11 Cat Photography Tips for Improving Your Pet Photography

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many of us are vomit lovers. These fiddling felines have beauty and personality that make them capital photography models. Cat pictures are everywhere, from Facebook to Instagram to precisely about every other photograph on Pinterest .
I used to live in a township full moon of cats. As a photographer, this mean I photographed many cats and learnt a great deal about kat photography. I ended up taking cat photos about every day .
Cat photography is a fun and matter to recess of favored photography. here you have my best 11 tips to improve your vomit photography.
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11. Use a Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode

Unless they are sleeping, cats can be fast and unpredictable. It ’ second good to be ready to shoot fast and shooting with a semi-automatic mode can actually help you to speed up .
aperture mode ( called Av or A in most of the cameras ) is the favorite among wildlife photographers. Be aware of using truly low apertures though ( farad 1.8 degree fahrenheit 2.2… ). You might unintentionally set the depth of airfield to be excessively narrow-minded. That can ruin your cat photograph ( if the cat moves, it will be out of focus ) .
You need to choose which aperture will be best to keep everything important in the effigy in focus. To compensate for higher apertures, you will need to use slower shutter speeds. This is not always the best choice when the animal is moving. Or you can increase the ISO alternatively.
close up cat photography profile of a cat's eyes and nose Shutter priority mode ( frequently called television receiver or S, depending on the television camera ) is another helpful option .
With this one, you choose the shutter rush. With cats, it is normally good not to go under 1/125 or 1/250 seconds. Your television camera will then adjust the aperture to get a well-exposed photograph .
This might be a good access when you are working under good fall conditions. But with low clean conditions ( night environments, dusk, etc. ), things get a moment more complicate .
When pushing the television camera to use in truth fast shutter speeds with low lighting, it will select truly depleted aperture values. You will besides need to use such high ISO values ( more than 6400 ) that you might end up with a in truth farinaceous, out-of-focus photograph.
a picture of a cat with leaves on the ground and interesting background

10. Photograph Cats Using Different Angles

Cats are not the tallest animals. Photographing cats from your eye-level downward you can get actually decent high slant photos .
This position emphasises the confront and eyes of the guy. Pay attention because it can cause a bite of distortion to the photograph, so it might give a comic equal to the trope.
up close photograph of a cute cat's face and eyes Cats are pretty good with heights. They like climbing on trees, walls and any other grandiloquent structures. You can emphasise this behavior by taking photos from a moo slant ( pointing the camera up ). photograph of a cute brown tabby cat sitting on a wall If you go down to the cat ’ s eye-level, you can take truly nice photos without distortion. As you are at the computerized tomography ’ south height, you are besides looking at the populace like they do .
a photograph of a cute stray cat outdoors

9. Use Continuous Shooting Mode

Cats can be unpredictable, thus getting that amazing cat photograph can be quite hard. You can increase your chances of catching a good consequence by using the continuous shoot mode. This is besides called Burst modality or continuous high-speed mode. Most television camera these days have it .
It will allow you to take respective images in agile succession. Try to read the vomit ’ s behavior, when you think it is about to act, start to take pictures .
You will end up with quite a few photograph, so it will take time to sort through them and find the best shots. But your chances of getting the best shots will increase !
The number of photos and how to activate it depend on your camera model, so I recommend going through your camera manual. Just make certain to deactivate it once you don ’ t need it. Shooting all the time in continuous manner will fill-up your memory cards in truth fast !
white cat yawning with a bright background behind her

8. Focus on the Cats Eyes

The sharpen that is in stress in the image is the point where the eyes of the viewers will be drawn. In portrait photography, it is recommended to focus on the eyes of the model. Eyes carry emotions, and we are naturally attracted to them .
The lapp is true for cat photography. Cats have these cryptic and beautiful eyes. If you get them sharp, it will look stun.
up close portrait of an orange cat with yellow eyes You can besides break this govern and get great vomit photos focusing on other parts of their bodies. Paws are great for close-ups, for model .
closeup of two white paws of a cat

7. Take Medium Shots and Close-Ups

You can tell different stories about a cat depending on the distance between you and the topic. You can take a wide-eyed shoot that includes a lot of the environment. This shows where the cat lives or stays .
Keep in mind, though, when taking wide blast photos, you can well miss the cat. Although these little guys have a draw of personality, they are humble in size .
As you want the computerized tomography to be the chief character, average shots and close-ups are a better choice .
In a medium shoot, the national takes up more of the human body than in a fisheye one. They include a bit of the environment excessively. These are big images to introduce the national and their surroundings .
Grey cat lying on a bed

