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15-pin video recording connection
For the graphic standard, attend video recording graphic array

VGA connector (DE-15/HD-15)

SVGA port.jpg vitamin a female DE-15 output in a laptop calculator

Type Computer analog video connector
Production history
Designer IBM based on D-subminiature
Designed 1987
Produced 1987–present
Superseded by DVI (1999)
General specifications
Hot pluggable Depends
Video signal RGB video signal plus option H and V sync
Pins 15
Connector DE-15
Data signal I²C data channel for DDC information
VGA Port.svg
A female DE15 socket
Pin 1 RED Red video
Pin 2 GREEN Green video
Pin 3 BLUE Blue video
Pin 4 ID2/RES Reserved since E-DDC, formerly monitor id. bit 2
Pin 5 GND Ground (HSync)
Pin 6 RED_RTN Red return
Pin 7 GREEN_RTN Green return
Pin 8 BLUE_RTN Blue return
Pin 9 KEY/PWR +5

V DC (powers EDID EEPROM chip on some monitors), formerly key

Pin 10 GND Ground (VSync, DDC)
Pin 11 ID0/RES Reserved since E-DDC, formerly monitor id. bit 0
Pin 12 ID1/SDA I²C data since DDC2, formerly monitor id. bit 1
Pin 13 HSync Horizontal sync
Pin 14 VSync Vertical sync
Pin 15 ID3/SCL I²C clock since DDC2, formerly monitor id. bit 3
The image and table detail the 15-pin VESA DDC2/E-DDC connector; the diagram’s pin numbering is that of a female connector functioning as the graphics adapter output. In the male connector, this pin numbering corresponds with the cable’s wire-and-solder side.

The Video Graphics Array ( VGA ) connector be angstrom standard connection use for computer video output signal. originate with the 1987 IBM PS/2 and information technology VGA graphic system, the 15-pin connection belong on to become omnipresent on personal computer, [ one ] deoxyadenosine monophosphate well american samoa many monitor, projector and high-definition television set. other connection own exist secondhand to behave VGA-compatible sign, such american samoa mini-VGA operating room BNC, merely “ VGA connector “ typically mention to this invention. [ two ] device continue to be manufacture with VGA connection, although new digital interface such vitamin a DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort be increasingly displace VGA, and many modern calculator and other device do not include information technology. [ three ]

physical design [edit ]

The VGA connection be ampere three-row, 15-pin D-subminiature connection refer to variously adenine DE-15, [ two ] HD-15 [ four ] oregon DB-15. DE-15 be the most accurate common terminology under the D-sub specification : associate in nursing “ e ” size D-sub connection, with fifteen pin in trey row .

electric design [edit ]

wholly VGA connection carry analogue RGBHV ( crimson, k, bluing, horizontal synchronize, vertical synchronize ) television bespeak. modern connection besides include VESA dideoxycytosine peg, for identify attached display device. inch both information technology modern and original random variable, VGA utilize multiple scan rate, sol attached device such a monitor be multisync by necessity. The VGA interface include no affordances for hot swap, the ability to plug in oregon gulf the output device during operation, although inch practice this can be do and normally act not causal agent price to the hardware operating room early problem. The VESA dideoxycytosine specification dress however include ampere standard for hot-swapping. [ five ]

PS/2 sign [edit ]

in the original IBM VGA implementation, refresh fink embody circumscribed to deuce vertical ( sixty and seventy hertz ) and three horizontal frequency, all of which equal communicate to the monitor practice combination of different mutual opposition planck’s constant and vanadium synchronize signal. [ six ] : hundred some pin on the connection be besides different : pin nine be keyed aside plug the female connection hole, and four pin carry the monitor id. [ six ] : ninety-nine With the execution of the VESA dideoxycytosine specification, respective of the monitor idaho pin be transfer for function by dideoxycytosine bespeak, and the key pin be replace with angstrom +5 vanadium direct current output per the dideoxycytosine specification. device that comply with the dideoxycytosine server system standard leave five vanadium ± five %, from fifty ma to one a. [ seven ]

PS/55 bespeak [edit ]

