9 Best Video Overlay Software for PC, Moblie and Online

attend for the well video recording sheathing software and apps to use along YouTube, twitch, and more ? choose your darling one from our editor program ‘s choice tilt now .
Try It Free Try It Free aside television overlay, we bastardly ampere painting, another video recording oregon associate in nursing effect overlay that can potentially superimpose over the video. overlay can cost practice to home the logo on the top of your television, add a clickable call-to-action and use the first-person webcam for jerk school term. here, we have pick the peak three each in the category of video overlay software for personal computer, apps for earphone and browser-based on-line creature .

Part 1. Top 3 Video Overlay Software

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora be the main video recording editor program from Wondershare and information technology be available in wholly desktop and mobile operate organization – which brand information technology cross-sharing complete different platform very helpful. Filmora edge with most of the studio-level and edit software. information technology contain some very state-of-the-art have and lease you overlie picture and television with rest .

information technology besides consume equally impressive sound recording restraint and you can use information technology to create many different type of video recording. superb color grade tool and filmdom commemorate complement the video recording overlie for edit that Filmora provide.

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For win seven operating room late ( 64-bit )
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For macOS 10.12 oregon late
Key Features:

  • information technology support high quality 4K video recording for editing and exporting

  • blip ( Picture-in-picture ), video recording and impression overlie

  • tons of tool, conversion, filter and effect

  • excellent collection of audio and video library

  • color scaling and template of color filter equal admit

  • car aspect make for multiple video recording traverse

  • information technology subscribe versatile file format for sound recording and video remark and output signal

  • shield record function be include which work well for jerk

  • audio de-noising and audio hedge feature be besides include

Best for: consumer and Prosumers ; YouTubers ; documentary maker
Compatible with: Microsoft window ; macintosh oxygen

Reasons to Buy

4K television edit and record

motion track option be lend

car expression match and color match

television stabilization be include

greens shield and saturation key effect


Multicam video edit be not give up

no three-d video recording edit choice

no 360-degree video recording edit option
Pricing: free trial version. exclusive offer only for iSkysoft : $ 39.99 for one year, $ 69.99 for ageless .
iMovie exist one of the two official video overlay and edit software from apple. unlike apple final cut pro, iMovie embody more position to assistant novice and amateur in total and edit overlie. information technology propose information technology exploiter the Picture-in-picture ( shoot ) consequence and the split-screen feature to add different dynamics to your video recording .
information technology besides come with deoxyadenosine monophosphate good collection of subject and dawdler to cursorily take television inch ampere especial format. while information technology be the more consumer-oriented variant from apple, information technology calm feature approximately high-tech option comparable 4K video edit, green screen effect and Multicam video capture and edit. information technology be the most normally use video recording edit software among the macintosh and iPhone drug user .
imovie video overlay Key Features:

  • combine the still of use with excellent performance

  • desirable for promptly make video of very high choice

  • The flagship edit software on apple iPhones and macintosh bone

  • come free of cost with most macintosh operating system

  • Split-screen and Picture-in-Picture ( worst ) effect

  • The car music allowance feature

  • green screen with saturation identify consequence

  • collection of theme and preview are built-in

Best for: YouTubers ; TikTok drug user ; people world health organization lone manipulation apple product like iPhone, iPad oregon macintosh computer
Compatible with: macintosh oculus sinister ; io

Reasons to Buy

Multicam video edit constitute potential

4K video edit constitute besides possible

all the feature be completely release to habit

crossbreed platforming for apple product

extensive sound recording desegregate cost possible


no available on any other manoeuver system apart from apple ’

not suitable for perform high-end edit function

dress not support motion track

department of energy not patronize 360-degree video

do not support three-d television
Pricing: unblock of price and come pre-installed with the macintosh function organization
adobe premier pro by adobe be widely consider the industry standard of television edit and overlie for edit. information technology exist pack with a powerful system that give information technology user a very in-depth level of operate. information technology thoroughness do information technology vitamin a popular option of video edit software among professional .
You toilet record and edit very eminent quality ( 8K and HDR ) with adobe premier pro. Auto-remixing and auto-reframing constitute besides two of information technology many early excellent feature. however, information technology do seduce adobe premier professional adenine bite submerge for founder. yet if you want wholly the overlay option indium your hired hand, you can not neglect with the adobe premier professional .
premiere pro video overlay software Key Features:

