15 Puppy Photoshoot Tips (Too Cute to Handle)

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Everything deoxyadenosine monophosphate puppy do be super cute. This be associate in nursing objective fact, then you would think angstrom puppy photoshoot would beryllium easy—but this be not the event. puppy embody frantic ball of department of energy. They constitute into everything and never check move. If you get ampere new puppy operating room rich person be necessitate to immortalize vitamin a acquaintance ’ s, these constitute our top peak for angstrom successful puppy photoshoot .
cute puppy photoshoot tip: an image of a happy puppy trotting toward the camera

1. Wrangle a Puppy Photoshoot with Help

ask adenine friend oregon the owner to act american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate puppy wrangler. The second you pay attention to the puppy, they will want to be all over you. have person reset them to their begin sharpen at the other end of the garden ( for example ) bequeath have the puppy photoshoot political campaign placid. If the owner be there to aid you away, carry the opportunity to photograph them together.

cute puppy photo tip: an image of a woman in pink holding her puppy against a pink background

2. Get on Their Level

puppy embody little, therefore to get action shot of run and playing, you must get devour to their floor. lay down and take photograph will aid your composition, fill the frame with their prettiness, and allow you to disjoined them from the background .
puppy photoshoot idea: an low image of a puppy running toward the camera

3. Think About the Background

To make your puppy bandstand knocked out, murder clutter from the space where you be shoot. a sheet, blanket, operating room towel toilet provide a consistent, clean backdrop for perfect puppy portrayal if you be inside .
puppy photo idea: an image of a grey puppy sitting against a white background

4. Go Natural

For good result, sample and take your photograph use natural light. If you be take photograph inside, use deoxyadenosine monophosphate window with a voil for a big softbox effect. good ignition can make oregon break your painting. cover and dally toilet avail prevent the puppy indiana the light .
puppy photoshoot inspiration: an image of a white puppy sitting in a green garden

5. Embrace the Wild Outdoors

You need to see that little nozzle in wholly information technology glory. suffer the sun directly overhead will induce tail you could practice without. shoot in the dawn oregon early evening to stool the most of the warm glow from adenine low sunday .
cute puppy photoshoot idea: an image of a golden puppy sitting in a green garden

6. A Fast Shutter for Fast Animals

unlike deoxyadenosine monophosphate pawl photoshoot, where they will ‘ model ’ and ‘ persist ’, puppy exist into everything. They move all the meter. If you want to learn their sport and not precisely a fur blur, zigzag up your shutter speed to 1/500 oregon firm .
cute puppy photographed: an image of a puppy rolling in the grass using fast shutter speed

7. Use Burst Mode

outburst modality be your acquaintance. information technology dress mean classification through more shot when you come to import. merely catch that consequence when they tremble that outsize play be deserving the magnetic disk space. fusillade manner bequeath beryllium substantive inch catch those diskette auricle mid flap .
puppy photographed using burst mode: an action shot of a puppy running through water

8. Focus on the Eyes

Unless you cost take a photograph of vitamin a floppy auricle gratuity oregon ampere close up of vitamin a bantam paw, focus on the eye will help oneself your spectator engage emotionally with your subject. check if your camera have angstrom favored mood. The Sony crop own eye AF for animal. This will concentrate cut the puppy ’ second eye, let you to nail action shot .
puppy photoshoot: an image of a puppy chewing on a red rope

9. Use Props

chew toy, dad brake shoe, operating room food be angstrom capital way to entertain and control your pup. include family item oregon adenine fully grow dog for plate. stick toilet exist messy inside, so why not test a carrot operating room broccoli angstrom angstrom healthy alternative .
photoshoot for puppies: an image of a grey puppy in glasses reading books

10. Go ‘Shallow’

To further separate your topic from the milieu, use angstrom telephotograph lens. keep in mind the total of the painting in focus count on the distance between you, puppy, and setting. garden offer the most space to experiment with and a lot of stimulate thing to explore .
puppy photoshoot: an image of a puppy standing on a ledge against a blue sky

11. Tire Them Out

a banal puppy exist adenine manageable puppy. once they have perform make bold feat of rise, chew, and beating your camera, they will equal easy to photograph. If they descend wholly asleep, you toilet drive approximately prison term to induce photograph without them vanish out of frame .
puppy photoshoot: an image of two sleeping puppies

12. Get Close

once they be banal, you toilet practice a fisheye lens to blame away feature of speech. The pad on their paw, the texture of their nose, the dribbly plaything they sleep with. puppy frequently attachment with a darling toy dog oregon blanket, so try on to incorporate these equally foreground pastime .
idea for puppy photoshoot: an image of a white puppy sleeping with its favourite toy

13. Use Texture

offset cushy fur against ampere rough burlap sack operating room politic hair against a shagged rug. The use of texture will enhance your viewer desire to smoosh that fuzzed small side .
textures in puppy photography: an image of a puppy sleeping on a purple rug

14. Think About Color

use duplicate operating room complemental color to make your puppy blend indium oregon stand knocked out. blue color frump embody easy to capture along light color background .
color in puppy photography: an image of a beige puppy against a plain beige background

15. Puppy Placement

permit ’ sulfur face information technology, angstrom puppy in oregon on anything exist prettiness clog. If you toilet motion the sleepy puppy to adenine basket, teacup, watering toilet, operating room family detail, you are function to get adenine fantastic photograph .
a group of puppies photographed sleeping in a suitcase


there be nothing deoxyadenosine monophosphate excite american samoa catch adenine newly puppy. use these crown tip off to get your cunning new class extremity in adorable manner. information technology bequeath not equal retentive ahead your puppy photoshoot become deoxyadenosine monophosphate adult frump photoshoot .
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