61 Room Divider Ideas for the Living Room

There comes a prison term when bare functionality does not do it anymore and you are looking for new ways to elevate the aesthetics of your exist board. In the earned run average of the open plan living new room divider ideas can change a space even more than other traditional accents like rugs, lighting fixtures, and pillows. room dividers allow you to give the live space a promptly makeover. But those who wish to delineate distance in the be board without actually turning to walls need something more distinct .
A room divider is the ideal option, as it allows you to divide the living area from the kitchen, dining space or tied base position without completely cutting off one room from the following .
Forget drywall—one of the most casual ways to define space in your home is with an easy however trendy room divider. Whether you are looking to develop privacy or intend spaces for assorted activities, a divider might barely be the little space decorating answer for you. It can help you carve out a dreamy bedroom in a studio apartment apartment, a read corner in a cozy support room, or a home agency in a bedroom, all while giving the misconception of more square footage .
even better, it can be cheap to create and establish when you go the DIY path — don ’ metric ton worry, we have some of those ideas, excessively !

Considerations Before Purchasing a Room Divider


The first arrange of business is to determine the right size splitter for your room. Most contemporary and modern room dividers bill equitable under six feet grandiloquent, but lengths differ depending on the number of panels and their particular widths. If you ’ re looking for something that ’ mho more cosmetic, a smaller three-panel divider is probably all you need. If you ’ re trying to section off different areas in your family or you need a splitter for privacy, there are choices that go up to eight panels wide .


If you live in a studio apartment, a room divider can change the integral menstruate of your space, giving you distinguish areas rather of one receptive room. There are besides memory board dividers, including ones with built-in shelves and others that double as bookcases, that offer even more functionality and virtual uses for small spaces. If you ’ re just looking for something cosmetic, you have more tractability in selecting a divider for its aesthetics. numerous options nowadays are upholstered in colorful fabrics or finished in trendy materials like rattan .


room dividers can be quite dearly-won, and you should expect to spend at least $ 50 on a free-standing one—although most are close to $ 100. Prices addition based on the construction and size, with six-paneled options costing more than three-paneled models. If you in truth can ’ thymine spend more than $ 25, consider buying a tension rod and curtain alternatively to create a similar so far airy effect, or take a expression at the DIY ideas we have at the end of this article .
Smart home dividers deliver precisely what you need – free passage of light but clear boundaries between rooms. The best contribution of it all is that you have a wide range of board dividers to pick from that venture beyond just glass walls ! From DIY room dividers to designer ones, nowadays ’ s roundup of 61 creative room dividers for the living room will force you to look at decorating your base in an entirely new abstemious !

Room Divider Ideas For Storage and Display

Using the living room partition to add a fantastic display or even extra memory options is a great manner to make the most of the available quad in your humble urban apartment or modest modern home. The idea here is to separate the live room from the kitchen or dining room next to it without disturbing the style of each of the rooms and allowing for an effortless transition between both spaces .
A combination of close units for the basis and open shelves at the peak is a practical choice that allows for the unobstructed flow of lighter and a ocular connection between the living area and the rooms next to it .

Room Divider Ideas That Bring Textural Beauty

possibly all you want is a adorable room divider that just separates two spaces and multitasking is not in truth a priority. If that is the casing, then think of adding another alone texture or finish to the live room with the avail of this bang-up divider .
Since most modern surviving rooms are covered in slick, dressed surfaces and a touch of alloy, the glance of glaze or evening the warmheartedness of wood is a welcome change. A dim-witted and fashionable screen or even a alloy mesh works well in certain homes, and these ultra-sleek dividers besides take up minimal animal foot space .

A World of Glass!

Adding a translucent glass wall or sliding and folding glass doors to create a partition between the animation sphere and the bedroom in the little studio apartment is a trendy option. If you are veering towards glass walls, then it is best to add a layer of drapes that gives you more privacy when needed. Etched and chemically treat glass panes coupled with sleek metallic pipes give the living board an industrial touch, while colorful glass partitions and those with intricate patterns and designs enliven the room instantaneously .

When All Other Room Divider Ideas Fail, Turn to Custom Solutions

What works for one might not for others, and your need for a room divider, both in terms of size and style, could be identical different from what is presently available in stores. Do not shy away from custom solutions that deliver precisely what you need. Living board dividers in metal and looking glass can be created by your local anesthetic craftsman with still, and frequently they are far less expensive than dividers in furniture shops. A childlike television receiver stand and entertainment unit, a adorable bookshelf or even a series of twigs that you could well collect this capitulation –only your imagination limits the style and form of a room splitter !

Turning Television

Make the most out of separating your space and however be able to watch television from either side with a modular bookshelf with a turning television. This white modern bookcase provides a distinct separation from these two rooms but silent allows you to enjoy television receiver in whichever side you prefer to sit in .

Half Dividers

If you ’ re after good a slender legal separation, a half partition may provide the privacy you crave without blocking the whole room off. besides, by keeping the splitter open, you still allow some light to filter through .

Chic Morocaan Style

In keeping with the vogue and vibration of this kitchen, this chic Moroccan divider perched on top of a hovel separates the living off from the dine room without wholly closing in this space. It ’ s a stunning art piece angstrom well as a board divider .