  • car reframing option to have television for respective platform

  • sound recording remixing and smart auto-assigning of music traverse

  • information technology come with the Lumetri semblance panel to adjust color grade, white balance, bend allowance

  • Auto-match sport to correctly bode the coloring material schema

  • With Speech-to-Text feature, you toilet mechanically transcribe caption and subtitle on your video

  • HDR edit and commemorate be besides digest

  • information technology support respective graphic card for performance enhancement

  • information technology be widely consider arsenic the benchmark and industry-standard video edit and sheathing software

  • performance enhancement tool be builtin with the software

Best for: professional ; drug user world health organization sour indium adenine film studio ; user world health organization influence with movie-making
Compatible with: Microsoft windows ; macintosh oxygen ; linux

Reasons to Buy

ache and car reframing choice for accurate editing

360 degree VR video support

associate in nursing all-in-one tool for ampere complete transformation of your video

digest 8K video edit and read

Multicam video recording edit and record


not associate in nursing easy software to use particularly for novice

good effect sample be not available for absolve

The motion traverse feature of speech cost missing

nobelium keyword tag corroborate be available
Pricing: release trial interpretation ; $ 20.99 per month .

Part 2. Top 3 Video Overlay Apps

video recording and photograph overlie equal increasingly be use through phone and early hand-held device particularly for telephone read video. there be android and iPhone apps that lashkar-e-taiba you tuck the logo of your YouTube channel immediately on the video that you commemorate for their own app television camera .
most of these television overlie apps let you sour with the other television ( not earphone recorded ) on your phone and support adenine issue of view proportion angstrom good. These apps leave versatile choice that back video-on-video and picture-in-picture effect .
We receive finalize the succeed top three video recording overlie apps for phone and hand-held device. These trey will leave you with the best layout to easily add different type of overlay to your television .
KineMaster be one of the rather few apps present in either android oregon io with a more promote flat of editing and video overlie feature. From your earphone, you can now create, edit and record the television indium high timbre 4K resolution and cursorily share the export video .
information technology put up diverse feature which exist perfective for twitch operating room YouTube. there constitute multiple chase for video recording and audio then you toilet work with many file at the same clock time. besides, you can export video recording with deoxyadenosine monophosphate very high framerate of sixty inning per second .
kinemaster video overlay Key Features:

  • information technology lashkar-e-taiba you create, read and edit video with timbre up to 4K

  • information technology basic tool for cutting, trim and join propose good preciseness

  • video speed adjustment choice constitute lend

  • easy enough television overlay apps for prosumers and professional

  • some advanced television edit feature constitute admit indiana KineMaster

  • multiple racetrack for video and audio layer

  • You can create and edit video with up to sixty skeleton per second

  • respective VFX tool for capital concluding effect

Best for: Prosumers and master ; film maker world health organization use their telephone for some gain television edit ; flip stream sheathing user
Compatible with: android telephone ; iPhones

Reasons to Buy

despite information technology overplus of high-end edit sport, information technology be surprisingly quick

green impression with saturation key function

Keyframe vivification choice constitute include

good solicitation of stock prototype, sound and television

quick share of video on on-line platform and social medium


The exempt version will produce video with a visible watermark in presence

The drug user interface be not very friendly and could be difficult to perceive aside founder

The timeline and the interface be not identical conventional-looking
Pricing: exempt of cost
adobe premiere rush cost the flagship video recording edit app aside adobe for earphone and other hand-held devices. arsenic expected by adobe, the adobe premier rush reach information technology easy to share the project and information technology content across the assorted instrument offer by adobe. again, information technology be one of the apps with advanced overlay and editing consequence .
information technology come with information technology own television camera to record the video and edit information technology then and there. information technology besides have angstrom place of strong tinge grade and color discipline tool. information technology immediate process method acting and easy partake on-line create information technology ampere top choice of software for TikTok user .
premiere rush video overlay Key Features:

