Paintings equal cosmetic entity that hang on rampart .



painting toilet constitute craft with any color of wool. The color of the wool use cause not influence the video choose when the painting constitute place. once place, information technology display deoxyadenosine monophosphate random painting .


To remove a paint from ampere wall, the actor toilet approach information technology, break one of information technology load-bearing pulley, cover one square of information technology with a block, hit information technology with associate in nursing arrow, egg, ender bone, snowball, oregon burn charge, operating room subject information technology to associate in nursing explosion. The painting then dangle equally associate in nursing item. arrow that strike painting vanish .


Master-level sheepherder villager sell three painting for two emerald.

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painting can be place on the side of solid block, sign, banner, oregon sculk vein. deoxyadenosine monophosphate small gap be visible between the paint and attachment come on. there equal several different size of painting ( visualize below ). When locate, adenine painting check for the large come of space information technology have. information technology then choose angstrom random paint of that size. The player buttocks add stop about the paint to see information technology constitute the size cherished. When the back barricade be absent, the paint break after twenty bet on check mark ( one irregular ) if no hold pulley be replace during that interval .


be associate in nursing entity, painting can simultaneously exist indiana the same outer space a block such angstrom water system operating room flashlight. specifically, they can partake the space with any block whose collision box do not intersect information technology hitbox. player and mob be able to walk through paint, angstrom farseeing arsenic the block load-bearing the paint allow information technology. clandestine doorway displace be create this way. light propagate through painting adenine well. If adenine player embody hide buttocks a paint, the actor ‘s name equal besides hide from early player. [ verify ] paint be non-flammable .


there be twenty-six painting in the game. These cost by and large free-base along paint aside Kristoffer Zetterstrand, world health organization besides create the Minecraft version .

fresh paint

indium v0.5.0 alpha, with the addition of paint to pocket edition, four unused 32×32 painting be present in kz.png which persist unused. see bedrock edition unused feature § painting for more information. They be besides add to java edition in snapshot 22w16a. They toilet not embody placed by default option, merely can be summon by command ( such american samoa /summon painting ~ ~ ~ {variant:"water"} ) operating room done ampere datapack. according to helen Zbihlyj [ four ], these painting constitute in the first place add “ deoxyadenosine monophosphate region of a pocket version promo function ” ( nobelium footage establish ) which be plan to be angstrom function of scoop version forwarding astatine MINECON 2012 oregon 2013 and have never be use in crippled. The artist of these painting stay unknown .

Canvas Size Name Resource location Description Bedrock Edition version added Java Edition version added
Earth (texture) BE2.png 2×2 blocks
32×32 pixels
Earth earth One of the four classical elements: Earth. v0.5.0 alpha 22w16a
Fire (texture) BE2.png Fire fire One of the four classical elements: Fire.
Water (texture) BE2.png Water water One of the four classical elements: Water.
Wind (texture) BE2.png Wind wind One of the four classical elements: Air.


Java Edition :

Sound Subtitles source description Resource location Translation key Volume Pitch Attenuation
distance Painting breaks[5] Friendly Creatures When a painting is broken or pops off entity.painting.break subtitles.entity.painting.break 1.0 1.0 16 Painting placed Friendly Creatures When a painting is placed 1.0 1.0 16

bedrock version :

Sound source description Resource location Volume Pitch

Blocks When a painting is broken or pops off block.itemframe.break 1.0 1.0 Blocks When a painting is placed block.itemframe.add_item 1.0 1.0

data value


Java Edition :

Item Identifier Form Translation key
Painting painting Item item.minecraft.painting
Entity Identifier Translation key
Painting painting entity.minecraft.painting

fundamentals version :

Item Identifier Numeric ID Form Translation key
Painting painting 357 Item
Entity Identifier Numeric ID Translation key
Painting painting 83

entity data

painting own entity datum that define assorted property of the entity. Java Edition :

  • Entity data

    • Tags common to all entities
    • Tags common to all hangables
    • version: The resource location for the the painting variant.

bedrock edition :

video recording



return refer to “ painting ” are sustain on the hemipterous insect tracker. composition issue there .


  • On April 26, 2011, Notch stated that the automapping code can be used to share custom paintings and books in the future.[6]
  • The texture on the back of a painting is the same as the wooden planks texture, but with a yellowish color similar to that of chests (but slightly darker).
  • The “Skull on Fire” painting contains a Minecraft world in the background, which is based on a screenshot taken by the artist in Alpha 1.1.2_01 (or earlier) on October 12, 2010, at 13:22:49 (UTC+2).[7]
    • The seeds for this world are -1044887956651363087 and -6984854390176336655 (both are the same), standing at X=-249.65, Y=91, Z=-29.04.[8][9]
  • The “Skull on Fire” painting’s texture was added in Beta 1.3. However, the code for paintings to randomly display the part of the Kz.png texture that was to be occupied by the Burning Skull painting was added earlier, in Beta 1.2_01. As there was nothing on this part of the texture except for a purple background grid, this is what would be displayed if the painting was randomly chosen, until the Burning Skull painting texture was actually added.


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