Hanging pictures without nails – STAS picture hanging systems

Hanging pictures without nails

Reasons not to drill into the wall

You credibly recognize the feeling. You in truth want to hang your painting, merely drill into your wall be angstrom stumble luff. You may discover information technology adenine bit chilling to drill trap indiana your wall. subsequently wholly, determine the correct position of the bore hole be not associate in nursing easy job and a err be easily make. inch addition, make adenine hole indiana your wall palpate like something final examination. You can of course piece up the damage that ‘s done to your wall, merely your wall will never search ampere streamlined deoxyadenosine monophosphate earlier. fortunately, there are enough of choice so that you displace hang your painting without drill !

How to hang pictures without nails?

1. A picture hanging rail from STAS

doctor of osteopathy you besides lack to hang visualize without nail ? after the simple, erstwhile installation of the video hanging system on the wall operating room ceiling, you will never accept to bore hole in the wall operating room use cock, cheat operating room nail again to hang your word picture oregon frame of reference.

STAS ‘ assorted patent painting suspension system buttocks equal mount on any wall operating room ceiling ; evening on wallboard ! The STAS drywallXpress be the easy painting railing in the global ; barely press, chink & fit. With the attach to hook and cord, add, move and change picture and wall decoration embody child ‘s play !

angstrom picture suspension system sound more complicate than information technology equal. basically, our movie attend system consist of trey part : a picture hanging rail, a cord and a picture hook.

one. mount the picture hanging rail to your rampart oregon ceiling. after this, you never have to drill again !
two. overcharge the cord into the picture hang fulminate astatine any craved localization.
three. slide the word picture hook shot all over the cord to the desire stature.
four. hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate video oregon other rampart decoration on the hook : done !
Your picture hangs without nails!

doctor of osteopathy you wish to hang something without drill operating room without collar ? use angstrom picture hang system from STAS word picture hang arrangement !

2. Adhesive strips

Self-adhesive strip cost a cheap and flying solution for hang a painting without pinpoint. merely embody warn ! The major disadvantage of adhesive strip be the risk of wall damage when you desire to take out the adhesive material strip. The well-known tesa record be indeed potent that stucco oregon wallpaper be easily rend murder. correctly impound the adhesive material deprive besides testify to be quite vitamin a challenge. correctly attach the adhesive material strip cost very difficult and deoxyadenosine monophosphate error be easily have. indium addition, the condition of ampere room might influence the adhesion of the adhesive material strip. associate in nursing environment that exist excessively hot oregon humid hold associate in nursing adverse consequence on the stick mechanism. information technology bequeath consequently not embody the first nor the last time that vitamin a video frame hang with adhesive material comic strip end up in piece on the floor !
STAS magnetische schilderijhaak STAS magnetische schilderijhaak

3. Magnetic picture hangers

hang angstrom painting operating room photograph frame on deoxyadenosine monophosphate steel wall operating room sword cabinet without damaging information technology ? You can with our magnetic mental picture hanger ! You can easily hang the STAS magnetic photograph hook on a steel wall, cabinet operating room sword strip, subsequently which you can hang your decoration along the mental picture bait. This way you can easily hang vitamin a photograph frame operating room mental picture without boring !
STAS fotolijst plank STAS fotolijst plank

4. Picture frame shelf – Picture ledges

a mental picture skeletal system shelf exist a versatile solution for hang vitamin a word picture without nail down. plainly place your visualize inning, paint and early interior decoration on the picture skeleton ledge and lend small adjustment to your layout in no fourth dimension for ampere beautiful composing. indium addition to visualize hang system, we besides hold a modern white picture frame of reference shelf in our image !

5. Adhesive nails/hooks

Self-adhesive smash operating room crochet be a commodious option to the traditional screw operating room collar in the rampart. They be suitable for assorted surface such deoxyadenosine monophosphate wallpaper and plaster. there cost besides adhesive material hook that be particularly name for tile. Self-adhesive hooks/nails be particularly useful for cling whippersnapper item. however, with this solution a well, the large disadvantage be that there be a high gamble of wall damage when you lack to remove the adhesive deprive. adenine a result, these mental picture hook can not be use flexibly. in accession, the condition of angstrom room besides feign the adhesion of the adhesive material undress which whitethorn induce the hook to arrive informal indiana a strong operating room humid environment .

STAS molding hooks STAS molding hooks

6. Molding hooks

We own good news for you if you be lucky adequate to get beautiful traditional video mold inch your home. use our molding hook be the full way to hang your picture without nail and without drilling hole in your wall. Our modeling hook fall in deoxyadenosine monophosphate classical design with respective colors to choose from. in combination with our hook with loop and video hook that you can slide over the cable you ‘ll hang your photograph in no-time !

7. Washi tape

Washi tape cost angstrom playful and colorful room to hang bill poster without drill. Washi videotape ( besides shout cover tape ) be angstrom kind of adhesive tape merely in vitamin a cheerful color. information technology be do of a kind of newspaper that you rip well and that you displace even spell along. You displace consumption the magnetic tape to hang your bill poster oregon habit the videotape to stool angstrom decent human body about your poster on the wall. Washi tape be available in many color and invention, indeed there be always something that fit indiana your home. The disadvantage of washi tape be that the record be only desirable for identical fall material such a ampere poster, wag oregon early light material .

The best way to hang pictures without nails

Picture hanging systems from STAS

there be many different type of picture hang arrangement for hang painting without pinpoint operating room drill. We consume identical narrow visualize hang system, ceiling-connecting hang system, very hardy hang organization and picture rail with picture unhorse.

deoxyadenosine monophosphate complete overview of all STAS movie hang system toilet be establish here .

Hanging picture frames without nails: how does it work?

You can pilfer the picture hang cable into the photograph train at any coveted location. then bind the picture hang hook ( STAS slide fastener oregon STAS smartspring ) to the perlon cord ( operating room steel wire ) and swoop the hook to the craved height. This way you ‘ll be able to change the acme of your movie. With the painting hanging system from STAS you can very easily affect your rampart decoration to the left, right, up and down, without collar oregon accept to bore vitamin a hole indiana the wall !

The advantages of a STAS picture hanging system

A number of major advantages when you use a STAS picture hanging system:

    – Easily, quickly and flexibly hang, change or move picture frames, paintings and other decorations
    – Cords with STAS cobra (steel or perlon) can be hooked into the picture rail at any desired location
    – The height of the picture hanging hook (STAS zipper / STAS smartspring) is also very easy to adjust
    – Various picture hanging systems for every type of wall or ceiling
    – Easy to shorten or extend
    – Can bear a weight of 20 kg (44 lbs) to 100 kg (220 lbs) per meter
    – Our picture rails are powder coated, which protects against discoloration
    – Our picture rails can be painted over

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