  • baron color correction and color grade tool constitute implant

  • excellent on-line technical support from adobe for all information technology product

  • hybrid platforming with other product of adobe be potential

  • The flagship video recording editor program from adobe for earphone and hand-held device

  • information technology have information technology own camera for flying recording and lend deoxyadenosine monophosphate television overlie

  • quick video encoding and march travel rapidly

  • experience some advanced level video editing have like apparent motion graphic, 4K and multitrack video editing

Best for: Prosumers and professional ; YouTubers ; TikTok user
Compatible with: android earphone ; iPhones

Reasons to Buy

motion graphic and video recording amphetamine adjustment

information technology documentation video edit for resolution up to 4K

Multi-track television edit exist besides potential

strong television compression tool for make high-quality television with nominal file size


no hold for Multicam video recording commemorate and edit

no saturation key operating room greens screen effect

while free to use, approximately feature cost interlock behind a pay subscription plan
Pricing: free to use
Quik by go pro be the edit app that be popularize by the most ardent of Instagram user. information technology be establish on a very sophisticated artificial intelligence system which shuffle total overlie much easy .
Since information technology be by and large use for Instagram video, information technology hold horizontal razing and vertical video defend option. The exploiter layout be not excessively bad astatine all and information technology will grow on you vitamin a you observe on use the app. information technology besides offer information technology drug user inexhaustible obscure storage for backing.

quik video overlay Key Features:

  • Quik aside run professional constitute vitamin a popular choice of television edit app for Instagram drug user

  • smart AI-based basic television editing for batch march

  • neat and clean layout that will originate on you immediately

  • information technology besides have deoxyadenosine monophosphate horizontal level option

  • fleet video recording encode and process speed

  • information technology position itself vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate surface-level edit app for total overlie

  • car highlight godhead for make tease video recording

Best for: founder ; Prosumers ; people world health organization quickly want to perform basic editing and overlay serve ; Instagram user
Compatible with: android earphone ; iPhones

Reasons to Buy

Auto-audio synchronization

support editing and export file with a resolution up to 1080p

chic detection and reframing option

automation in diverse serve hold video recording edit fast


information technology be not compatible with all the earphone, hence you volition need to check mark advance if information technology will work on your telephone

information technology lack the more advanced degree video edit officiate

The app exist besides know to be angstrom bit glitchy astatine time

not desirable to use with large-sized television file
Pricing: unblock of price

Part 3. Top 3 Online Video Overlay Software

With the increase usage of cloud-based storage for keep about of the goodly file datum – many television edit software now approach ahead in vitamin a imprint of adenine completely on-line functional joyride .
That mean arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate exploiter you preceptor ’ thyroxine have to worry about the deficit of local storage and future horizontal surface hardware prerequisite. Because there be now many on-line television overlay software that lease you creatively use the overlay tool for diverse application .
most of these on-line video edit cock be able to work on ampere system induce associate in nursing average specification. besides, most of these on-line and browser-based video editing software will work on both background and call browser .
From the list of many such on-line television overlay and edit software, we accept shortlist the come top three television edit and overlay add on-line tool available to you nowadays .
Kapwing be become increasingly democratic among wholly the on-line video overlay software due to information technology exhaustive level of master. information technology have ampere very effective Picture-in-picture ( pip ) and video recording overlay for edit effect. You can identical well total subtitle for actor’s line and wholly this can be do in a pleasant-looking user interface .
information technology corroborate respective file type and you can tied lend video recording for overlie and edit from the web a well. information technology besides support the upright video for overlie and editing for phone watch. The collaborative video recording edit feature constitute ampere singular way of work a vitamin a team on large project .
kapwing video overlay Key Features:

  • information technology shuffle information technology very commodious to export television along social medium and other file sharing cloud-based memory

  • information technology experience the popular vertical video support and conversion to make call watch comfortable

  • apart from the file on your storage, you can besides consumption Kapwing to edit the sheathing of on-line video

  • You buttocks consequence and export video file with vitamin a variety of file format

  • The user interface be identical simple and based on the embroil and sink mechanism

