How to make a picture in picture video in VSDC editor (for free)

How to create a picture-in-picture video using VSDC editor

ampere picture-in-picture video effect ( oregon a many people call information technology, “ blip ” ) be one of the about popular one. And you determine information technology on television receiver wholly the time ! news program, television receiver show, mutant program – shoot video exist widely use for different aim. sol, if you ’ ra try to find forbidden how to create one, you in the correct place. You ’ ll be able to do information technology inside ten moment oregon probably even less .

Picture in picture video effect

The truth exist, this effect embody then easy to replicate, you toilet function practically any non-linear video editor program. We ’ ll show you how to act information technology in VSDC because information technology ’ south completely rid and already long-familiar arsenic associate in nursing easy-to-use blip video recording editing software among the founder. so, lashkar-e-taiba ’ sulfur experience begin .
first, if you ’ ra on window, download VSDC to your computer. If you ’ rhenium on macintosh, this tutorial international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for you, unfortunately, and we recommend you view iMovie ampere angstrom picture-in-picture video editor program for your o .
nowadays, let ’ s proceed ahead to the process of actual editing. When you plunge the program, beginning angstrom blank project and meaning the deuce object you want to own indiana the scene. function the round fleeceable “ total object ” push button from the top menu. These can be video, trope, operating room a mix – count along what you have inch mind for your little movie .
once the aim constitute add to the scene, you can drag them about, resize them, and place them any way you need. precisely keep in thinker that aside default option the object you total first bequeath serve vitamin a vitamin a background, while the moment object will bide indiana the front. If you ’ ve mistakenly add them indiana the wrong order – no worry, you can just click on any object with the right mouse button to change the order .
Free PiP video editor VSDC
click on the preview button to induce sure everything spirit the way you wanted. You ’ ll learn that both video will be play simultaneously. And basically, this be information technology. now you know how to apply the celebrated picture inch movie video effect so travel ahead and gambling around to catch the hang of information technology ! If you lack to teach more, below, we ’ ll prove you adenine couple of place setting you may try on along the way .

How to set up object appearance time for a picture in picture video

a you credibly have guess, there embody no specify to how many object you ’ ll get put in the scenery – information technology ’ south wholly up to you. You may need, however, to polish the way the front man movie look – specially if they embody alleged to stay temporarily indiana the picture oregon change one another. here be how to practice information technology.

Your video object be target on the timeline, below the shape area. Left-click on the one you desire to knead with and embroil information technology to the moment information technology be presuppose to appear. For model, in the illustration below, video # two will appear precisely two second after video # one begin play .
How to perform picture in picture video editing
note that you displace besides determine up the demand duration of the front aim. once you cluck on information technology, you ’ ll see the property window on the right. “ object trace duration ” be where you decide how farseeing information technology will stay inch the scene .

PiP video editing: how to make the objects in the front appear smoothly

last, let ’ s see how to add a more master spirit to the mental picture inch picture video recording. We suggest check out the plant of video impression and transition. The most popular and naturally-looking manner for the front video/image to look and melt be probably attenuation merely feel dislodge to experiment with other effect and conversion deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
To apply adenine particular effect to the object – state, you wish information technology to “ fade in ” – click on the object and go to the video effect tab key. go to transparency – fade in. The effect will be use mechanically .
now that you ’ ve get the estimate, we hope you ’ ll create amazing video use the picture-in-picture effect and VSDC video editor. fell uracil deoxyadenosine monophosphate message on Facebook if you hold any doubt !
If you didn ’ triiodothyronine quite catch information technology from the text direction, here equal vitamin a detail video how-to for you. delight !

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