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IMPORTANT: This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products of this article.
Your television whitethorn be able to simultaneously display deuce beginning while watch angstrom program, depend on your model and the function choose. there equal trey possible manner : Picture-in-Picture (PIP),  Twin Picture, and  Picture-and-Picture (P&P).
Note: count on the model, these function may not exist available. For detail check your television manual operating room the serve my television have Picture-in-Picture ( shoot ), photograph & picture ( p & p ), oregon counterpart video capability ? article .

What’s the difference?

  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP): Displays content from two sources, with one opened in a small window in the corner of the TV screen.
  • Twin Picture: Displays content from an HDMI-connected device and a TV program (Built-in Tuner) at the same time.
  • Picture-and-Picture (P&P): Displays content from two video sources (left and right) at once (e.g., connected device and TV program).

Which modes are available on my TV?

choice your television type for more information on available expose modality.
( How to check if your BRAVIA television constitute associate in nursing android TV™ )

android television receiver

choice your model from the follow and check the detail oregon precaution .

  • 2016 – 2020 models except X74H / X75H series: Supports Picture-in-Picture (PIP).
  • 2015 models (xxC series): Supports Twin Picture.

Note: depend on the mannequin, these function may not be available. For detail refer to the suffice my television receiver hold Picture-in-Picture ( shoot ), painting & mental picture ( p & p ), operating room twin mental picture capability ? article .

2016 – 2020 models except X74H / X75H series

These model corroborate Picture-in-Picture (PIP). by choose Picture-in-picture with the television distant control while watch television platform oregon external input, you displace function the Home filmdom oregon the application while watch the belittled screen of television receiver program operating room external remark. witness the table below for possible combination of Picture-in-Picture. there be some restriction along use PIP for Apps, then please see *Notes for Apps under for details.

  • A: Main screen
  • B: Small screen
  (Small screen) TV programs (Small screen) External input (Small screen) Apps (Small screen) Home
(Main screen) Apps* Yes Yes No No
(Main screen) Home Yes Yes No No

*Notes for Apps:

  • You cannot play videos or photos on the main screen while displaying a small screen. It is possible to operate the Home screen, browser, and some video playback applications.
  • For video, photo, or music apps:
    • For X9350D, X93D, X94D, X85D, S85D series:  The AlbumVideo, and Music apps do not support Picture-in-Picture.
    • For other Android TV models released in and after 2016: If you use the Media Player app as the main screen, you can display thumbnails in the app while using PIP, but you cannot play photos or videos. On the other hand, you can play music files in the apps (Media Player or Music apps) while using PIP.


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  • Update your TV to the latest software. (The PIP feature was added with the Android TV Nougat update.)
  • The small screen is displayed on the corner of the last app used. However, the app that is displayed may vary depending on certain conditions.
  • Operations such as changing the channel are disabled while watching with a small screen.
  • The position of the small screen varies depending on your TV. It is automatically adjusted and cannot be set manually.
  • For how to use the Picture-in-Picture screens, refer to your TV model Help Guide.
  • For KM-X9000H series TVs: An optional digital tuner (BRX-TU10) or set-top box (STB) is required to watch TV programs.

2015 models (xxC series)

support Twin Picture.

  • Update your TV to the latest software.
  • Only digital 2K and analogue signals can be displayed while using Twin Picture.
  • Twin Picture is unavailable when watching satellite, digital or analogue channels or when using specific apps (such as YouTube™). Switch the input to an HDMI-connected device before enabling Twin Picture.
  • The only combination of sources you can watch with two screens is a TV program (Built-in Tuner) and an HDMI device.
  • For more details, please refer to the How to use the Twin Picture function on Sony’s Android TV? article.

other television receiver ( exclude google TV™ model )

  • 2015 models or later: It does not support any of the functions (PIP, P&P, or Twin Picture).
  • 2014 models or earlier: The availability of Twin PicturePIP, or P&P depends on the model. For more information, please refer to the i-Manual.
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