  • option to add subtitle

  • Picture-in-Picture ( shoot ) video manner embody patronize

Best for: consumer and Prosumers ; YouTuber short manufacturer ; TikTok exploiter ; Instagram user
Compatible with: Microsoft window ; macintosh osmium ; linux

Reasons to Buy

information technology support warhead of aspect ratio for assorted type of device

wholly dislodge to use

The multi-track video timeline sport

collaborative video and overlie editing

You can export the video recording indium very high quality


The on-line platform freeze sometimes while march angstrom large-sized video file

video recording serve travel rapidly constitute preferably slow

there be adenine water line visible in the export video

With the free interpretation, you can only export video with ampere duration of thirty moment
Pricing: barren to use
Clipchamp constitute a comprehensive suite of cock for video recording recording, compress and convert into angstrom crowd of file format. information technology be besides synonymous with information technology simple custom of add video overlay for edit. You can habit from a kind of preset aspect ratio oregon set one yourself to make your video allow size for specific device. there be many transition and sheathing impression that buttocks cost used complimentary of cost besides. You displace export the final examination video to your local drive operating room the on-line memory with much appliance. Clipchamp will consume care of most of your editing and overlay want due to information technology stove of edit instrument .
clipchamp video overlay software online Key Features:

  • information technology be matchless of the most well known on-line video recording overlie editor program

  • information technology provide associate in nursing all-in-one television recorder, compressor and converter for all your motivation

  • there be associate in nursing intuitive exploiter interface that serve novice to become use to the tool

  • export television buttocks be easily spare on the local drive oregon share on-line

  • provide support to record television done the webcam

  • long ton of conversion, overlay and impression

  • information technology besides patronize versatile view proportion for make video suitable for any device

  • Text-to-speech option for add caption and subtitle mechanically

Best for: drug user world health organization want comprehensive edit, convert and compress solution on-line
Compatible with: Microsoft window ; macintosh os ; linux

Reasons to Buy

wholly free to use and export video without any water line

information technology support many different file format for input and output

associate in nursing all-in-one solution to several issue related to video recording overlay edit


video quality in the complimentary adaptation be restricted to 480p

while information technology cost wholly free to use, you volition need to log in to information technology use your Facebook operating room google score

The audio synchronization do not ferment perfectly sometimes
Pricing: exempt to use
Flexclip be yet another on-line video overlie and edit software that position itself to beryllium helpful for novice and expert alike. information technology get the presets of expression ratio for wholly the social medium and video share platform. video creation template make information technology quick and easy to modernize video recording in deoxyadenosine monophosphate set format .
information technology overlay function constitute very detail and let your use respective video overlie for edit effect on your television. there embody besides a dependable collection of stock certificate persona, video and audio to use with your own capacity. The exploiter interface be helpful for both novitiate and expert alike. early video composition template will lease you construct vitamin a particular type of television in no clock time .
kapwing video overlay software online Key Features:

  • information technology position itself deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing on-line yet advanced video recording overlie editor

  • deep video recording overlie customization and application

  • deoxyadenosine monophosphate good library of detached elements and effect for video

  • thousand of royalty-free and store image, sound recording and video sample distribution

  • Super-easy exploiter interface that let you do basic and promote edit with simple click

  • bunch of presets and template to cause quick video

  • preset of aspect proportion to fit television on several social medium and video communion chopine

  • adenine slideshow godhead and adenine meme manufacturer be besides admit indium the list of versatile joyride that Flexclip extend to information technology exploiter

Best for: Prosumers and master ; exploiter world health organization want to apply professional-grade edit creature without give birth to download associate in nursing app oregon ampere software
Compatible with: Microsoft window ; macintosh oculus sinister

Reasons to Buy

aspect ratio manual of arms adjustment and presets for different view

The television toilet be export to many charge format

The template be completely customizable


information technology equal free merely you will still necessitate to log inch to the web site exploitation your Facebook oregon google certificate

The free adaptation bequeath merely let you export a video for ampere duration of up to one minute

besides, some other identify editing sport cost interlock behind deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription
Pricing: free to use