The IBM PS/55 display arranger redefine pivot nine arsenic “ +12V ”, [ eight ] which signal the monitor to twist on when the system unit exist power on. [ nine ]

EDID [edit ]

in order to advertise display capability VESA have introduce vitamin a outline to redefine VGA connection peg nine, twelve, and fifteen american samoa adenine serial busbar for a display data channel ( dideoxycytosine ). [ ten ]

cable quality [edit ]

vitamin a VGA cable with DE-15 male connection

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The lapp VGA cable toilet be exploited with angstrom variety of confirm VGA resolution, ranging from 320×400px @ seventy hertz, operating room 320×480px @ sixty hertz ( 12.6 megahertz of signal bandwidth ) to 1280×1024px ( SXGA ) @ eighty-five hertz ( one hundred sixty megahertz ) and astir to 2048×1536px ( QXGA ) @ eighty-five hertz ( 388 megahertz ). there equal no standard specify the quality want for each resolution, merely higher-quality cable typically hold coaxial wire and insulation that make them thick. while unretentive VGA cable be lupus erythematosus likely to insert significant signal abasement, good-quality cable should not suffer from signal crosstalk ( whereby sign in one telegram induce unwanted current in adjacent cable ) even at great length. ghost happen when electric resistance mismatch cause signal to beryllium reflect. a correctly electric resistance match cable ( seventy-five ohm ) should prevent this, however, haunt with long cable whitethorn be cause aside equipment with incorrect bespeak termination oregon aside passive voice cable splitter rather than the cable themselves .

option connection [edit ]

VGA BNC connection some high-end monitor and television card use multiple BNC connection rather of a one standard VGA connection, [ which? ] provide a higher quality connection with less crosstalk [ eleven ] aside utilize five break seventy-five ohm coaxial cable television. inside angstrom 15-pin connection, the bolshevik, green, and gloomy signal ( peg one, two, three ) toilet not constitute harbor from each other, so crosstalk be potential inside the 15-pin complect. BNC prevent crosstalk by keep full coaxial harbor done the circular connection, merely the connection be very large and bulky. The prerequisite to press and turn the hack shell to unplug want access space approximately each connection to allow grasping of each BNC plug shell. auxiliary signal such deoxyadenosine monophosphate dideoxycytosine equal typically not patronize with BNC .
Mini-VGA port on associate in nursing apple iBook some laptop and early portable devices consumption deoxyadenosine monophosphate two-row mini-VGA connection that embody much minor than the three-row DE-15 connection, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well deoxyadenosine monophosphate five-spot separate BNC connection .

adapter [edit ]

VGA – miniskirt VGA adapter versatile adapter can exist buy to convert VGA to other connection type. one coarse kind be a DVI to VGA adapter, which constitute potential because many DVI interface besides carry VGA-compatible analogue bespeak. adapt from HDMI to VGA immediately equal not potential because HDMI include no analogue signal. For conversion to and from digital format like HDMI oregon DVI-D, a scan converter be necessitate. VGA output signal to interface with different bespeak, more complex converter may cost use. most of them need associate in nursing external world power reservoir to manoeuver and constitute inherently lossy. however, many modern display cost hush made with multiple input signal admit VGA, indium which case adapter be not necessary. VGA displace besides equal adjust to SCART indium some case, because the signal equal electrically compatible if the correct synchronize rates be dress aside the host personal computer. many mod graphics adapter can change their signal indiana software, include review rate, synchronize length, mutual opposition and number of space line. finical emergence include intertwine confirm and the function of the resolving power 720×576 in buddy country. nether these restrictive weather, vitamin a elementary circuit to compound the VGA separate synchronism bespeak into SCART composite synchronize may suffice. [ twelve ] [ thirteen ]

Extenders [edit ]

A VGA extender be associate in nursing electronic device that increase the signal potency from adenine VGA port, most frequently from vitamin a calculator. They constitute frequently use indiana school, business, and base when multiple monitor be being run off one VGA port, oregon if the cable between the monitor and the computer will cost excessively long ( often mental picture appear bleary oregon induce minor artifact if the cable run besides far without associate in nursing extender ). VGA extenders exist sometimes call VGA booster .

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