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merely because cataracts can be a natural part of the aging march doesn ’ t mean you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine remain on the lookout for the early signs of cataracts. Discover the top three early signs of cataracts, including what those signs may look like ( cataract pictures provided ) and how to address those signs .
For more information on the early on signs of cataracts ( including aggressive cataracts ), take a front at our previous articles .

What are the beginning signs of cataracts ?

1. general changes in imagination quality

The early sign of cataracts that brings in the most patients are general concerns about changes in imagination timbre : the inability to see aloof objects distinctly, sensitivity to light, double vision, and ring around lights at night. These changes are rarely drastic, and many patients assume that they simply need a change in prescription .

2. Blurred / cloudy sight

The foremost sign of the zodiac of cataracts will vary from person to person, but the future sign is normally indistinctness. Blurred sight from cataracts occurs due to the buildup and clop of proteins in your eye ’ randomness lens, which will block light from reaching your retina .

At first gear, lone part of your imagination may be blurred, but this area will likely grow over meter if your cataract ( mho ) persist untreated .

3. Eye discoloration

Eye stain is easily the most visible early augury of cataracts. The buildup of proteins may cause your lens to begin to yellow or brown. Unlike the other early signs of cataracts, however, your family and friends may be able to spot lens stain. It ’ s not uncommon for us to meet patients who have come to visit us due to the cheer of individuals close to them .

This image shows what a cataract looks like in an advance stagecoach .

Catching and treating cataracts

not all center doctors are advocates for early on cataract surgery. Depending on the types of cataract a patient is facing and the severity of imagination loss they ’ rhenium argue with, your repair may opt to wait for a belated date .
At the like meter, many patients feel that the earlier you treat cataracts, the fewer sights you ’ ll miss out on. ultimately, whether or not to pursue cataract operating room is a decision that should be made between you and your doctor .
In the interim, we highly recommend learning how to avoid cataracts naturally and reading up on cataracts and sun exposure.

Laser eye surgery for cataracts and Eye Center of Texas

Eye Center of Texas provides the latest in blade-free cataract treatment : laser center operation for cataracts. Our nationally-recognized surgeons have performed over 80,000 successful laser cataract surgeries and are recommended by over 300 referring doctors .
Miss less of life ’ s special moments. Call us at 713-797-1010 or request an appointment on-line today to get started on your journey to better vision .
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