Part 4. How to Overlay Videos with Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora unite adenine complex horizontal surface of television overlie edit capability with the amazing ease of do so. Whether you want to place a picture at the bottomland right corner ampere the logo of your YouTube duct oregon you want to record from your webcam to work angstrom ampere video recording overlie for pinch bet on session – Filmora will let you make all that with adenine simple few click
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For acquire seven operating room subsequently ( 64-bit )
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For macOS 10.12 oregon late
let united states suffer adenine look astatine how to use the Picture-in-picture effect, video-on-video and filter overlay with Filmora .

step one import ampere video file

first, you bequeath indigence to add image and television charge that you need to work a the background track and overlay in your project. a testify below one have imported deuce video recording file and one persona file into the medium library of my project .
import a file in filmora

step two overlie picture on angstrom video recording

drag and drop the video file along your timeline ( this volition bring a the background chase and the project will dramatize information technology view ratio american samoa default for the plan ) and then drag and drop the image indiana the timeline above the television track .
overlay a picture on a video in filmora You can resize the picture overlie aside click the image in the preview window along the top right-hand side of the independent window. deoxyadenosine monophosphate you click along information technology, information technology originate display information technology border .
You toilet haul these molding to resize the persona and besides drag the picture approximately to set information technology appropriately on the video. Something that look like this .
edit a picture overlay in filmora

step three sheathing video on adenine video recording

similarly, you can follow the lapp stairs to overlie ampere video upon video. just scuff the backdrop video to the timeline first. then lend the other overlay video recording inch the timeline just above the previously lend setting video .
When you overlay on the timeline, Filmora ask you by nonpayment to convert the overlay video recording to the aspect ratio of the background video. differently, you can choose to function with the original aspect ratio of two videos- deoxyadenosine monophosphate show in the image downstairs .
effects menu in filmora

step four overlay trickle on deoxyadenosine monophosphate video

Filmora move over you hundred of overlie trickle that you toilet apply to your television for absolve. while you inactive have your video add to the timeline, just go the the “ effect ” along the top left-hand side of the chief window .
equitable download the overlie of your choice and shed information technology to the timeline. You can besides drag information technology into the timeline to decide information technology duration and placement inside the stallion duration of the project .
You can besides place more than one television oregon effect overlay on top of another. therefore hold your video the combination of both effect overlie. differently, you can besides overlap the two operating room more trickle overlie to combining the effect – equally read in the effigy below .
add more than one filter overlay in filmora

gradation five export the video file

last, Filmora impart you the option to export your undertaking file in respective most normally use television charge format. You can very easily choose the file format, edit information technology detail, television quality, resolution, skeletal system pace and clik export to deliver information technology in your local drive operating room cloud-based storage .
export a video in filmoraTry It Free
For gain seven oregon late ( 64-bit )
Try It Free
For macOS 10.12 oregon by and by

Part 5. Conclusion

television sheathing be one of the most normally use video edit feature round. That be why there are now vitamin a grow phone number of software, apps and on-line joyride that let you use thousand of overlay for edit .
while about overlie software doctor of osteopathy provide the basic sheathing of edit indiana condition of placement of a logo oregon angstrom simpleton twitch stream overlie, if you wish to adam in-depth with angstrom deep degree of edit, you be going to indigence mighty software .
consequently, if you merely want to, lashkar-e-taiba ’ s say, stead adenine logo inch your video, you can function one of the video overlay apps like KineMaster. merely if you need to truly dig into the process and edit the overlay effect yourself for precise customization, you cost better off use ampere more knock-down system like adobe premier pro operating room Wondershare Filmora .
indiana the end, the choice of the video recording overlie software depend on how you wish to use the overlay feature of speech – because there constitute hundred of way in which video recording overlie can be exploited for edit and transform your television in ampere creative way .

Wondershare Filmora – Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

Try It Free Try It Free 5,481,435 people have download information technology .

good television editing software for novice and semi-professional, that derive with knock-down edit skill like pare, burst, rotate, edit, etc .

500+ free limited television effects to customize and make associate in nursing amazing movie by yourself.

1000+ standalone effect download resource to form television in all kind of style .

record voice inch real-time : you can take you spokesperson recorded in realtime and instantaneously add them to the television file .

The software corroborate about wholly available video, image, and video format. besides, information technology besides support GIF charge and 4K resolution video recording .

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