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Ford is delivering a raw kind of pickup – compact but mighty, built for makers and doers, spectacularly fuel-efficient, and packed with cagey technology and features. The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick is the hand truck for people who never knew they wanted a truck .
Ford Maverick comes as a standard five-passenger, four-door pickup, with a full-hybrid powertrain and a project EPA-estimated evaluation of 40 mpg city fuel economy and 500 miles of rate on a single tank of gas. Tested and tortured to meet Built Ford Tough standards, Maverick offers clever plan and memory solutions while enabling customization inside and out. It all comes with a starting MSRP of $ 19,995 .
“ The Maverick intersection proposal is like nothing else out there. It ‘s a great-looking truck featuring four doors with room for five adults, a standard full-hybrid engine with city fuel economy that beats a Honda Civic, batch of towing and hauling for weekend trips or do-it-yourself projects, and it starts under $ 20,000, ” said Todd Eckert, Ford hand truck group marketing coach. “ Maverick challenges the status quo and the stereotypes of what a tone arm truck can be. We believe it will be compelling to a distribute of people who never earlier considered a truck. ”
What is it?

“ One thing that ‘s non-negotiable is that Maverick is Built Ford Tough, ” said Chris Mazur, a third-generation Ford employee who led development of the all-new pickup as foreman engineer. “ Our engineers were persistent, putting it through a battery of barbarous on-road, off-road, environmental and fake customer consumption testing until we were satisfied. Ford trucks are Ford trucks – through and through. ”
What’s inside?
The inside invention is stylish and roomy, with thoughtful features and the versatility for city drive or escaping the urban life. Surprisingly roomy, there ‘s excellent leg and headroom, shoulder and hip width, and a comfortable seat place for both rows .
“ This customer wants simpleton, but not basic, and Maverick is all about thoughtful details executed well, ” said Barb Whalen, who led the team in choosing materials and colors. “ We want this to have a aboveboard, durable, honest, well-built feel. The inside was designed with function, purpose and comfort of clean in mind to help make our customers ‘ lives better. We ‘re using singular textures and materials like reground carbon paper character for strength and ocular matter to. The dash panel has a petrous end, like a super-durable synthetic countertop. We strategically placed pops of color for functionality – creating an energetic space you want to be in. ”
form following routine can be seen all over the inside of the all-new Maverick – correctly down to how the space is designed and utilized. Creating cagey memory and utilitarian features fell to Daniel George, interior leader, who calls Maverick “ the ultimate first base vehicle for my kids. ”
What ‘s key, he said, was understanding how people actually use the stuff they bring in, rather than merely expecting them to find places to stash it. Door armrests have a split purpose to allow a one-liter water bottle to sit upright in a bin preferably than rolling about on the seats, while door pockets are huge and have lots of vertical headroom to store a tablet or notebooks. There ‘s a roomy repositing bin under the buttocks seats that fits a fully inflated volleyball, laptop bags, roller blades, tools and other gear .
FITS – Ford Integrated Tether System – is a clever multitasking solution for rear seat passengers. There ‘s a FITS time slot at the binding of the battlefront comfort that accommodates different accessories for endless personalization. An available accessory software includes cupholders, a storage or methamphetamine bin, cord organizer, double hook for grocery bags and purses, and under-seat storage dividers. More burst slot creations are in development and Ford is working to publish the slot geometry so people can 3D-print DIY solutions to promote fit their life style. Those accessories can be stored in multiple slots under the rise seats, which could besides be used for novel applications on their own .
Ford Co-Pilot360™ engineering includes standard Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking and Automatic High Beam Headlamps. available options include adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert, Lane Centering and Evasive Steering Assist. Five standard drive modes include Normal, Eco, Sport, Slippery and Tow/Haul to enhance operation and assurance over respective driving conditions .
What’s out back?
Ford Maverick actually goes all-out when it comes to functionality with its unique FLEXBED™, which is packed with standard features and opportunities to transform the cargo box into a complete makerspace. FLEXBED gives customers arrangement and repositing solutions to secure cargo, while accommodating Ford accessories and creative DIY solutions. The team developed its features after watching people at home improvement and furniture stores a good as college kids moving into their dorms, observing how they struggled to load things into humble crossovers and cars while working around the cargo limitations they faced.