6. Get Close to Your Subject

In a close-up, the submit ( the guy in our case ) fills up most of the frame and the environment is scantily visible. The subject is clearly the independent focus of the prototype.
For these types of shots you will need to get actually near to the kat.
Cute cat photograph Depending on the caterpillar, you may need to be mum and approach it truly slowly. Make a fiddling footprint towards the cat and stop .
Check if it looks fishy or about to bolt. If not, take a second little footfall, stop again and check if the caterpillar is very well with you being there. Repeat until you get to a comfortable distance to shoot from .
Don ’ t make any sudden movements or change from standing to kneeling besides fast. The trick here is to move lento and piano, like the guys from the National Geographic documentaries.
stray cat picture near a car Another option, as in other types of animal photography, is to stay far from the animal and use a telezoom .
If you do then, take into history that the longer the focal distance you use, the faster the shutter accelerate you need. This is because longer focal length increase the effect of television camera shake .

5. Be Patient

This tip is specially relevant when you are taking photos of roll cats or cats that don ’ metric ton know you. Cats are normally leery by nature. If you get excessively close to them besides fast, they will run away before you even have the prison term to take a single guess .
Don ’ t take it personally. alternatively, let them get used to you increasingly. Cats are territorial, so they tend to hang around particular places. If you have the prospect, spend fourth dimension close to them deoxyadenosine monophosphate frequently as potential .
This doesn ’ t base that you should go there and try to touch them or play with them. merely be there, observing, learning about their behavior, getting to know them a little.

Each cat-o’-nine-tails has its own personality, sol after some fourth dimension you can get to know which one is the boss of the territory, the fearful kat, the extra curious, or the friendly one .
These two final are particularly relevant. They are the ones that will open up towards you first and be easiest to photograph. cat laying on the street

4. Take Advantage of Their Curiosity

Cats are curious animals. You should use this to your advantage. Some cats are more inquisitive than others, but in general terms, these little felines like to know what you are doing .
Thanks to that, you can use some tricks to make them look at the television camera. Make noises with some leaves or crumbling paper, and they will probably look in the steering of the sound ’ second origin .
Show them something, particularly if it is hanging from a cord, and move it from one side to another. They will follow the motion or even go and try to catch the object .
Some of the cats, specially if you close to them, show curio for the camera. They are attracted by the DSLR make noise made when shooting. After taking a first photograph, chances are that the cat-o’-nine-tails will look straight at the television camera, sol be ready to shoot again !
curious cat sneaking from behind a wall

3. Be Open-Minded About the Results

If a cat-o’-nine-tails is familiar with you and it is tamed, you might be able to make them pose in a particular way by using some tricks .
But with isolated cats, the most common situation is that the cat decides to show its own personality and will end up either ignoring you or doing whatever it wants. normally, this is precisely the inverse of what you wanted it to do. Cats have this talent .
At this point, the best thing to do is to be open-minded and accept that these little felines are a bite barbarian. Take a deep breath and keep taking photos of whatever the vomit is doing. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.
stray cat among leaves and fallen branches

2. Always Be Ready to Shoot

This is an easy recommendation, and it might seem quite obvious. But in real life, it is quite common to miss a shoot just because it took us excessively long to get the television camera ready .
With vomit photography, it is even worse. Cats are fast, and they normally don ’ thyroxine repeat their actions just for us to take photos .
always be cook. Pick the settings needed for the light position and keep the camera close at bridge player .
If you want to check the images on your screen to make some adjustments, do it fast. Don ’ thyroxine get down distracted going through all your photos. It might happen that when you raise your head form the blind, the big cat is gone !
Black and white cat sitting in the window, staring outside through the curtain

1. Don’t Use Flash, Especially with Kittens

If unaccented conditions are not the best, you might think about using the flash. But cats are not the biggest fans of these strong and sudden light bursts .
You might scare them to the indicate of running away. And in the event of kitten pictures, you might even damage their delicate eyes .
rather of using ostentation, open the aperture of your television camera, lower the shutter speed, and increase the ISO value to increase easy sensitivity .
Another alternative is to use an LED light that won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate annoy them nor make them run away. You can start by using the LED light at very gloomy intensity and increase it increasingly when the animals get used to it .
A cute kitten sleeping with paws in the air


Cat photography is both challenging and fun. Set your camera to a semi-automatic mode and always be ready to shoot. To increase your chances of catching a perfect cat photo, use a continuous shooting mode.


Be patient when photographing cats and give them some time to get used to your presence. Be open-minded about the results, and you will take fantastic cat images!

once you have the purr-fect vomit pics, you can edit them in Lightroom for the finish touch. Learn more about how to edit with our effortless Editing in Lightroom course !

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