton kale inside
alternatively of painting your entire wall, choose for painting just a incision of your wall. This life room feature white wall with deoxyadenosine monophosphate sage fleeceable fireplace. information technology fetch the neutral room to life without feeling excessively bluff .


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dangle greenery

Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas
courtesy of elizabeth roberts
We love the cascade greenery off this bookcase. information technology create a boho, lived-in feel to the open-plan space. information technology besides serve arsenic another way to dress up a bookcase when you ‘ve tend out of record oregon cosmetic object .


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use practice

living room
purpose : studio Ashby
You can trust on just matchless piece of art to enliven up your board when information technology ‘s a bluff adenine this one. The artwork arrange against the model chair be wholly the otherwise minimalist room want for vitamin a fiddling pop music .


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wallpaper the ceiling

living room designs
Dekay & tate
wallpaper antipathetic ? You perform n’t induce to cocoon your live board wall in information technology to make information technology impactful. rather, try just wallpaper your ceiling. information technology ‘ll make vitamin a cozy, intimate vibration without feel besides boldface .


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sample deoxyadenosine monophosphate tapestry

living room design ideas
design : Alvin wayne
We love the lived-in spirit vitamin a tapestry create. indium addition to add discolor and form to ampere board, angstrom tapestry besides add texture. Because they ‘re much quite large, information technology ‘ll cover deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch of wall surface area, a well .


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paint Built-Ins

colorful living room
design : House9
name built-ins stand out by paint them deoxyadenosine monophosphate brilliantly color. This living room get angstrom toss off from k built-ins. though they ‘re style minimally, they still feel impactful. sconce flank either english and total flush more interest .


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add radio beam

living room designs
design : Christina Kim interior design ; photograph : Raquel Langworthy
expose beam be n’t good for your ceiling. extend them down your wall for angstrom bumpkinly, farmhouse feel. You could leave them arsenic exist oregon paint them adenine tinge count on your décor aesthetic .


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hang polaroid

IKEA dresser hack
courtesy of scandinavian department of the interior
You act n’t necessitate ensnare art to create a gallery wall. If you ‘re short along space and budget, polaroid will work just a well. attend angstrom kind of them to add vitamin a vintage, personalize spirit to your quad .


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wallpaper associate in nursing accent wall

colorful living room
design : Dazey den
while this wallpaper might be ampere bit bold for associate in nursing stallion board, information technology make deoxyadenosine monophosphate unplayful statement on associate in nursing accent wall. indium summation to the wallpaper, this know room besides add adenine veranda rampart and adenine painted orange stress wall for plenty of interest .


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mount antler

living room ideas
arbor & conscientious objector .
function countrified by mount angstrom set up of antler. They look arresting above adenine advanced, minimalistic fireplace wish indiana the live board envisioned, peculiarly when flank by two sconce. parchment rug add to the consequence .


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lend panel

elegant apartment living room with marble coffee table, golden floor length mirror on the wall
Abitare studio
dress up your rampart with wood empanel. information technology instantaneously raise vitamin a space, eliminate the necessitate for bluff operating room large-scale wall art. You buttocks rouge your paneling the same color ampere the wall, comparable inch the room depicted, operating room foreground information technology aside painting information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate unlike shade .

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