People can create segment storehouse, elevated floors, bicycle and kayak racks and more by sliding 2x4s or 2x6s into slots stamped into the side of the bed. There are two tie-downs, four D-rings and built-in threaded holes in the sides to bolt in new creations .
“ The whole bed is a DIY fan ‘s paradise, ” said Keith Daugherty, an engineering specialist who helped develop the hand truck box for Maverick. “ You can buy the bolt-in Ford cargo management arrangement and we ‘re happy to sell it to you, but if you ‘re a bit more creative, you can besides just go to the hardware store and get some C-channel and bolt it to the bed to make your own solutions. ”
Ford Maverick customers want to live freely. They have passions and hobbies they love and would rather spend money on the batch bicycle, not inevitably the bicycle rack to get it to the mountains. Customers can scan the FLEXBED QR code in the go to bed for some interest ideas to get started .
Gaby Grajales is an electric engineer who helped develop standard built-in 12-volt electrical world power prewired to an easily removable cover on either side of the back of the sleep together to support DIY electric projects .
“ People have everlastingly been hacking into their wire harness to run things like lighting, air pumps and early utilitarian accessories, ” said Grajales. “ This is a better solution – we ‘re enabling customer needs while protecting the taillamp wiring and creating a amalgamate lap to avoid compromising the overall electrical system. With this, you have the option to select the factory-available box light or install your own home-built unhorse frame-up, or even invent a whole new consumption for the 12-volt entree points. ”
Beyond DIY electrical, there are two available 110-volt 400-watt outlets – one in the bed and one in the cabin – that can might phones, laptops, small TVs, a cordless joyride battery charger, or a small, corded tool like a jigsaw. There ‘s besides a storage cubby built into the side of the sleep together on XLT and two available on Lariat trucks, perfect for keeping a ball hitchhike or air travel pump .
The 4.5-foot bed can carry 1,500 pounds of cargo, the equivalent of roughly 37 bags of 40-pound mulch, and has a six-foot floor with the tailgate down. Maverick can carry long and wide stuff excessively, thanks to its multi-position tailgate. It opens normally, but besides has a halfway-open position – precisely unclip the subscribe cables and hook them onto the latch pins sol the tailgate lip and wheelhouses can support improving to 18 sheets of 4×8-foot three-quarter-inch plywood without needing to angle the panels. It ‘s easily. The tailgate features tie-down clamps that double as bottle openers, and is rated to hold 500 pounds of friends hanging out and taking a seat. The bed floor and sides are low, so about any size adult can reach over and grab items off the floor .
What’s it look like?
It has a look all its own, but Maverick sports iconic Ford cartridge truck stylus with a door purpose that pays court to the party ‘s key signature drop-down side windows and a front end that stretches edge to edge, connecting the criterion LED headlamps and grille for a more big, plant appearance .
form follows function here, besides. Maverick is upright and squared off for space efficiency, but it looks youthful and athletic – clean, not overdesigned. There ‘s no gap between cab and tailgate, and the layer rail caps extend from the bed and go vertical, ending at the top of the back window. It ‘s designed this way to offer greater incision and ding protection, knowing people will load and unload the bed from the sides more frequently.

Ford Maverick is offered at three spare levels – forty, XLT and Lariat. An FX4 package available for all-wheel-drive XLT and Lariat trucks adds more off-road capability with rugged all-terrain tires and suspension tune, extra underbelly protective covering, and off-road-focused repel modes like Mud/Rut and Sand, equally well as the addition of Hill Descent Control™ .
available for the beginning model class alone is the Maverick First Edition package. It is built off the Lariat trimming flush and includes singular graphics on the hood and lower doors, a high-gloss black-painted roof, soft tonneau overlay, body-color door handles, high-gloss black skull caps, and gloss black-painted and machined 18-inch wheels for hybrid or unique 17-inch aluminum wheels for the flatulence model. It comes in Carbonized Gray, Area 51 and Rapid Red, unique to First Edition .
The 2022 Ford Maverick goes on sale fall 2021 .

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