Floral Style

Add a unique floral dash to your living space with a beautiful board splitter that offers floral dash and a punch of color !


Curtains aren ’ thymine just for the windows ! You can use them to a department off a quad in your home and add a touch of course and elegance .

Hanging Windows

Hanging up some windows to fill space can add some drama and salvaged style to your distance. A window creates a stunning eye focal point while allowing the room to be loose and aired. Light will hush filter through the windows. This allows you to create sections without sacrificing the open concept feel .

Slat Wall Divider

This slat wall was built to define separate areas without making this live space feel closed off. Like much of these examples prove, separating off space doesn ’ triiodothyronine bastardly closing yourself in and blocking out faint .
Use this piece to divide two spaces or even as a headboard. This wood-slatted room divider can be outfitted with pictures and plants for the maximalist decorator or kept in its natural glory for the minimalist .

Free Standing Shelves

Utilize an Ikea Hack

Turn your studio apartment apartment into a one-bedroom with this brilliant hack of IKEA ’ s sliding wardrobe doors. This frosted glass door offers privacy without sacrificing sunlight.

Enlist the Help of Mirrors

In this belittled survive board designed by Melanie Turner, the mirrored close up screen reflects light, making it feel more extensive and adds an open feeling .

When You Need a Little Privacy

precisely use a fold screen door when you want to break up an assailable loft or studio apartment but can ’ t install permanent dividers. Designer Maureen Footer besides emphasizes the erect distance in this apartment, drawing our attention up with a well up elevated bed canopy .
orange cream privacy room divider in large living area and sleeping area
Photo Credit : Thomas Loof

Incorporate Steel and Glass

If privacy isn ’ t an issue, try a steel and glass panel. It adds good enough ocular partition to a space while allowing batch of light to flow .

Floating Art

Separate your rest partition from the lie of the room by suspending a super eminent curtain and then hanging a floating musical composition of art to break it off even more. This gives you more opportunity to design and style your space with art while giving you some much-needed privacy ampere well .

Set a Stunning Scene

In this quad, a centrist corner is advanced to gallery status thanks to the pensive room partition with the silver-brushed ground and painted weeping willows. even the angles are well-thought-out : the bends in the divider expect like they ’ ra assuming the angles of the chaise .

Two Way Fireplace

An A-frame chalet designed by Sarah Richardson has an open and delicate feel, but a bipartisan fireplace helps divide the dine and support spaces while providing a cozy vibration for both. There are a few private areas within the open floor design that wholly make this space dreamy .
Some room partition ideas have such substance and sturdiness that they serve about the lapp function as inside partition walls. Others use elementary materials and offer a bit of interval without adding bulk to a space thus think about what look you are after and what you want to achieve .

Give Yourself an Entryway

An entrance is a perfect identify to greet guests when they walk in the door ; if you don ’ t have one, you can create one with a partition. Create a small makeshift entrance with a floor-to-ceiling fold sieve. The textural intrigue of this screen is inspired by a collage of find objects to create a small, familiar sitting area .

Add Texture

Bring the outdoors in ; this trellis is the arrant model of how to do that correctly. This New York City dine room, designed by Shawn Henderson, introduces texture and dimension. Down the lineage, it could besides be used as a foldable screen room divider .

frequently Asked Questions faq

What is the purpose of room dividers?

Houses, and early residences, use a room divider to divide the space more effectively or as a decorate focus sharpen. There are many uses for a board splitter, including dividing the room, adding privacy to any distance, hiding clutter, and increasing memory and accents to the board .

Are room dividers a good idea?

room dividers are a capital way to break up your space and can besides double as décor, even in a belittled bedroom or small exist room. Your options include folding dividers, curtains, boastfully bookcases as room dividers, and more .

Do I need to attach my room divider to the floor?

If you are worry about your room splitter tiptoe over, you can most surely attach it to the floor with some L brackets but most room dividers are designed and constructed to be stable enough on their own .

Can you use curtains as a room divider?

You can most surely manipulation curtains as a room divider in fact, it is becoming trendy to use curtains throughout the home rather than just on windows. You can suspend a rod from your ceiling to section off space in one large board .

How long should a room divider be?

It ‘s authoritative to find size that are at least six feet long, to provide privacy down to normally two feet from the floor for an eight-foot ceiling .

How tall should a room divider be?

Most advanced room dividers measure equitable under six feet grandiloquent, but lengths vary depending on the number of panels and their individual widths. If you ‘re looking for something that ‘s more cosmetic, a smaller three-panel divider is probably all you need .

DIY Options

If you ’ re of the mind that you want to make your own DIY room splitter, there are enough of options floating about on the web. here are some of our favorites, complete with tutorials .
The options for personality-filled materials to use in your room divider are outright, from salvaged windows and thrift-store fold doors to fabric, rope, chicken wire, plywood, and even macrame and succulents. A simple coat of rouge can flush make such a huge dispute to a room splitter, so for those that like to take matters into their own hands, here are some ideas for you .
Macrame rope hanger screen divider

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